Reader Request Week: Ombre Gel Nails With SensatioNail

ElleSees turned 3 last week (did you see the celebratory video? or enter my $75 Sephora Giveaway?) and I'm dedicating this week to YOU! I asked what posts you'd like to see, 
and I'm sharing them all week. Enjoy!

I'm a huge fan of gel (shellac) nails. They last for a couple of weeks, which I love. They're my must-do before traveling and they're fast. No smudges, either! I prefer to do them at home with a kit (better investment and no waiting at the salon). I find that they don't damage my nails--normally I'm changing my polish every couple of days, but with gel nails, the polish lasts, so there's no need to change my polish. Even my friends who aren't into polish on their fingers have been sold! I have friends who love just having shiny, clear polish or those who use the gel polish for pedis only. Therefore, I was delighted when SensatioNail sent me some new shades to try! I won a kit of theirs last year (see the original review here) and have purchased more shades since. These are the colors that I received:

Packaging and the two shades used

Jelly Sherbert, Scarlet Red, Island Oasis, Purple Orchid

These shades appear exactly as shown on the label. I love when a polish actually rings true to the bottle/label, don't you?

Since nail art was requested, I wanted to show a look that is really easy. I admit I typically exclude gel polish when I do nail art, but I wanted to show it can easily be done. And this was a great reminder of more versatility of gel polish! I'm creating ombre nails, totally inspired by my Lisa Frank sticker book I had as a kid. I loved the pink and purple combo!

First, make sure your nails are clean. Apply the gel primer--it dries in seconds. 
Next, apply a clear coat and place under the lamp for 30 seconds. The lamp will beep.

Choose your shade and apply. I used Jelly Sherbert. Place under the lamp for a minute. Make sure to cap the nails. Add a second coat if needed (mine didn't need it).

Using a makeup sponge, paint a small amount of Purple Orchid, and dab onto 3/4 of the nail. Depending on how you'd like the ombre effect, it should be darkest at the top (or bottom) and slowing fading into the pink. Place under the lamp for 1 minute. Repeat if desired.

Finish with another coat of the base/top coat, and place under the lamp for 30 seconds. Remove the sticky moisture layer with Gel Cleanser, and that's it!  Sensationail can be purchased in stores or online!

*Optional: I added a gel glitter polish to my thumb, before sealing with a top coat.
*Soak in acetone (they have a kit available for removal) to remove.
*More gel nail art: Christmas Glitter Gel Nails


  1. nice job Elle. I might have to try this too. happy Monday.


  2. Shellac nails are great but I don't think it'd be wise for me to have them, I changed my mind about my nail polish so often. I actually probably change it at least twice a week! :)

    Yours look lovely though, love the colours you used!

    Amelia @ Ducklingtoswan.com! :) xxx

  3. I like shellac nails before a rigorous long travel. Mine looked brand new even after 3 weeks and they never chipped, even being under sea water almost everyday. It takes a longer time removing it, soaking the nails in acetone wrapped in aluminium foil for several minutes and I noticed, I had to take a break from polish afterwards to let the nails breathe a bit. I'll definitely do shellac again.

  4. These are pretty! I definitely want to try gel nails sometime.


  5. So fun - I love ombre nails... I just wish I had more time to do my nails!

    Pearls & Paws

  6. I am loving this ombre effect, the colours you chose to use look so pretty together.

  7. You know, I've never tried gel nails coz they seemed complicated to me, but this makes it look easy.

  8. i would LOVE to do my nails again but they always get chipped during my workouts so it's not worth it for me! but gel makes me wonder......

  9. I'll have to try gel nails. Thanks Elle!

  10. It's nice when nail shades match the picture on the package!

    Hey, I'm moving to Atlanta. I just found out last week. I don't know what part (probably North), but maybe we'll be close enough to meet in person.

  11. I love how the nails came out, SO cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I love the shades you picked - you have such talent for all things makeup related, my dear friend! xox

  13. These are so cute! I've never tried gel but I'm thinkin I should soon!

  14. Ombre nails are so much fun!

  15. LOVE the ombre color combo! LisaFrank was my favorite in lower school:)

    I've always been a little nervous to gel polish at home (I've never gotten it done at a salon either) but this makes me want to try it since it seems so straightforward!! How does it affect your nails after you take the gel polish off?

  16. I love these! Gel nails are like the best invention ever -- especially since I chip my normal polish within three days.

  17. too cool. I want to get one of these machine.


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