Pink + Gold Glitter Triangle Nails

I have this crazy theory that wearing sparkly things or bright colors will make me feel better when I'm sick. But both combined? I should be better by tomorrow, then! ;) Seriously though, I was contacted by Born Pretty, an online nail & beauty store, to review a couple of their many polishes. They were great to work with, I received my polishes in a reasonable amount of time, and was very pleased with the colors. With summer in mind, I chose the neon pink (it glows under blacklight! I tested it!) and the nude shimmer polish. These colors are cute for a fun night out or prom! I decided to do this quick and easy triangle nail design. Enjoy!

Apply base coat and allow to dry.

Apply first color lightly and allow to dry. Apply a light second coat if needed.

Once nails are completely dry, cut the Post-it note into two triangles. Apply them to the nail, overlapping them, and leaving an exposed triangle.

Paint exposed part the other color and allow to dry. I painted some nails gold with pink triangles and some pink with gold triangles. Carefully remove the triangles. I like using Post-its instead of tape because they aren't as sticky, but tape does work if careful.

Seal with a top coat. Enjoy!

  • All pink nails
  • All gold nails
  • Four pink nails with a gold accent nail
  • Four gold with one pink
  • Stripes or polka dots
Born Pretty is giving Elle Sees readers 10% off with coupon code "GDJ61". Free shipping!


  1. It turned out very cute. Now I really need gold nail polish.

  2. Pretty! When I'm sick or down, I wear bright colors too. :)


  3. pretty pretty! Love pink and gold, they were my wedding colors. :)

  4. It turned out so cute! While I do like nail design this is more time than I actually want to spend on my nails but I love looking at what other people come up with :P

  5. That manicure came out really well - and I love the triangles, I've got to try that sometime...you make it look so easy (which I'm sure it's not, ha ha).

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  6. Those turned out really nice. And I agree...sparkly things ALWAYS make things better;)

  7. Such a creative idea! Love the pink + gold. :)


  8. Love the nails! Super cute idea!

  9. Ahhh, there aren't even words for how much I love these! They came out AWESOME.

  10. This is such a cute look! xoxo.

  11. triangle nails! so cute and creative. love the tutorial! :)

  12. Ooooh love these! Such good colors together! :)

    www.squidgymoments.ie x

  13. Love the color combo and pattern. So fun!

  14. This is way too cute! I'll definitely have to try it on my nails tonight. xx


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