Rants + Raves

This week, even the whole month has flown by! Here's a recap of the week:


  • No Halloween parties for me this year, as I had to work over the weekend, to make up for taking off early for my birthday.


  • I admit I try to avoid the black hole that is YouTube, but this time of year I love watching tutorials of gory or really just impressive Halloween makeup. I don't like being scared, I just love the artistry and creativity. Little known fact: My 8th grade boyfriend's little bro didn't like me at first. I won him over by showing him how to do fake bruises and scars!
  • I was so productive this weekend and got a lot of the behind-the-scenes blog stuff done. I don't have everything on my to-do list crossed off, but I made a huge dent!
  • The weather! It may have been too chilly for some around here, but I've been pleased as peaches. Is that even a saying? Yes, it is. Anyway, I've been wearing scarves and boots and couldn't be happier!
What are YOUR Rants + Raves of the week?

PS: This week's giveaways that I'd love for you to enter:

  • Monster headphones (these are REALLY good and are valued at $150. Ends Friday)
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    1. Glad you're enjoying the weather. Sorry you can't make a Halloween party. Any chance you could create a costume and wear it to my online party??

    2. Mm I couldn't agree more Elle! You can't beat sweater weather!
      Ps. Feel free to stop by my blog, I'd love to follow each other?
      Grace xxx

    3. Your last rave is a rant for me...heehee

    4. i have to rant about the weather... its sooo cold!


    5. My rant: I'm getting sick...and I wish I had your weather. It's been so crazy where I live.

    6. Rant: Midterms this week. So stressful and little me time lol
      Rave:Loving french vanilla hot cocoa!

    7. So awesome that you taught your boyfriend's brother how to make fake bruises! Rant for me: My face has broken out horribly, and nothing I do seems to help. I feel like I'm back in high school again. Shouldn't the zits be gone by now? :)

    8. Rant: I had to work too!
      Rave: Watching my daughters carve pumpkins; roasting pumpkin seeds.

    9. Fall is by FAR the best time of year! I'm loving it, too!!! Except when I have to get out of my warm cozy bed in the AM. (Rant AND Rave in one!)

      Voyage of the MeeMee

    10. My rave is I've had the past week off of work so I've been spending it with my fur babies :). My rant is I have to return to work tomorrow :(


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