DIY Solid Sugar Lip Scrub

Yesterday's post was about treating your hair. Today, it's all about lips. Do you have any Spring Break trips planned? Or any trips this spring? I've shared lip scrubs on here before, but this DIY lip treatment is travel-friendly and perfect to get rid of chapped lips. I've got THREE methods to try!

You'll Need:
Lip balm (preferably made with beeswax and not with menthol or medicated)
packet of sugar (white, raw, or brown)

Method 1:
Dip the lip balm into the sugar. Scrub on lips and wipe away.

Method 1

Method 2:
Twist the lip balm until about half an inch is showing, and then remove that section from the balm tube/tin/container.
Mix it with the sugar, using a fork. Rub the scrub on the lips to exfoliate, and then wipe away.
Bonus tip: Use an old, clean toothbrush or an interdental brush to apply/scrub.

Method 2

Method 3:
Instead of paying over $20 for other sugar scrub lip treatments, I like to make my own.
Remove lip balm from the tube.
Mix with sugar and gently place back into the tube.
Place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.
Use when ready. Keep in the fridge or freezer to store up to 12 months or keep as is for a couple of months. Depending on storage climate, the lip treatment could melt very quickly.

Method 3

  • Sure, you can use olive or coconut oil, but I like this method because it's travel-friendly, and the mix is sturdier than slippery oil. And not as messy! 
  • Avoid using menthol-flavored (think peppermint or mint) or medicated lip balms, as these can dry out your lips.
  • Bonus tip: I've used this scrub on dry hands and elbows, in a pinch. Use a larger piece of lip balm!
  • You get the benefits of exfoliation and moisturization, so give it a try!


  1. I used to always do this :) and my lips definitely need it right now, but ive run out of sugar at home lol, need to buy that!

  2. That sounds like a great idea! I think I will try it!
    I have been reading your blog for a while, but it never occured to follow it, so, anways I'm your newest follower! :)


  3. I've never even heard of a lip scrub. Trying this tonight!


  4. So simple and so awesome :) I definitely want to try this (hopefully over the weekend sometime)!

  5. Method 2 is so easy and really works. I like using toothbrush to exfoliate too.

  6. Great tip here, andmI also love your review of morrocan oil Suave, will try it out for my dry hair! I'm your new follower! Follow me back if you like! xo Caroline

  7. this is such a good idea!

  8. Oh my goodness, I definitely need to give this a try! xx

  9. Great idea! I definitely need to try this soon! I wonder though, how would this work with vaseline?

  10. Oh, so smart to put it back in the tube and freeze!

  11. I've never really used lip scrub, I always just use face scrub if needed, but one day I could try, I've heard the Lush one is good, cause probably I'm too lazy to DYI one..

  12. Great tip! I have sensitive skin, and this sounds nonirritating, easy and effective. Will have to give it a try. :)

  13. Love how you used soft lips for the balm---that's my fave!


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