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HEY GUYS! I'm Terra from Mascara & Moscato. I am an esthetican dreaming of the beach, while stuck in the Midwest. I creeply :) follow Elle on IG and when I saw she was hosting guest posts I knew I had to get in on the action.
My blog is littered with beauty how to's, health/fitness & written proof of me trying desperately to hang on to my twenties. FOREVER 29
I love to do video makeup tutorials too and since I'm into both beauty and fitness I thought this next video would be a perfect combo.


1. Remove your makeup!
If you are like me, you go after work, during work...anytime you can fit it in.
Working out with foundation on WILL clog your pores and create blemishes. I carry Burts Bees all natural face cleansing wipes in my gym bag.
2. Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF (oil free is an extra plus).
3. Skip the foundation all together.
The tinted moisturizer will give you some color and even out your skin tone. If you must ( I MUST ) you can apply concealer to your blemishes lightly.
4. Apply a waterproof eyeliner/mascara to give some life to your eyes.
(We are not tryin' to look like zombies... we DO want SOME makeup on)
The waterproof will ensure all that sweat won't leave you will smears of black all over your face.
5. To help control oil production and give yourself a little more color and evenness, apply a tinted mineral veil all over your face.
6. Put on a smile (Cheesy, I know). Working out gives you endorphins which makes you happy, so... SMILE, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

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