Product Test Drive: Cecilia Wong Skincare

It's Review Day Tuesday on a Wednesday! As always, I'll have TWO posts full of products you might like. First up is an amazing skincare line I was sent for review--I got to sample three of her many products. Let me introduce you to Cecilia Wong Skincare.

toner, moisturizer, cleanser

  • Full of natural ingredients designed to fight aging, hydrate skin, promote healthy cell turnover
  • 100% natural, hand-crafted by Cecilia with the purest oils, organically-grown herbs and botanicals
  • Cruelty-free
  • free of parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils, synthetic emulsifiers, toxic preservatives, artificial colors, fragrances 

First up is the Rejuvenating Toner Mist. This can be applied over a cleansed face or throughout the day. Since I have dry skin, I love this mist as it helps with hydration. It's alcohol-free, and is designed to deeply moisturize, refresh and purify pores. Chamomile and Radish Root balance oil levels, while rosemary, lavender, and lemon naturally help kill bacteria on skin’s surface. 100% vegan.I really liked this toner, and how well it worked with my skin. She just released a Rose Toner this month! Available for $15, $32, $52 --All skin types

Next is the Awakening Vitamin C Cleanser.  Soap-free and SLS-free, Cecilia’s Vitamin C Cleanser is crafted with ingredients to brighten, reduce skin inflammation and balance oil production with a holistic blend of tangerine, alfalfa, borage, parsley and aloe; while the gentle low-lather formula creates tiny microbubbles to break down makeup and dirt. A deep clean for skin that’s never overstripped. All with a zingy citrus scent that vitalizes your mind and body. I liked this cleanser, but as I've said many times before, I have a reaction to any sort of citrus so it did break me out at first, a reaction that most will not have. It did a great job at cleansing my skin. $15, $38 --All skin types

Finally, is the Replenishing Face Moisturizer for Dry/Mature/Dehydrated/Aging Skin, which suits my dry skin perfectly. This was my favorite of the three that I reviewed. A buttery, indulgent creme overflowing with nutritious extracts, oils, and butters designed to stimulate skin into acting “young” again. A holistic blend of organic licorice root, frankincense, pumpkin, and orange peel. Milk-derived lactic acids renew skin overnight, and an extra dose of superstar blackcurrant seed oil adds rich antioxidant protection. Melts divinely into skin with a natural rose scent that soothes your mind and body. I personally didn't care for the scent--it didn't smell like rose to me, more of a vitamin/natural scent, but the scent didn't last long and was easily hidden under makeup. I love how moisturized my face felt in the morning after wearing this. This will definitely get me through winter! $68, but available for other skin types, like oily or sensitive.

Overall, if you're really into organic skin care and want quality ingredients, I would highly recommend Cecilia Wong Skincare--check out the other products she has too!


  1. They seem very interesting products, must tell you that I'd love to try them!



  2. Organic is always good! Great review, Elle. T. http://tickleldpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  3. That moisturizer sounds perfect for winter. I need all the help I can get:D

  4. Thanks for sharing this product with us. I need to try it out.



  5. interesting! ive been in the market for new skincare products xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. The toner mist sounds awesome! I've been looking for a good toner so this would be a good option!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. have never heard of these...great review...will check these out!

  8. Oh.... I need this moisturizer for winter, I love skincare products!!!!
    Kisses my dear!!!

  9. I am always searching for a great moisturizer. My skin is so picky.

  10. thank you so much for the fabulous review on cecilia wong skincare! we're glad you love the products. xo

  11. I love organic skincare so I'll be checking this line out for sure!



  12. Organic skincare and makeup products are getting more and more mainstream! Good review of this line! I will try them out as I have very sensitive and problem skin! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  13. Great post! I am always looking for awesome cruelty free products! XOXO, Sissi http://www.beauty4free2u.com/

  14. The packaging reminds me of Aesop skin care

  15. That moisturizer sounds like what I need on my dry skin now!


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