DIY Healing Beauty Recipes With Vaseline Jelly

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I get asked from time to time what are THE essential beauty items I must have with me. Vaseline Jelly is always one of my answers. Vaseline Jelly has been around since 1870, and for good reason: it has many protective and preventative uses and is a key moisturizing ingredient in many other products. But other products just sit on the skin. Not Vaseline Jelly. It deeply moisturizes to help heal dry skin--an essential this winter. But I think my answer surprises people who are expecting maybe a favorite blush or lipstick, but then I share with them just a few of the many uses of Vaseline Jelly. And today I'm sharing some of those recipes using this Healing Kit, along with more facts on Vaseline Jelly (some I bet you didn't know!). Enjoy!

Healing Scrub
Vaseline Jelly comes in 3 variants: original, baby, and cocoa butter. Today I'm using the original one. This first recipe has been so helpful to my skin this winter. I love it because it penetrates dry skin to create an intercellular occlusive barrier (on surface skin).

  1. Mix Vaseline Jelly with sea salt to create a scrub
  2. Apply to legs and rub in a circular motion to buff skin gently and help get rid of dry skin
  3. Rinse scrub off with warm water
  4. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline Jelly to heal and moisturize dry skin

Healing Hand and Nail Treatment
My dry skin is the most noticeable on my hands, and this treatment is not only great for my hands, but nails as well. Plus, a bonus tip on how I prevent messy manicures!
  1. Before bed, apply a layer of Vaseline Jelly to the top and bottom of your hands
  2. Cover hands with a pair of cotton gloves and let Vaseline Jelly soak in overnight
  3. Remove gloves in the morning and dry off the remaining Vaseline Jelly
  4. Apply a dab to of Vaseline Jelly to fingernails to keep them resilient while also keeping cuticles soft
  5. Massage into fingers for five seconds each
  6. Trim nails as desired, apply Vaseline Jelly to skin around nails to prevent polish on them. Paint with your favorite pop of color
  7. Put Vaseline Jelly on rim of nail polish to prevent sticking

Healing Face Scrub

Straight up: this is me, when I first woke up, using the scrub. Straight up: Vaseline Jelly is 100% pure. It's highly refined and triple purified to remove impurities. It's also non-comedogenic, so it does not clog pores or cause breakouts! Vaseline Jelly is also hypo-allergenic and non-irritating.

  1. Mix Vaseline Jelly with fine sugar to create a scrub
  2. Apply to face and rub in a circular motion to buff skin gently and help get rid of dry skin
  3. Rinse scrub off with warm water
  4. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline Jelly to heal and moisturize dry skin

Healing/Dual Purpose Eye Makeup Remover
Longtime blog readers know I adore anything that's dual purpose, so this recipe saves time and money, since only one product is needed!
  1. Easily remove eye makeup by applying Vaseline Jelly to a cloth
  2. Gently rub the cloth over closed eyes until makeup is gone
  3. Apply Vaseline Jelly to eyelids to lock in moisture
  4. Apply Vaseline Jelly to Q-tips and dab under eyes to reduce the appearance of fine lines

Healing Shaving Treatment
This next recipe saves my legs every winter! Vaseline Jelly locks in moisture because it penetrates surface skin to create an intercellular occlusive barrier. It forms a strong seal deep within the skin that traps moisture. I also like it because it helps with any shaving cuts I get.
  1. Shave legs
  2. Upon leaving the shower, hydrate and soothe skin by applying Vaseline Jelly to legs while skin is still slightly damp
  3. Apply warm washcloth to open pores and allow moisturization to seep deeper
  4. Gently rub in to lock in moisture and make skin soft and smooth

