Rants and Raves

Hey you! How was your weekend? Let's see my week in review with my Rants and Raves:

  • Still sick. Really? Really. I am one of those that is always doing something, trying to maximize my time. And to be forced by sickness to not do anything, has been tough. Everything has been too stimulating. Music, tv, movies, reading, talking, being in a store...I haven't been able to do any of it for the past few weeks. Instagram has been the only thing that didn't overwhelm me.
  • But I'm feeling better as of Saturday! Doing pretty much anything wears me out, but I am definitely better than a week ago. Listed below is proof:
  • The Fault in Our Stars--I finally read this book. I really liked it and was a blubbering mess at the end of it. Have you read this?
  • Friday Night Lights--I just started this. It's not my favorite show ever, but I can relate to the small southern town where football rules all. Have you seen this?
  • Painting my nails--I've been wearing Essie's For the Twill of It and as of today, burgundy with a gold glitter top coat.
  • The Emmys--The show is on as I type this!
  • IT'S AUTUMN--My favorite season of them all! Even though it's still hot in Atlanta, I can pretend, right?
What are your Rants + Raves of the week?


  1. I just finished the first season of Friday night lights. I am into it!

  2. Can't believe you are still sick...I know what you mean about things being too stimulating!

    We've had some fall weather here in West Texas, with the exception of today! Just when I thought I could bust out my scarves!!!

    Lily | beautywithlily.blogspot.com

  3. I just put Essie's for the twill of it on my nails this afternoon!

    katespitz.blogspot. Com

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better, Elle:) I can only imagine how hard it must be to be sick for this long, but at least, the end is in sight:)
    And I think I'm the only one not watching the Emmys tonight...eeeek!

  5. I'm trying to pretend it's autumn, too. I want to wear scarves! (the fashion kind, not the snow kind)

  6. Still hot here too, but today at the grocery store, I bought ingredients for vegetable beef soup. I also picked up hot apple cider k-cups. Next up is a fall nail color!

  7. I had a sore throat once that seemed to hang on for a lifetime. Sending you big time healing thoughts! I, too, adore the fall--it's actually getting cool here and the leaves have begun to turn. :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  8. I really hope you get well soon, being sick is a huge bummer! :-(

  9. I love fall, too! I really hope you're 100% soon-- prolonged illness can get to you. My sprained ankle was positively maddening sometimes!

  10. I loved your nails on IG today and am already planning to copy you. Glad you're feeling a bit better! :)

  11. Loving Autumn: Cinnamon Bun candles, Knitting a new wool infinity scarf, shopping for that next pair of PERFECT fall boots. Why can't it last longer??!! Boo Hoo!

    Jenna ♥ ♥
    Northern Beauty 85

  12. Ooh the fault in our stars is such a good read. Definitely a tear jerker though! x



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