How To: Golden Glow

Summer is entering its slow burn, but that doesn't mean you can't get a golden glow of your own! This is how I do it in 10 steps: 

  1. I started with Laura Gellar Spackle Primer in Bronze--a primer that has a built-in bronzer--and applied it to my face.
  2. Next, I used a luminating foundation. This one is L'Oreal Dream Match Lumi, but you can make your own luminizer here.
  3. To add a little color to my face, I used a bronzer--Maybelline Dream Sun. It has just the faintest bit of shimmer.
  4. I used this NYX blush in Copper as a highlighter, and applied it right above my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, and a little on my forehead.
  5. For eyes, I used Maybelline Eye Studio in Copper Chic. I put the gold shade all over the lid. The copper shade was just in the center of the lid, and the brown shade in my crease.
  6. I lined my waterline with the Gold Mine Urban Decay liner.
  7. I then lined my bottom lashes with Urban Decay Smog
  8. Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara was applied on my lashes for those sexy, bedroom eyes.
  9. On my cheeks and lips, I added NYX lipstick in Margarita
  10. For just a little more glow on my legs, I used NUXE dry shimmer oil.

What are your favorite products for a Golden Glow?

Thanks so much for the support! I LOVE YOU! xo


  1. You look fab, Elle! I must admit that I'm pretty pale--so, these tips are very useful. I have been using a Lancome blusher as of late that's bringing a bit of glow to my cheeks. :) Have a fab day! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  2. You look great with the golden glow, Elle:)

  3. I always opt for pale all year round...but that's mostly because I tried to bronze one year and it turned out terribly. I needed you back then because these tips sound great!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  4. Love your radiant glow Elle! I love trying out this type of look, my favourite product to use are the avon bronzing pearls, they work so well

  5. Beautiful look, Elle. I love Nuxe oil, too! x

  6. lovely post. i definitely need a tan myself!x


  7. Oooh thanks for this! I love the bronzed look so extra tips are always appreciated! :)

  8. Great post. I love the Loreal Lumi foundation and I usually use that a long with a bit of bronzer for a golden glow.

  9. Great look! I wear a little powder bronzer sometimes, but otherwise just stick with my fair skin.

  10. Very cute look! I have trouble with glowy products because I have oily skin so they make me feel like I look more oily. But I like how it makes your face look brighter in a way.


  11. I actually bought my first ever bronzer today, lol.. will see how that goes.. I initially aimed for the Dream Sun, but ended up with one from Wet n' Wild.

  12. Nice! This will work perfectly with my um "tan" : )

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  13. I've never tried a luminizer, but I cannot go without bronzer. I go totally crazy if I forget it!

  14. This is a lovely post. I adore the golden glow. But I feel you look better in it, because all the gold and light browns really play up your eyes.


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