Product Test Drive: EM Cosmetics (Video)

Hey you! Today I'm sharing a review and video of what I purchased from EM Cosmetics. This is a high-end cosmetics line started by Youtube beauty superstar, Michelle Phan. While I knew of her only through Ipsy, she's been in no fewer than 4 magazines these past couple of months. Check it out:

Her line has something for everyone, regardless of level of beauty interest. I initially passed on the products after seeing the prices, but when I saw a liner, shadow sampler, and lipstick combo for a good price (around $23), I caved.

I expected to receive a sample size of one palette, not a sample of the palette. I also didn't get a choice of what palette. Shown here is an example of the Love Life palette, with samples of brown, aubergine, and teal shadows as well as a berry gloss. The pigmentation of the shadows was okay, and the gloss wore off fairly quickly. The entire palette, which comes with 36 pans of shadows, cheek, and lip colors is $75, and there are several of them to choose from. I was not impressed enough to spend that much.

As for the other two products I ordered, I encourage you to watch my 5 Minute Review, where I go into the product line in more detail, show swatches, and share my thoughts. Enjoy!

  • Variety
  • Gems among the rough
  • Nice packaging
  • Thorough video and phone guides for help and ideas
  • Fave product I ordered: $20 Eyeliner--it's one of the best pencil liners I've ever used (see video for review). It stays on the waterline! I also ordered a lipstick, which I liked, but I didn't think was worth $16.50. 
  • Too expensive for quality
  • Felt like I was paying for packaging
  • Not enough of consistent must-have products

Still from video--I look so rough! It was the beginning of The Sickness.

Would you try EM Cosmetics?


  1. I had no idea she had a cosmetics line! I gotta check it out!

  2. Often times I find myself buying cosmetics just because their package is super cute but their products do not actually deliver what I had hoped for.

  3. I think the packaging is unique, but you are right - too expensive.

  4. Great video, pics and review! Nice concept having the various life "stages" packaged for the look one seeks. T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  5. This is the first sceptical review I've heard. Glad you did such an honest review. Won't be purchasing this!


  6. You always give such honest reviews! I think the price will keep me from trying this line.

  7. Hmmn this definitely looks interesting I will have to invest further.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  8. I used to watch her YouTube vids a lot before she became big. Wow! Can't believe she now has a high-end cosmetic line. Thanks for the honest review. TBH, even if her stuff is amazing, those prices are just way too high for me that I might as well just splurge on an Armani or Bobbi Brown. Glad to know at least that the eyeliner was good.

  9. I definitely understand the cost aspect. I'm just not sure if I would want to spend that much money on something and I don't know how I will like it which is why I like buying new makeup at the store. However, I love Michelle so much and I think I will be purchasing the Waterliner and I am really curious about the Chiaroscuro contour and highlight stick. I am so curious! Lol Thanks for the review love. I always appreciate honesty. <3

    Hopefully you are feeling better. :)

  10. That's a bummer that the product wasn't really worth the cost.

    The Tiny Heart
    Style Lately Giveaway!

  11. I hate feeling as if I've paid for packaging- such a bummer. Great review though, Elle- posts like these help us all avoid beauty-splurge pitfalls. :)


  12. I'm a new follower of yours - you have a great blog!

    I got a sample of a palete in my ipsy bag and I wasn't completely impressed.


  13. I was bummed to see how expensive everything is for this line! :( I will go watch the review on YT. :)

  14. That's too bad it's really too expensive for the quality you get. I really couldn't justify spending this much.

  15. based on your review, i would not try it! for $75 worth of makeup i expect to be COMPLETELY satisfied!

  16. Based on all the reviews I've been seeing I'm going to pass on this brand. It seems to be overpriced for sure.

  17. I wasn't even aware that she had a cosmetic line. The packaging does look very nice but I think after seeing your review it is likely I will be skipping on these products.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  18. I also had no idea about this line, great entrepreneurship, the palette looks really versatile and wearable. I appreciate your visit hun! Happy Friday!

  19. Thank you, Elle for a honest review. I'm quite tired of other Youtubers going on and on about how amazing this line is when it's actually not. You're the best!

  20. Bloggers/vloggers makeup collections always make me so excited. I agree that the quality just isn't high enough for the price she is asking though.

  21. You still look beautiful even when you're sick! Don't put yourself down. :) And thanks for being honest about these products. I always wonder whether higher prices equate to better products, and sometimes they don't.

  22. Only three eyeshadows? I'd be totally disappointed :( I do like the idea of packaging the eyeshadows for lifestyle though. Totally clever.

  23. I've been reading a lot about this line, I appreciate the honest review - I really thought it seemed a bit pricey for the palettes. Good to know about the eyeliner, I'll keep that one on my list! by the way I loved your hair in the video!

  24. Okay, so on other reviews I've heard that the pigmentation isn't strong enough. If you compare this pallette to other luxury brands, it's not worth it, right?

    I've also seen that Michelle used a lot of Urban Decay in her videos and I see you also have reviews of it. Is it similar in its consistency maybe?


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