5 Under $5: Beauty on the Go Edition

Twice a month, I prove that beauty doesn't have to cost a fortune, with 5 Under $5
Today, I'm sharing the Beauty on the Go edition with products that can save time (and money). Enjoy.

5 Under $5

  1. Suave Moroccan Infusion Shine Mask--This is my secret weapon to give my dry, dull hair instant shine. My hair looks like I just got back from the salon!
  2. Rimmel 60 Seconds Polish--Ok, this might take a little more than 60 seconds to dry, but it really does dry fast. If you need a little color quickly before Date Night, give this a try.
  3. Trim Eye Brow Shapers--If you need to groom those brows quickly, these are easy to use. Bonus: Use them for gentle dermaplaning
  4. Wet N Wild Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana--If you have dry skin and want to fake a dewy glow, try this. This definitely isn't a bronzer, but it is a highlighter. And it's one of the easiest ones to wear. Some highlighters are too shimmery/glittery, but this one gives a natural glow.
  5. Gariner Nutri-Pure Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towelettes--While I'm a huge advocate of washing your makeup off, these will help accelerate the process. They're great at removing eye makeup and are non-irritating. And oil-free!!
What is your favorite Beauty on the Go Product?


  1. I adore Rimmel's nail polishes, one of the best imo!

  2. Suave is a fave brand. Will try the Moroccan Infusion Shine Mask--sounds great! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  3. Need that shine mask!


  4. That Garnier one sounds something I need. I must admit for on the go, my fave is the Huggies baby wipes:D I use that thing for everything.

  5. Thanks for this- I am definitely going to adding a couple of these to my shopping list!

  6. My daughter really likes the Suave hair mask (#1). It's nice these products don't cost a fortune!

  7. I love polishes that dry quickly! It's the worst when you're waiting around to dry your nails and you have stuff to do.

    The Tiny Heart

  8. Nail polish that dries quickly is always a bonus!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  9. I love Rimmel nail polish and have that exact same colour

  10. I'm obsessed with WNW Reserve your Cabana. It's such a great product at an even better price.

  11. I ought to get myself an eye brow shaper;-)

  12. oh wow they are awesome AND cheap!! great buys


  13. I've tried those Garnier wipes before and they're great for removing eye makeup! I need to buy some again actually :)


  14. That Suave hair mask sounds like a must try for me. I'm loving the under $5 price tag!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  15. I love the eyebrow shapers, great for on the go and something fast. I have really enjoyed the "bronzer" it's a great highlight. So glad to see you will be doing this twice a month, great way to find new products.

    Lily | beautywithlily.blogspot.com

  16. I am going to have to try to those wipes. They sound great.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  17. Oh I love when you blog about beauty products under $5 dollars because they are all great items that I could try and not spend a lot on. I'm really wanting to try the first two from this post! :)


  18. This series is one of my favorites on your blog, Elle! I love Sephora, but all that makeup can really add up to a big price tag. I definitely want to look for that highlighter on my next trip to the drugstore. It sounds perfect for my skin type.

  19. I adore wipes especially for those lazy days when you too tired to remove your makeup. Great post Elle

  20. Oh how I love these posts! I'm going to write my own like this. :)

    Thank you for the follow dear. I followed you back!

    Keep in touch.


  21. Great picks. I like using maybelline baby lips and eos lip balm on the go

  22. Love Suave's Moroccan Oil products ;)

    I love Mentos or Aquaphor for "on the go" and always need some hand lotion


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