The 52 Project: May (Plus Vlog!)

Every week in 2013 I give myself a goal.
I post them on Instagram and the monthly roundup here. Enjoy!

Not Comparing Myself To Others--This is a constant struggle of mine, especially in the Blogging World.  I know I can't compare when it comes to looks or amount of followers, to name a couple of examples, but I proved I could let it go this week. Now, I just need to work on it daily. I just need to "do me." And "me" is pretty dang awesome. 

Rely on Yourself For Approval, Not The World--I did ok with this goal. I don't want this to sound like I have no confidence in myself. I do, in many things, but not all. I can see how much I've improved with this, and I'm proud of that! 

Just Breathe--I've always thought of myself as The Calmer when it comes to my friends and family. I calm everyone down, tell everyone it will be ok, take on the worry, but sometimes it gets to me. It causes me to worry about silly things, and my people-pleasing side goes into overdrive. I chose this resolution the week I was at the beach. It's hard for me to enjoy myself without wondering if everyone is happy, having fun, if my family is ok, if the blog stats are normal, etc. Crazy, right? But I did this week. I put the blog into the hands of some wonderful guest posters, turned off my email, didn't bring my computer, and didn't worry about a thing. It was refreshing. 

Be Patient--It has been said by many a person that I have the patience of Job when dealing with others. But when it comes to myself, I have zero patience. I was awful at this weekly goal! I want good things to happen NOW and need to be patient and realize they will happen when it's the right time (or ever).

What goals do you have?

May In Review:

  • Charlie, with his summer 'do...cutie!
  • My Beach Trip! Embarrassing vlog below, but every year my friends and I head to the FL Panhandle for fun and relaxation. This year was no different, with 10 of us in a condo! Lots of memories were made. I miss it already.
  • Smashing Pumpkins Concert--Billy's still got it!
  • My Sister's HS Graduation--This was so bittersweet because I can't believe she's an adult now (!!!) but I am so proud of her! I love you, Holly!
  • Monthly Nails--I am such a fan of mint. It's ridiculous. 
  • The Instagram Drama--I had my annual giftcard to Sephora giveaway. The winner was randomly chosen, and once I confirmed it, I announced it. An entrant wasn't happy with how I announced the winner and (not officially, but I mean really) accused me of a fake contest, fake winner, etc. It was so upsetting and frustrating. I'm shy and take a lot of crap, but not when it comes to my character. I was touched by how y'all saw the ridiculousness of the situation and stuck up for me. That turned a low into a highlight. Thank you.
  • Beach Selfie--Note: I've never taken selfies on the beach. Ever. This trip, I took two.
  • Green Man Fountain at Atlanta Botanical Gardens--Go visit! Spring was everywhere and it was so pretty.
  • Glasses! I've got some eye issues and have had to wear glasses! I hate myself in glasses, but this pic was actually my most ever "liked" on Instagram. Hmm.

Monthly Vlog:

How was your May?


  1. your dog is SO CUTE!


  2. Your glasses look really good on you! I wasn't a big fan of my glasses either before, but then I learned to use them at work and I got a lot of compliments. Needless to say, I wear them a lot now because of that :)

  3. I have so many goals right now, it isn't even funny. I have a lot to work on often. Nice post dear and I think just breathing is one I struggle with on a daily basis. Have a good night dear! xx Pip

    Enter my Firmoo International Giveaway!

  4. The "rely on yourself for approval, not others" thing is SO true. I have to remind myself of that almost constantly. It's tough. P.s. thanks for the writing tip!

  5. smashing pumpkins concert!? that is so awesome!

  6. The beach looks really inviting. Fun Vlog, it was as though we were with you on your trip. :) Have a great week Elle!

  7. Never compare yourself to other, why do that? Just be you, much better that way!

  8. I agree with you. We should really stop compairing with others. Love your mint nails <3


  9. Great May summary, Elle. And love the vlog:) You look great even without makeup....I hate you! (not really:P)

    PS I really need to go the beach soon!

  10. Wonderful summary and post. It's always good advice to just be yourself without comparing yourself to others, and also less stressful! Happy June to you!

  11. Sweet review ^^
    I love your sunnies :)

    New post - Kisses

  12. Elle: Enjoyed the video and I'm guessing you were in Pensacola? Keep up the great work...

  13. Happy June! Love your photographic May in review and great goals moving forward. You should always believe in yourself and not let the world affect you in negative way!

  14. Always be yourself dear! I wear glasses too and you are reminding me to get a new pair!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. Elle, I'm glad you had a great trip doll. We all need to get out and getaway at times. It's ok not to post. It's ok not to comment. Don't beat yourself up girl. I can't believe someone went off on you about that contest. I'm very rarely on Instagram. I usually post and go. LOL I think you wear glasses really well. You're very pretty! Have a great week!

  16. Really loving your goals - i can relate to a lot of them!

    The Perfect Palette

  17. i love that you're trying not to compare yourself to others...this is a hard goal for many but when you don't compare yoruself to others, you're so much happier! i don't give a shit about anyone else but my family and myself which is why everything just rolls off my back :D

  18. Not comparing yourself to others is so hard, I think it's part of human nature. It's good that we all try to do that a little less! And charlie is so cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  19. Those are awesome goals, I can totally relate to a lot of them! :) Oh and that sucks about the contest thing but I hope it doesn't get you down! And I have to say I've been loving mint nails too! :)


  20. that beach looks so inviting! u look gorgeous without makeup Elle!

  21. Love the vlog and the sunglasses. I still need to head to WalMart and see if I can find a pair! Have a great week.

  22. Oh I so need to give myself goals... and I have no patience for myself, either. Although I feel like I don't have as much patience for others as I used to... comes from being in New York, I think. Everyone always wants things in a hurry!

  23. These are all great goals, and definitely things I need to actively work on as well. Glad you had some time off to simply enjoy life!

  24. I can relate to EVERY SINGLE ONE of these goals.

  25. hi Elle. Great month in review. I didn't know you had that drama with the giveaway. I would have stuck by you, too. Have a super JUNE, k?

  26. I can relate to all of these, especially comparing myself with others. I can never NOT do that... afterall, we exist in relativity, right?

    BTW, do you have a fb page where we can follow each other?


  27. You look great with glasses! Actually, you look great either way!

  28. Those are wonderful goals and things that I want to work on, too :)

  29. oh I'm sure the Smashing Pumpkins were super fun to see! I've never seen them live, but we listen to them often in our house :)

    and I love reading your goals... it's so brave of you & I'm impressed you're keeping them up!

  30. I have the hardest time not comparing myself to others, especially when I have a really crappy month like I did in May and just want to take a vacation. Glad to see you're trying not to let that get you down, too. :)

  31. Not caring what others think and doing our own thing is one of the most difficoult things in life. Kudos to you for actively working on this!
    Oh, and you look lovely in glasses!

  32. LOVE the vlog! That beach is gorgeous!


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