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When I posted my Products Worth the Splurge post, I had so many requests for cheaper options. While I swear by the PMD, and use it regularly, I knew I had to find something that might work for everyone. Today I'm sharing the Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System. It's around $22-27, and can be purchased online/in stores. I purchased mine at Target for $22.

  • Diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles and reveal smoother, softer and more even-toned skin.
  • For the following skin types: Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination/Oily.
  • Helps with: Fine Lines/Wrinkles, Loss of Firmness/Elasticity, Dull Skin, Uneven skin color/tone, Uneven Texture.
  • Benefits: Anti Aging, Heals & Protects, Exfoliation.
  • It has the power of two powerful treatments in one system, gently resurfaces skin's texture, activates surface cell renewal, conditions skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth, gentle enough to use up to two times a week.
  • Money-back guarantee


  1. Apply derma-crystals to clean, dry facial skin. Cover entire face like a mask (taking care to avoid the eye area), and gently massage in for 45 seconds to 1 minute. 
  2. Using fingertips, apply a thick layer of activator serum directly over the entire derma-crystal mask. As conditioners are released, you will experience a warming sensation and see a white foam appear. If desired, continue adding activator serum for more foam as the crystals dissolve. 
  3. Gently massage for up to 1 minute and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. For best results, use Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System two times a week.
  • I love this! I have sensitive skin, but had zero reactions to this product.
  • It felt like a sugar scrub on my face but with more intense results. The crystals didn't hurt as I rubbed them on my face, and the warming sensation from the serum was gentle.
  • I did have pink skin (it gets pink very easily) that went away fairly quickly.
  • My skin was so, so soft afterwards! 
  • Fine lines were diminished but wrinkles looked the same.
  • While pricey at $22 I got many uses out of it. Totally worth the money.
  • Step 1 smelled like watermelon (most say citrus), which I like, and the smell was gone once I washed away the product.
  • I wouldn't say it was strong like a peel, but my skin was exfoliated and it is a nice facsimile of a true microdermabrasion.
  • As someone with very dry skin, this product worked wonders quickly.
  • My pores looked smaller.
  • While not the intended use, I did try this on the bottom of my feet and had great results.
  • Results last a couple of days, making it perfect for a quick results.
  • If you want to use it before a big event, for example, please do a trial run beforehand to see how your skin will react.
  • I would absolutely repurchase and recommend.

While this worked perfectly on my dry skin, I cannot promise that this will work for everyone, nor that everyone will have zero reactions.
Avoid using more than twice a week, do not combine with similar products, and do not use consecutive days.
Avoid on irritated, damaged or diseased skin.
Limit sun exposure/use sunscreen for a week.

Have you tried this product before? Would you try it?
Please leave any additional questions below. I'll answer in the comments!


  1. I do want to try this. The sugar scrub sounds interesting. Extra points that it's good for sensitive skin.
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  2. That product sounds amazing! thanks for the review!


  3. I've seen this in the stores and I've been wondering about it. I have sensitive skin, too, so it's assuring that you didn't have any reactions when you used it.

  4. Ooooo....another product to look out for!

  5. interesting... i've been looking for a new scrub and since it didn't irritate your skin (i have sensitive skin too), i might look into this more.thanks for the review!

  6. Using it on the bottom of your feet is a great idea! I wouldn't have thought of that!

  7. I like that it's not as strong as a peel. I think I might look into this one. Thanks for the review!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. i need to try this! thank you for posting! i have been looking SO HAGGARD LATELY -- i will try anything. oy. stress and not enough sleep don't make for a pretty face. lol

  9. This sounds like a good product to try. I'm currently using retinol and don't want to go "overkill" on my face but maybe in the future :)

  10. I might have to look into this! I love Olay products :)

  11. i love your reviews! they are so helpful! Must try this!

  12. Great review. I'm looking for something to shrink my pores and I've never tried microdermabrasion before. Great idea to use it on your feet also lol, xoxo.

  13. Hi Elle, this is an excellent review, every question I wanted to ask about the product you had already answered. I too have sensitive skin so it sounds like it would work well even so.

  14. Hey Elle! Thanks for the fun 'springy' comment. I love spring time the very mostest! Yay for springtime. I just may need to use this product to get my complexion ready for the warmer, fun temperatures. Yay!

  15. Hi sweety!! Thanks for your lovely comment :)
    I really love your post!!
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  16. yes i would try this out for sure.


  17. I tried this when it first came out and really liked it. My results were pretty on par with what it sounds like yours were.

  18. I haven't tried this, but have wanted to. Thank you for this review! Will let you know if I end up trying it! xo, Julie

  19. I don't think I've ever tried Olay products, I should probably give them a try!

  20. I must try this! I love Olay products so much!


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