Rants, Raves, & 90 Facts About Me!

Happy Easter! To celebrate the end of my Blogiversary Week (hey, I'm dragging this sucker out as long as possible) I'm sharing a video giving you 90 FACTS ABOUT ME! You want a personal post about me? Here ya go! But first, a quick recap of life lately:

  • My neighbors have a domestic disturbance that started about 2:30 this morning and then proceeded to go on and off for 8 hours. I called and reported it, but nothing happened. They finally settled down.
  • Having a sinus infection and not being able to visit blogs--my apologies for not coming by. I'm working on that. 
  • My blog is 4, Charlie is 4, and my Youtube channel turns 1! Things just keep getting better with age around here. I've got an awesome giveaway you'll want to check out. See at the end. Thank you for supporting ElleSees.
  • I spent way too much at Target--doesn't this happen to everyone? One of my best purchases would be Bubble Blaster--totally a kid at heart.
  • I bought an at-home laser hair removal system. I'll be sharing updates, if there are any!
  • I celebrated Rex Manning Day--tell me you love Empire Records as much as I do!
  • In honor of my 4th Blogiversary, I did a video of 90 Facts--I thought I had 50 until I counted!! I hope you watch and learn a bit more about me. Enjoy.
Can't see the video? Click here.

$75 Sephora Gift Card + 2 more prizes

PS: For this month's Chit Chat video, I'm doing a Q&A. I only do these annually, so if there's a question you have about me, ask away. And you'll get a shout out in the video!!


  1. I hope you feel better soon. I can't believe you don't like eggs. I don't swear that much either. I love learning more about you.

  2. Hahaha...peanut butter toast....awesome! I LOL'd....literally! :P

  3. I loved learning more about you. I love peanut butter toast! I am with you on the gray.

  4. The word I hate is "panties"! Makes my teeth hurt. Thanks for sharing : )

  5. Happy blogiversary and b-day to Charlie! Years ago, we had neighbors who would yell and scream into the wee hours of the morning (when our oldest son was only a newborn). I understand this rant all too well. Happy Easter! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  6. Oh my gosh, we had the worst neighbors when we were renting. 2am and their tv could be heard at the other end of our apartment! Happy blogiversary and happy bday to Charlie! :)

  7. I always thought "smh" stood for "so much hate" just based on the context of sentences I'd seen it in! I learned something today haha. Great video! Always love a Charlie appearance on them :)

  8. It is so funny now that I follow your youtube channel I often forget to come and look at how lovely your blog is! I loved learning more about you, those are some of my favorite blog posts/ videos to watch. It just shows that the people you follow are real people with interesting personalities!

  9. Domestic disturbance sounds serious! Hope all is well!

    7% Solution

  10. Hopefully your neighbors settled their feud for good and you won't have to deal with that again!

  11. Nice video with all these facts about you. Congrats on your blog being 4 and your YouTube Channel being 1. Your dog is the cutest, too.

    So much to celebrate Elle, And IDK if I told you before but I love your name.

  12. "We mustn't dwell. No, not today. We can't. Not on Rex Manning day!"

    Best. Movie. Ever. :)

  13. oh yah sinus infection me too going on two weeks blame it on having to get up every three hours to feed my sweet baby. sigh... welcome to my new life, i love it but i don't love this sinus infection. hope it goes away for you soon!

  14. Haha I laughed out loud at Charlie at the end! Too funny! I am also a Libra and I also HATE peeps! My husband loves them but i think they are so nasty!!

    1. Oh! And I don't understand why people are so mean on the internet either. I guess they feel that since they are behind their computer that the filter from their brain to their mouth can be turned off legitimately. If I ever even get a thumbs down on a video on YouTube, I get really sad and think about taking it down. Ha! So I understand the super-sensitivity!! :)

  15. Oh Sinus troubles me too. Enjoyed knowing more about you :)

  16. Love it!!! I hate peeps too, yuck!

  17. I am sorry about your neighbors! It stinks that it was not taken care of! And yay for your youtube channel turning 1!!

  18. Happy Blogiversy! Your video was funny. Turns out, we are both introverts and don't curse. Although, I actually love glass cups for the same reason you dislike them :-). I feel like if the glass sweats, it feels more cool/refreshing to drink. Weird, I know. Charlie is adorable!

  19. We have loud ads neighbours, too... such a pain!!

  20. Oh Charlie is the cutest little guy!! Love the video!

  21. You crack me up!!!! 1. So happy that you celebrated Rex Manning Day. 2. I won't let anyone touch me. Massages sound like a nightmare. 3. Peeps are gross. 4. Your face when you said candles (#81). Perfect.


  22. So sorry you are not feeling well! I hope you get better soon!

  23. I find it kind of hilarious that you are scared of animals considering how much you love Charlie. But then you know him and his personality. So it does make sense too.

    I want to hear more of your accents!

    Haha! Your "air flag" routine made me laugh!

    Also, one of my best friends has the same wrong-usage-of-"literally" pet peeve too. I'm not going to lie, though, we LITERALLY misuse it around her all the time. :P Okay, not all the time, but every now and then someone will do it just to see her react. ;)

    I'm with you on being super sensitive and not understanding how people can be so mean!

  24. Hope you're doing better by now! Loved your 90 facts. Thanks for sharing the funny, the quirky and the honest. :)

  25. What a fun post! Love your accent :)

  26. I just found your blog and I love you already!

  27. Why wouldn't the police investigate the disturbance? That is disturbing! Happy Blogoversary! And yes, I do always overspend at Target.


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