Ask Elle: How To Avoid & Fix Cakey Foundation (Plus Video)

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Today I have 2 foundation questions I'm answering: 
  • How do I avoid "cake face?" 
  • How can I fix cakey-looking foundation?
Avoid Cakey Foundation:
  • Moisturize
  • Stipple
  • Sparingly Use Powder
Fix Cakey Foundation:
  • Clean Brush
  • Makeup Sponge

Want more tips and explanations to the highlights above?
Please watch the video below for the answer to those questions and more!!

What's your favorite foundation?


  1. Great advice! These are simple but important tips.

  2. Elle, I follow all of your tips, but my foundation still looks cakey. I think it's because my skin is SOO dry. Any recommendations for a good moisturizer?


  3. These are all great tips! My question is, what lipstick truly lasts for more than 5 hours. I usually have issues with mine.


  4. I used to only use sponges for foundation application, then I tried using just my fingers but found that to be too weird. So now I use brushes. Thanks for the advice, Elle!


  5. "...totally dirty because this is real life...." hahaha....you're too awesome, Elle:)
    Great tutorial.

  6. Great ideas here. Thanks for the compliments. I need to switch my IG, Twitter, photos to my new short hair ones. hahahaha

  7. I actually found that the best way to avoid cake face is to ONLY use foundation on the parts of your face that need it (more like a concealer, and use it sparingly, just enough to cover what you need to) and to make sure your foundation isn't old. Moisturizing only goes so far....the foundation itself has a lot to do with it too.

  8. This is very helpful (: I sometimes find my foundation looking a bit cakey

  9. very helpful tips. As the cold and dry weather is approaching, would definitely apply enough moisturizer before applying my foundation.

  10. I had a sleepless night last night, and saw your video in my subscription list, I watched it and tried some of your techniques....amazing!!! I didn't normally have "cake" face, but I like this technique a lot! Thanks for sharing!!!

    <3 Lily | beautywithlily.blogspot.com

  11. Loves this! You have no idea how much this advice has helped me, I use a MAC powder and my skin is dry so it can sometimes come across too powdery. Thanks for your kind words, they meant a lot to me.

  12. What's the best way to prep combination skin for makeup to get good, even coverage that stays?

  13. My favorite foundation is the L'Oreal Tru Match right now.


  14. Another great video! My fave foundation is Neutrogena's Skin Clearing Foundation. I've used it for several years now, and have yet to be disappointed with it. :) http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  15. Ahh- moisturizing and stippling sound like great ideas!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  16. Oh, I have so many questions when it comes to makeup. How do I apply false eyelashes? Is smokey eye/nude lip still in?

  17. Ugh, my foundation is always getting cakey during fall and winter... better moisturizer needed! I have the Beauty Blender, too, so I'll definitely try out this fix.

  18. I seriously think this is your best video EVER! I don't ever wear foundation, but I wore it about a month ago when I was singing with a band, and I had cakey foundation all day and couldn't figure out how to get rid of it. This post was a game changer for me! I know what to do next time. :)


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