Rants + Raves

Hey you! How was your week? My flew by with work and blogging--I'm exhausted! Did you do anything exciting over the weekend?  Let's get into my weekly Rants + Raves:


  • The US Postal Service--My step-dad is a retired postal worker and I have continued to support the USPS, but their customer service makes it rather difficult. I won't bore you with the details, but I was trying to mail packages to my giveaway winners, and it was a nightmare. I think only 2 ppl have received their packages. Grr.
  • I am truly thankful to have a job and to have one I love, but I'm not loving my new schedule. It has me getting home late at night, which is frustrating as a blogger. I feel like I can't keep up with the visiting blogs, social media, and posting. I'll get it figured out! :)

  • A lot of raves into one: This weekend was my youngest nephew's 4th birthday. He's a sweetheart and has the biggest blue eyes. The trip was easily worth the 5-hour drive to my hometown to see my family. I got to see my little sister at her first job, visit with my dad's family, and I inherited my late great-granny's china. It went way too fast!
What were your Rants+ Raves of the week? Share below!

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  1. I had a problem with the post office too this week! Grrrrr -_-

  2. I saw the Instagram pics of your family. Too adorable:)

  3. The postal service can be such a pain in the butt! But it sounds like you had a ton of fun with your family.

  4. Hope your schedule works out better. Blogging is an important part of our lives.

  5. Sweet post! I've been on a major PMS and DMS spree nowadays so if i try this my rants will probably be a page long! Hopefully I'll have something to rave about soon!

  6. I loathe the USPS. Seriously. I got into a battle with them in college because they refused to forward my mail, even though I had filled out a form and done all the steps correctly. They told me that they didn't bother forwarding mail unless someone complained about not getting it. Can you tell I'm not quite over it yet? That was seven years ago! :)

    No offense to your stepdad, though! I think they've just gone way downhill in the past few years.

  7. USPS has been killing me lately. Losing packages and improper postage. Ugh.


  8. That's a shame with your schedule :( but your trip back home sounded fab!


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