Product Test Drive: Gud Body Washes

Even if you're not a beauty fanatic like me, you still gotta get clean! So today I'm reviewing some body washes I was sent! Get fresh this summer with five refreshing güd body washes, with fragrances from floral to musk. güd body washes not only smell great but are free of harmful ingredients and packed with hydrating Sunflower Seed Oil, Black Walnut Leaf Extract and Raspberry Leaf extract.
Let's check out the scents:
  • Red Ruby Groovy is for the lover of anything citrus, scented with grapefruit and mandarin, this wash screams fun.
  • Floral Cherrynova a sweet and flowery blend for the hopeless romantic and is the perfect combo of cherry and warm almond milk.
  • It doesn’t get any more refreshing than Orange Petalooza. This feminine scent allows you to indulge in the ultimate shower experience.
  • Pearanormal Activity is a perfect blend of pear and berries which leaves you feeling clean and fruity
  • Everyone loves the smell of classic vanilla, and the seductive yet innocent scent of Vanilla Flame will leave everyone wanting more.

I got to review Orange Petalooza and Pearnormal Activity. These güd body washes worked well. They smell so yummy! I personally like the pear scent better, but the orange is nice. They have a powerful scent in the the shower that fades later, so it won't interfere with your lotions or perfumes. These fruity scents definitely wake you up! And while the scent is powerful, it is not overpowering or strong, as I am sensitive to most fragrances and get headaches very easily from them. This was a welcomed relief. Also, güd is made with some great ingredients, but I have very sensitive skin, and was concerned how my skin would react. I'm pleased to report that my sensitive skin has had zero issues! I recommend these (available at stores) and can't wait to buy the Cherrynova and Vanilla Flame!


  1. I like the body lotions, so I might have to try the body washes :)

  2. I love how creative the names are too. Fun!

  3. These product names are fab (especially pearanomal activity)! Bath products are a fave indulgence of mine. Will definitely check these out! xo T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  4. i don't think i've heard of this brand, but they sound nice! i like the clever names!


  5. I want to try one of these!



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