The 52 Project: APRIL

So every week I share a different resolution on Twitter and Instagram
Monthly, I share my recaps here. 
I call it The 52 Project.

I am proud to admit I've never had Writer's Block when it comes to composing posts for this blog. If anything I have too many ideas (971 drafts await). But when it comes to more personal posts, I tend to hem haw around and they take hours to write. I get such crap about this not being a personal blog (everyone wants (a) a personal blog, (b) a style blog, (c) a blog about Charlie and I want (d) none of the above), but when I do share a personal post, it is my least-viewed and commented! Yeesh! I figure my life is far better-suited to the social media of Instagram and Twitter (plenty of adorable Charlie Brown pics there). It's impossible to please everyone. That's just one of the things I learned in April.  April was, by far, a MUCH better month than March, results-wise. Check it out:

Stop Listening to Others & Trust Myself
I wrote a whole blog post on this. Sometimes I just miss obvious things and interpret life too literally--this is where I need YOU to help me out. I love taking your advice, and most of it has been helpful. My blog and I thank you! But sometimes it just doesn't feel right and I feel pressured to do the "popular thing" to get more readers, views, etc, because it's what all the bloggers/books/advice say to do. I'm finally just trusting myself, and while I've always enjoyed blogging, I enjoy it a lot more now.
Would I Do This Again? YES YES YES

Make a Video
Ok, that whole thing about not listening to others? Um, yeah. Since I've started this blog I've felt pressure to make videos. Technology, budget, know-how and a huge amount of shyness stopped me from doing making them. However, in honor of my third blogiversary, I knew it was time and, trusting my gut, it felt right. It is one of my biggest blogging accomplishments and personal goals. I am not exaggerating when I say I practiced that 3 minute video for over 2 months, every day, out of nervousness. The "funny" bits happened on the spot, though. You all have been incredibly supportive and super sweet about the videos. That means so much to me.
Would I Do This Again? YES! I've made five videos so far and have posted three (new one on Friday). I still don't enjoy making them or feel comfortable in front of the camera, but I like editing them, and I'm striving to get better every time. I know it will happen and I can't wait.

Eye Contact
This month of resolutions was so serious, right? Again, for the billionth time, I'm very shy. Eye contact freaks.me.out. Only if I love you or have known you forever am I able to look you in the eye. But for one week, I made myself look people in the eye the entire time I talked to them. I went a step further and held their gaze until they broke it! That was huge for me. I'm sure I looked like a crazy lady. I think I forgot to blink. Making videos helps with it too.
Would I Do This Again? Yes, but I'm not as actively into it as before, however, I'm still doing it when I catch myself.

Let It Go
I tend to worry too much about everything, but especially this silly little blog. Did I visit every blog that stopped by today? Did I "like" all the Instagram pics? Respond to emails? Tweets? Visit new blogs? Improve my photography skills? Make my blog successful? And on and on. I spent the whole week not worrying the blog, spending much-needed time with family, and just letting go. There are also private things I let go worrying about, but I'm not sharing those here. No worries.Let it go.
Would I Do This Again? YES YES YES! This project has been so eye-opening for me, and even though I've done this for years as a monthly resolution, I feel like I'm really seeing powerful results. I'm getting there.

Instagram Recap for April:
Charlie, contemplating life; beach trip; Charlie, looking cute;
my hometown; Happy 3 year Blogiversary to ElleSees; spring arrived in Atl;
Me, in glasses; baby sis turned 18; Selfie


  1. I think you're doing an amazing job on your blog! It's a nice mix of a beauty and style blog, with the occasional personal posts. Don't worry about what others say. This is YOUR blog, you can write whatever the hell you want. Plus, blogging is supposed to be a hobby, right? An outlet for your creativity. It's not supposed to be something that stresses you out. :)


  2. i love your blog. how you find all these awesome DIY things is beyond me and my creativity!
    keep posting things about you outside of your beauty posts; i'm sure everyone will want to know more about elle!

  3. I need to follow your example on just letting the small stuff go - I'm terrible about obsessing over the small stuff. Also, 971 drafted posts?! Hot damn Lady, you are on the ball!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  4. I particularly enjoy these posts where you talk about what you're trying, how it went and whether you'd do it again. And I'm enjoying the videos!!

  5. I do enjoy your personal posts, but I like that your blog is a beauty blog and a great resource on the topic. Keep doing what you're doing because you're so good at it!

  6. My dear, you just have to keep doing what feels right to you. Yes I do love all the pictures of Charlie Brown on Instagram too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Elle, don't throw yourself into a heart attack. I worry that you worry so much. HaHaHa Do what you ENJOY!

  8. Awesome job Elle!!! I love the videos you've been doing. Plus this is your blog, you can make it what you want! I love it!

  9. These really are some of my favorite posts since I'm not too into beauty DIYs.

    7% Solution​


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