Healing Foot Treatment

Did you know that Vaseline Jelly is semi-solid at room temperature, but liquefies when rubbed, which allows product to enter the surface skin? That makes it perfect for this healing foot treatment. Raise your feet hands if your feet could use a little TLC. Use this a couple of times a week for best results.
  1. Before bed, apply a layer of Vaseline Jelly to the heels and balls of your feet
  2. Cover feet with a pair of socks and let feet soak in Vaseline Jelly overnight
  3. Remove socks in the morning and wipe off the remaining Vaseline Jelly
  4. For best results, use once or twice a week

Healing Moisturizing Blush and Eye Shadow 
I'm often in a rush (who isn't?) when I'm getting ready, so it's great that Vaseline Jelly has a convenient flip cap (easy to use with one hand). And the jar is made of recyclable material. Speaking of being in a rush, I've shared this before on the blog, but this is my secret for that Hollywood glow...fast--starlets use this too!
  1. Mix a dab of Vaseline Jelly with  loose eye shadow or blush
  2. Apply to cheeks to create a dewy blush that moisturizes and lasts longer
  3. Apply to cheeks to eye lids for a shiny eye shadow that lasts longer

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  1. great tips. I love using vaseline on my nose when it get chapped.

  2. Great post, Elle! Glad to see a DIY scrub idea. Will have to try that. Vaseline is one of my TOP beauty items (if not the #1). I coat it underneath my eyes and put it on my lips every night.

  3. woah so many great ideas! vaseline is the only thing that works for my lips once they get really chapped & start peeling!

  4. I never thought to use vassaline these ways before! I'm definitely going to try it as a makeup remover and a face scrub. Thanks for sharing these wonderf ideas!

  5. Unfortunately this is one of the products I avoid... It's mineral, full of parabens and really bad for the skin and health overall. I do love your ideas and creativity when it comes to the DIY solutions, it's just the product that I dislike. xxxx

  6. I agree with the comment above. Never thought of using Vaseline as a makeup remover and face scrub. How brills is that? Thanks for the tips, Elle:)

  7. i never thought to use it on my face or with makeup. such great ideas!

  8. I love Vaseline - I use it every night on my lips to combat winter dryness!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  9. I love this! Who would have thought!

  10. nice! i need to try that DIY foot treatment,

  11. I had no idea Vaseline was so versatile!

  12. I really need to try the face scrub. My face is taking a beating this winter.

  13. I never knew Vaseline was so versatile! I love your DIY beauty recipes- these sound perfect right now for my winter-parched skin.


  14. Love this post! Thanks for reintroducing me to Vaseline and for all of the great tips.


  15. I'm going to try the foot treatment! Hopefully it'll help with my cracked heels problem that I have recently

  16. Vaseline is a must have item in my house too. It has so many uses and is so inexpensive.


  17. Great tips. I so need to try that foot treatment.

  18. Holy smokes! I would never think of using Vaseline for so many different things. I am definitely trying the leg treatment! My legs have been so itchy that I gave myself bruises from scratching them last week. :)

  19. The foot treatment and the facial scrub DIY are very very interesting and useful, I need to try them!
    Xxx doll



  20. very nice compilation....love how u xplained everything!

  21. I love Vaseline. I use it a lot but I never knew you could use it for shaving.
    Great tips.

  22. I've used Vaseline for a hand and foot treatment, but haven't tried any of the other uses you mentioned! I just ran out of my face scrub and I know what I will be using now!

  23. Vaseline, has so many good uses! My grandmother used it a lot for the same reasons.

  24. I ALWAYS have a tub of petroleum jelly in my house. Have you ever used it to remove makeup? It works great :) I also use it right after a shower on my feet to lock in the moisture, esp with this frigid cold weather. Great tips!

  25. Yassss... I'm a FAITHFUL user of Vaseline!!!!! Thanks for sharing!


  26. I absolutely love Vaseline!! I use it mixed with cocoa butter as a moisturizer during the winter for extremely dry skin. I also apply it on my hands and put socks or gloves on them as an overnight moisturizer. Wake up with baby soft hands <3


  27. Yes, I will be buying some this weekend. :)



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