Rants + Raves

This wasn't my best week, so allow me to vent a little below.
Next week will be better, so feel free to scroll down for better posts.

This Week I...

  • finally took down my Christmas decorations
  • found out I had comments I had no idea existed, and most were a couple of months old. Thanks for nothing, Google+!
  • got a blog shout out  from Put On Your Big Girl Lipstick and it made me happy
  • got hit in the eye with a branch despite wearing glasses. Only me. ;)
  • had mean comments but fought back
  • learned my external drive was fried. All of my blog pictures and videos, especially those for upcoming Jan-March posts are in it. I'm headed to Best Buy to see if they can recover anything.
  • cried and threw my remote over said external drive. I needed a moment, k?
  • got to work 30 minutes late because I had my start time messed up
  • painted my nails twice, no, three times.
  • bought some beauty things to cheer me up. They did.
  • had the cutest pup tap me on the face three times to wake me up. Instant smiles.
  • didn't wash my hair for 9 days. I was working that blow out until the end.
  • experienced some really cold weather--I'm talking -15 wind chill, followed by a week of rain, sleet, flooding, tornado watches, and ending with 60 degrees on Sunday.
  • learned not to talk about how cold it is because everyone feels the need to point out that 2 degrees and -15 windchill is not cold. It's usually 50 here in the winter, so yes, that is cold for me.
  • was thankful for my parents buying me a new tire!
  • had more crappy things happen, but feel I've shared enough!
  • burned through a couple of candles because I can't buy more of them unless I've burned through several. I'm trying to convince myself that this is saving me money somehow. ;)
  • am positive this week will be better! And the fact you stopped by today made it better already.
Share your Rants+Raves below!


  1. oh no :( mean comments are the worst and so are technology issues! I hope this week is a beautiful and happy week for you, sending positive vibes your way!!

  2. Why do people feel the need to be mean? I just don't get it and I never will.

  3. Mean people suck and need to be bitch slapped!

  4. Sorry to hear your week held challenges. Mine did , too--unfortunately. I am convinced this one will be much better--no doubt! Big hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  5. I thought we were cold at 10* with a 6* windchill. A southerner's definition of cold is much different than most others.

  6. I was snowed in last week, under a Level Three Snow Emergency, while visiting my boyfriend. This southern-born lady had never experienced anything like that! But clearly I've adjusted to the Midwest, since this weekend I went out without a coat on since the temperature was "only" 40.

    I don't understand mean comments. Like, I get them sometimes, but I also write about controversial stuff that pisses off assholes. You write about happy, beautiful things! I mean, if I disagreed with your ingredients in an at-home recipe, I might politely tell you it's not good for XYZ, but why be mean about it?!

  7. What a round up of rants & good things :) I'm happy & even motivated for myself to hear that u're still positive & thankful no matter what circumstance!

  8. Some people are just meanies but good on ya, hun, for fighting back! And oh no about the external drive, that really sucks! :-(

  9. Big (((hugs))), Elle. Really sorry to read about this not-so-great week:( I hope you're able to recover the computer files.

  10. Aww sounds like you've been having a bad time. :( Don't feel bad, I'm scrambling to find a new apartment because we didn't find one before our lease was up, AND (the best part) some psycho posted an OLD half-naked photo of me online yesterday. It was SO much fun waking up at 5 AM and finding that out. >:O Grrr... hopefully this week will be better for BOTH of us!!

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  11. meanies can eff off and die, good for you for fighting back!

    on the candles front, I think I know what you mean. I'm trying to use up all my stuff right now because I hoard way too much--beauty prods and candles and cleaning supplies, etc. Why was i saving them anyway? Winter is the best time of year to warm up my home with soft light and scent.

  12. Mean comments?! Shame on people! Good for you fighting back.
    You've had quite a week. Wishing you a GREAT week ahead!

  13. still don't get the whole mean comments thing....why even bother leaving mean comments anyway? WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST MOVE THE F*CK ON?!

    anyways.....i hate it when comments end up in my spam for no reason! even those who have left comments before this happens sometimes so i have to always check for spam comments so i can respond them. stupid typepad!

    Vodka and Soda

  14. I'll never understand the mean comments. What's the point in leaving them? Glad you stood your ground.


  15. Sorry to hear you had a bad week. I hope this week is better for you Hugs.

  16. Glad you fought back against the meanies! Don't let them get you down.

  17. Sorry to hear that you had such a crappy week!! I hope the next week will be much better. <3 <3

  18. sorry your weekend was crappy! Here's to a WAY better week and hoping best buy can recover your content!

  19. Thank God for blogs, so we can share the ups and downs of our lives. Your experiences are so familiar to me. I grasp the frustrations and joys you describe. We could be sisters!

  20. Hope this week will be much better for you!

  21. I finally took down my Christmas decorations this weekend. I have been putting it off for far too long. There's just so much!!

    And OH NO! I seriously hope Best Buy can save your hard-drive. I will be praying to the technology gods for you! I would have thrown something too. :(

    xo Denise

  22. What cool things from that week! Not washing your hair for 9 days seems to be a great challenge, I never go beyond three days and it freaks me out a bit lol.
    Have a great week, Elle xx


  23. Love a long-lasting blowout! Hope this week is off to a better start :)


  24. What a bummer of a week! So sorry. Hope that this coming week is WAY, WAY better. You deserve it. Big hug to you.

  25. Sorry your week sucked! By the way, I am an Idaho girl and grew up where it gets SUPER cold in the winter (about -20 for a few weeks each year), but I still think -15 windchill is freezing! Cold is cold, no matter where you are. I can't believe Georgia had such horrible weather.


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