Rants + Raves

Hey you! How was your weekend? Tell me all about it, and even share your own rants + raves, if you'd like. Here are mine:

  • I had a bottle of polish just split in half horizontally when I opened it. Glass and polish got all in/on my hands. I have the most random accidents, so it made me laugh in disbelief. And I was glad it wasn't red polish!
  • Most definitely the low of the week was this dang kidney infection. I called out of work and went to the doctor, which means it was serious. I had some of the most excruciating back pain I've ever experienced. I'm also over drinking nothing but water. I know, that's a horrible first-world problem thing to say, but I've been missing my sweet tea and occasional coffee. I'm so glad I'm getting better, but I'm also ready for things to get back to normal! 
  • I was disappointed at the lack of interest in my latest blog Beauty DIY. I thought it was creative and would have garnered more interest. Bloggers, does that ever happen to you--where you thought a post would be a hit and it was a dud with your readers? 
  • Thanks again to everyone for their support with the Pond's BB Cream ambassador contest. I appreciate all the voting! Love, love, love, y'all.
  • I pretty much stayed in this weekend to recoop. I did venture out for a friend's birthday dinner. Lots of laughs, good music, and good food made for a fun time.
  • I watched some bad movies, ate some delicous ice cream, and didn't feel badly about doing either. What are your guilty pleasure movies?
  • This week is a short work week for me, yay! It's also the beginning of my annual Back to School Week series. I still love looking at school/dorm supplies. Do you?
Share your rants + raves, too!


  1. So sorry to hear about the health issue, Elle! Like you, I sometimes have posts that I think will do well and they don't (I watched the video and found it very useful, BTW!). Funny, though--the ones I sometimes think won't do well--those do. Sending healing thoughts! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  2. I also hate when I think a post or photo will be really popular, and no one seems interested. That's when I just realize that everyone is crazy. ;)

    Glad you're starting to feel better.


  3. So sorry to read about the kidney infection.:( I hope the raves were more than enough to make up for the rants.

  4. Sorry about your kidney infection! Hope it gets better soon, those are so darn painful. I don't have any rants for the week but my weekend is all rave! The hubs and I just had the best time together, golfing, eating out and watching breaking bad!

  5. I'm so glad you're doing better! Health issues are no fun. Whenever my posts don't do well, I try to remember I'm doing this blog for ME, not other people! I enjoyed your video though, BTW.

    My guilty pleasure movie is probably Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It's one of those movies which shouldn't be good, but it's SO GOOD.


  6. Ugh, hope you get better soon!! That is really a crappy thing to deal with.

    I still like looking at bts/btc stuff but I'm glad I don't have classes looming over me...I'm too busy as is!!

  7. When do you hear if you won the Ponds ambassador thing? I made sure to vote for you :) I hope your kidneys are much better today!

  8. Omg, so sorry to hear about your kidney infection =( I hear they are so painful! Here's to a very speedy recovery for you!!!!

  9. sorry to hear about your illness but glad that you're getting better!

  10. Glad you're getting better! How does a polish even split horizontally? That sounds like an annoying but amazing mishap because I mean, who else does that even happen to? lol

  11. Those nails rock! LOve all of your ideas!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  12. Glad that you are feeling better, BIG HUG all the way from Malaysia!

    And for movies...Zombieeessssss!!!! LOL!

  13. @lindsey A--couldn't find your profile to respond! I didn't make the finals, but appreciate all the support.

  14. @Meghan--I write this blog to help others and give them inspiration for things to try :)

  15. Also a short week here as we are celebrating mother's day on thursday!! YAY!!!

  16. Oh no!!! Hope you are feeling better :(

  17. Oh wow a polish splitting like that! Nightmare! So sorry to hear you have been suffering healthwise too :( I've been fairly quite of late so not a lot to rant and rave about but I'm planning on posting more on my blog in the coming weeks, so you may just see lots of rants and raves from me! And yes, sometimes I post something and am surprised/disappointed in lack of feeback.

  18. OMG I'm so sorry to hear about your kidney infection! But I saw on another post you said you're doing better so PHEW! I fall behind on blogging so now I feel like I miss everyone's life :(

    And yes I can relate to a post or idea not taking off. I've Instagrams, Pins, Tweets and posts where I thought they would be a hit and NOTHING lol. And then ones I don't expect take off. Like I recently instagrammed some leather shorts I purchased at H&M. I'm way behind on the trend because I was afraid of how I looked in them so I finally took the plunge. It wasn't a pic of me rocking them or anything, just them layed out and it was one of my most popular Instagrams all summer! People came out of the wodworks to say "werq" and yey! I was like "It's a pair of stupid H&M shorts! What's the fuss?!" lol but you never know I guess


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