Rants and Raves

Hey you! How was your weekend? Mine was fun--saw out-of-state guests, went to Atlantic Station (outdoor shopping center in Atl), and made an Ikea trip. As usual, it flew by.

One blog complaint I get is that I don't share enough of my personal life on here. I'm a really private person and choose to share stuff on my Instagram. It's hard to marry a personal life into a beauty blog sometimes. But when I share personal posts on the blog (like The 52 Project), those are always my least-viewed posts. I thought I would try a weekly "Rants and Raves" (totally original, I know) post to see if that you guys would like that. So here we go (and feel free to share your own).


  • I know. I take blogging wayyy too seriously. But this week I encountered 4 posts on other blogs/publications that I could tell were direct rip-offs of mine. I just wanted credit, or even an "I got this off Pinterest." I think what bothered me most was seeing the comments of how "creative" and "genius" they were. This happens from time to time, and I have tried emailing in the past, but this week it really burnt my biscuits, so to speak.
  • So I'm in this contest and have been heavily promoting it on all my social media channels. I texted everyone in my address book to please vote for me. Only 2 responded and that hurt my feelings. I expected more support from family/friends. I'm blaming PMS for the rants this week. ;)


  • Thanks so much to the 15 or so of you that voted for me in the Pond's BB+ Ambassador contest! Y'all are awesome, sweet, and sparkly glitter all rolled into one. Thank you.
  • Thanks to everyone who has been supportive about there being sponsored posts on the blog, and visiting the brands mentioned. It is merely coincidence that they all were back-to-back like that. 
  • This week my goal is to work on being better organized. I've taken on a lot of stuff and am trying to do everything at once. I have a bad memory and I tried to work on it by simplying remembering whatever it is I have to do instead of writing it down. That has been a huge fail, as deadlines and things have come out of nowhere. So I've admitted that I'm not a oh-yeah-I'll-remember-what-you-said-I-had-to-do kind of person. I'm going back to my list-loving self. And that's perfectly fine.
  • I've been eating very healthy for the past month, but today I thoroughly enjoyed a cinnamon bun from Ikea. No regrets and now, no cravings.
  • I'm happy Charlie's spot on his lip has cleared up. I was worried for nothing. Whew.
  • Loving some new mascaras and my fave Olay Microdermabrasion kit. The latter has given me baby-soft skin.

  • So what are your rants/raves of the past week?
    I'd love to know, below.

    PS: I'm giving away 2 light and 2 medium Pond's BB+ creams--enter here--to thank you for voting for me. You can vote daily! Stop by. :)


    1. I am so sorry to hear about other people ripping off your posts! That is absolutely terrible and I would hate that. That is why I am so adamant about crediting even though it may seem a bit extraneous at times. Good job on eating healthy for this month because that sure is a toughie! Keep up the good work! :)

    2. I know how it is with getting support for competitions.. I haven't been into too many contests, but I noticed people (even good friends) are many times reluctant to even just click once, even if it's for free..

    3. Ugh, that is so annoying that people copy your recipes! You are totally the inspiration for me to learn more about beauty and make some natural recipes.
      Good luck with the Pond's contest - I just voted for you!

      Chic 'n Cheap Living

    4. To the people ripping off your posts, definitely should alert their hosts. Especially if they have ads because then they're making money off YOUR content. That's so illegal. I hate that people do that!!

      FWIW, my "about me" posts are the least viewed, too. LOL that's why I prefer to stick to instagram.

    5. I think the "Rants and Raves" are a good idea. Seems personal enough to me. I'm very private too, so you can imagine how hard it's been for me lately to share what's been going on in my life.

      P.S. I voted!


    6. I voted on FB! And that's a bummer about people stealing your posts. Are they at least a little different? They should give you credit though!!

    7. I can't blame you for those rants, Elle:( I'd feel the same way. Anyhoo, good luck with the contest. Voted:)

    8. Yes this has happened to me too. Where an exact concept has been copied almost word for word.

      Ali of

      Dressing Ken

    9. I get pissed when spam/porn sites steal my blog sites. At least with them, they're not trying to take credit for my ideas. They're just trying to make money by stealing other people's blog posts. It's tedious going through the process of reporting every blog page that stole my content, but a few of the blogspots have been completely removed, instead of just my stolen content being removed.

      I would email the bloggers directly. Be nice, but firm. And if they don't credit you or remove their posts, report them to google. It's not just wrong to steal blog posts--it's illegal. It's copyright infringement.

    10. Oh I hear you about blogging - it upsets me to see when people use my blog to "supplement" their own. But hey, just means you are doing your job very well!

    11. Sorry to hear about others ripping off your posts, that's such a shame! I'm a total list person too, if I don't right it down I will never remember it.

    12. So sorry people are stealing your content! That's terrible!! I try to always source exactly where I got an idea (even if it's just a general "I saw this on Pinterest" because I can't remember exactly where it was). You are super creative with your beauty posts so I can understand why you would be frustrated that someone would take credit for your genius!

    13. That sucks that people are stealing your ideas. Whenever I see something I like on a blog or on Pinterest and want to try it out myself--makeup idea, recipe, whatever--I make sure to credit and link back to the source. It's only good manners!

      It sucks that no one would vote for you--geez, it only takes a second. I voted today for ya :D

      I'm terribly disorganized also. I have lists tacked up everywhere! Whatever works, right?!

    14. So frustrating that people can't do something as simple as giving credit!

    15. I promise if I ever try one of the things you post, I would totally link back to you as inspiration. Also I would totally be voting for you on the contest thing, but I can't do facebook stuff from the computer I read blogs from. So I'm one of those people who sucks and didn't do it. I'm sorry!

    16. It sucks that people are stealing your ideas, but just think that must mean you're someone pretty awesome and a pretty well known blogger if people are wanting to be like you :).

      I love the rants and raves idea.

      I too am very private and get told I need to share more of my private life, but it's sooooo hard to do haha.

      Have a great day!



    17. I voted for you! I hope you win! I can imagine being really frustrated by people stealing your content. I wish there was an easy way to stop them. Jerks! Karma will bite them in the butts, eventually.

    18. I'm really bummed they didn't give you credit, it sucks, but just remember the cream always rises to the top and you are one of the best out there! And of course I voted for you - fingers crossed!!!!

    19. I voted for you Elle but didn't realise you could vote daily so I'll vote again for you. It's a shame that people have to rip off your blog posts rather than come up with original content. It's not like its hard to credit someone!

    20. lame assholes tend to do that (rip off content). there was this one blogger who was having the most trouble because there was another blog out there that was basically a straight cut/paste of her content (no modifying whatsoever), no credit and the writer played it off as if it was her own writing.

      the nerve of some people!!

    21. That's a bummer about people ripping off you blog content. The flip side, way to go on eating healthy! I bet that cinnamon roll tasted so good!

    22. Aw sorry to hear about your "Rants" :( Perhaps you may want to consider watermarking images so if anyone does steal them or try to use them as their own, your link will be on there? I know some people use that to discourage people knocking them off. Its an unfortunate part of blogging :(

      I voted!! hehe that would be awesome if you got Entertainment Tonight! I know I'm behind on life with school so maybe your family/friends are a little busy or forgettable. Just gotta keep gently nudging them everyday :)

    23. I can't believe you only had 15 people vote! Had I not been on vacation and in and out of internet access, I would have voted more. You deserve this opportunity!


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