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Even before I began blogging, I noticed many beauty bloggers would love something because it was free, not disclose something was free, or try something once and call it a review. This is unfortunately still a practice today. I don't put myself in that category. I take my reviews very seriously and wanted to share with you my Review Policy and my method of reviewing products.

As a blogger, I am sent plenty of free items, sent for consideration, in hopes of a review. This is not my reason for blogging, but it certainly can be a nice perk. I also use the money I occasionally make here on the blog to purchase items for tutorials and for reviews. I do not share every product I receive on this blog. Please read on to understand more:

  • I choose to review a variety of products that best reflect the diversity of my readers. Some of these I purchase and some are pr samples.
  • Once I receive an item, all info is cataloged, and pictures are taken before I ever use it.
    • I will note that due to my external drive not being able to be recovered, I've had to rely on stock photos from the product's website for some items.
    • If someone else is testing the product, I will rely on them for photos if possible.
  • I will then proceed to use the product for at least month (sometimes the sample will run out before that time period is up). 
  • I don't care for "first impressions" of a product, as they are very rarely reliable.
  • If the pr product was awful and would benefit no one, I just don't share it. I see no sense in wasting my blog space trashing their product. 
  • If I purchased the product myself and it was awful, I usually don't dedicate a post to it unless it is a very popular item and I've had many requests to review that product specifically. Usually, I try to lump it into a haul or an empties video of other products I've purchased.
  • If the product didn't work for me but would work better on someone else, I will give it to that person to try (otherwise my blog would be only products that benefit my skin/hair and I don't think that's beneficial to my readers).
  • At this time I am not strictly an organic or cruelty-free product reviewer, although I do feature products that fit those specifics on occasion.
  • Sometimes I am given the opportunity to have sponsored posts. I don't accept the offer unless I can (or someone else I trust) try the product first. It follows the same review policy as any product I try.
  • I do not schedule the sponsored posts--dates are chosen by the companies I work with.
  • PR samples, as well as sponsored posts, are always disclosed with you. Not only is this in accordance with FTC regulations, but I believe in being transparent.
I take my blog and my reviews every seriously, as I know my readers value my opinions on a product. Beauty is a life-long passion of mine, that I have enjoyed since I was about three years old. My integrity on here is of such an importance to me and my long-time readers know that. Thank you for reading and understanding.


  1. your blog is the first i research for information and reviews if i'm looking for a skin or beauty product. i'm not joking either!! i totally trust your opinions/recommendations and i'm hyper sensitive with anything i put on my face/skin so that says a lot :) keep up the great work, elle.xoxoxoxxo

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I really love that you'll use the product for a month before you write the review! It is true that sometimes it takes using something a bunch of times before you can really get a good sense of it.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. This is why your words have credibility. We know you have credibility. Too many bloggers are willing to be underpaid shills for advertisers.

  4. I think it's such a good idea to have a firm review policy in place so that you can know your own standards and strategies as far as reviews go, and sharing this policy will all of your readers really helps them know that they can trust you!

  5. Love that you take it seriously and really try the product out before reviewing.

  6. Thanks for the clarification! I never doubted you have integrity when reviewing products, but it's nice to know the exact process you go through.

  7. This post makes me so happy!! I'm always glad to see people who are honest and that we can trust with their reviews on products. Honesty is rewarding and I'm not afraid to say if I don't like a product!

  8. thanks for being a genuine bblogger, Elle!!

  9. That's why I like you and your blog. I always trust your opinion, and never had the impression you were not disclosing something

  10. I completely agree on using a product multiple times before posting a review. It's no use to try something once, because you really can't judge something after such a quick trial! And TOTALLY agree with not blogging about a PR sample that was awful. I'm the same way - I will just not post.

  11. love ur reviews....i totally understand this!

  12. Aren't people supposed to be required LEGALLY to disclose when they've been sent a product for review??

  13. Great post, this makes me love your blog even more!

  14. And this is why I respect, trust and love your reviews!

  15. I really like your approaches and your openness about them!

    And thank you for answering my question regarding your accent even twice!

  16. i don't see how people can test things for 2 days and form an opinion. haha it's beyond me. i always test for a long period of time before I judge. so good for you.

  17. This is one of the reasons I love your blog--I know I can trust your reviews and opinions!!

  18. These policies of yours make me want to clap, give you a hug, and a high five!! I totally agree with everything you've said. I don't trash any of the products I'm sent either on my blog- I Just don't post about them and pass them along to a friend that I think would enjoy them if they don't work for me. I'm of the mentality "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all!"

  19. This is why I really trust your opinions and reviews!! Thank you for being so thorough and honest!


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