Ipsy Glam Bag: November

Y'all--I am having one of those weeks! I feel like I'm all out of sorts. Maybe it's a post-Thanksgiving haze? Prime example: I filmed a hilarious (to me) video for this post, complete with Charlie cameo. When I went to edit it, it was nowhere to be found. So after much deliberation (ok, about a minute of panic) I decided to just do the post instead. This month is my two year anniversary with Ipsy, and I've posted every month, so I can't skip this past month! Now, while this is really late, think instead that I've thoroughly reviewed these products. Deal? And hopefully things will turn around this month!

Closeup of the products
  • Theme: Glam It Up--The bag is a cute gold snakeskin with hot pink accents.
  • Em Cosmetics Pillow Plush Cushiony Lip Balm--This cushiony, lip-smoothing balm gives your lips extra love with a sheer dose of color. Bright pops of color tints for a juicy lip look. 
    • I received Bubblegum. Luckily, it doesn't smell like Bubblegum. Sephora used to make something similar that I LOVED, so I'm glad to have this. But at $15, there's no way I would purchase this.
  • Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless--A glossy lip crayon with a smooth texture that is perfect for travel and touch-ups on the go. 
    • This is a beautiful color, but doesn't have long staying power. Great on top of lipstick, can be worn sheer or with several coats.
  • Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched--This bronzing powder gives your complexion the warmth and luminosity of naturally sunkissed skin. Hydrating, silky-smooth & long-wearing, it also protects against free radicals. Contains Vitamin E to protect the skin and mica, which provides dense natural pigment. 
    • Subtle is right. It seems to be pretty close to my skintone, so it's not really a bronzer. I've been using this as shadow instead and will probably give to my sister.
  • Cailyn Built-In Sponge Tip Mineral Eye Shadow in Champagne--Made with 100% raw mineral powder, this highly-pigmented satiny powder not only colors your eyes with shimmery, gorgeous hues, but is also safe to wear long hours. Easy-to-use, built-in sponge tip allows smooth application and seamless blending of colors. 
    • Beautiful color that is completely wearable any time of year for a highlight on the lid.
  • Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in Caviar Cocktail--Just one of Nailtini's top-shelf, 3-free nail lacquer, available in dozens of shades, textures and finishes. Wear them alone or layered to create custom looks and effects, each one a cocktail unto itself. 
    • This is my 4th Nailtini polish. I don't like the formula. I will keep it for nail art.
  • Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Topaz--Providea a magnificent metallic finish and are so versatile, soft, and creamy that they can be used as a liner or eyeshadow base! Each highly-pigmented, unique pencil has a gorgeous, micro-glitter finish. 
    • This is great for the holidays, but not something I'd wear daily. I like smudging it out on my lid for a glittery effect.
Swatches of this month's products

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  1. The eye liner is definitely great for the holidays!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. I have a Pixi palette that I like. The pigmentation is ok:)
    Great review, Elle. And sorry to hear about the vid. :(

  3. Love the shades in this collection! Perfect for the holidays! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  4. I like the eyeliner. Prefect for the Holidays

  5. It's too bad the lip crayon doesn't have staying power - the colour is so pretty!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. Once again you pretty much got all the opposite things as me! That stinks your lip crayon didn't have any lasting power, mine is matte and seems to stay on a while. I also didn't realize how much more tan you must be than me! Subtly Suntouched is definitely a bronzer color for me. Now I feel super pale, lol.

  7. hey the bag looks good...i have never subscribed of any bag...can u tell me please which one is the best...fyi im in states!

  8. I wasn't too crazy over the eyeliner or the bronzer this past month. I did really like the lip crayon though.


  9. I loved the liner and you're right about the pixi bronzer it's sooo light. I'm totally giving mine to my sister as well haha.

  10. Ooh the bag is really pretty. I'd love to try the eyeshadow (the color is GORGEOUS) && the eyeliner. I love wearing metallic liner on special occasions or just to do something different with my "everyday" look.

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  11. That metallic liner is really fun for the holidays!

    The Tiny Heart

  12. Congratulations on your Ipsy anniversary! I know what you mean by "one of these days" :) I guess we all have some of them sometimes... well, it's not one for me, thankfully, but I had one last week, at the airport. I hope you find the video, would be nice to see it, but the post is nice anyway, it's always nice to have reviews! denisesplanet com

  13. Absolutely beautiful products but I also love the festive and very glamorous golden mini bag




  14. i hate those weeks when you do everything right and everything goes wrong. I hope you have a much better next week.

  15. Great review, Elle! Love glittery eye pencils- they can help create really fun holiday/evening looks. :)


  16. I keep ALMOST subscribing to Ipsy. I just need to do it already :)

  17. The lip balm and lip crayon sound great! And I hear you, I have been out of sorts myself!

  18. That glam bag looks like so much fun and very reasonably priced!

  19. The lip crayon have a pretty nice shade.

  20. I am having a month where I am all out of sorts and so busy I can barely take a break. Your glam bag looks great. The colors are so pretty.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  21. The lip balm, crayon and bronzer all look wonderful to me :) I appreciate your opinion on my last post, have a great Friday doll!

  22. Wow this sounds cool. But I got so much stuff at Lucky FABB I do not know what to do with it all.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  23. love the lip crayon!
    have a lovely day!

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  24. Based on many reviews online, I'm getting the impression that Em Cosmetics is over priced with mediocre quality. :-(

  25. I wanna try this bag!! Is full of cute products <3
    Xxx babe



  26. That eye shadow is lovely and I love that pretty bag!

  27. I loved Novembers bag! I can't wait for Decembers!

  28. that bronzer looks amazing! Like the lip balm too but not at that price

  29. The lip gloss looks really pretty, but I don't think I could justify paying $15 for it either. It must be so fun to get these in the mail each month!

  30. Do you think it's worth subscribing to those beauty subscriptions? I've been wanting to but delaying it.


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