Beauty Grab Bag: February/March

It's been a slow week for me. Is it that way for you? I don't exactly know what it is I'm in a rush to have happen! Maybe it's because I was sick for most of the month that I feel the need to catch up with life or something. Instead, I'm taking deep breaths and enjoying little things, like a free cup of coffee, snowflakes falling on my eyelashes, or a quick snuggle with Charlie. Another little thing that makes me happy is doing these mini reviews of products I've purchased over the past couple of months. Enjoy.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Lingerie--The name of these made me giggle. Lingerie. Ha. These are nail stickers that go over painted nails. There are several designs to choose from, but of course, I chose glitter. One is a sparkly ombre silver, and the other is a sparkly ombre gold. Usually I don't share products on the blog without thoroughly reviewing them first, but I've yet to try these. I'll let you know on Twitter and Instagram when I do! I hope you follow me on those! In the meantime, here's a pic I found:

OPI Liquid Sand in Can't Let Go--This is part of the Mariah Carey collection. This dark purple polish is unique in that it's a glittery matte finish. There's a texture to it and no top coat is used. This is similar to Zoya's Pixie Dust but with hexagonal glitters in addition to the matte glitter. --loved, would prefer a different color

Zoya Pixie Dust in NYX--This was the only color I found in this collection. It's a light grey-purple, and works well for spring. It is the same sort of consistency as the Liquid Sand but without the additional hex glitters. It feels like sugar on your nails. I've used with a top coat (Seche Vite) for a different effect. Both polishes mentioned are difficult to remove, like glitter. I suggest mixing white glue with water and using that as a base first or the tried-and-true method of remover-soaked cotton and tin foil. --fave

Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation in #3 Cream--This was one of those random purchases. I tend to give Sonia Kashuk's products a big thumbs down because they are so overpriced for the quality. Sure, there is the occasional standout, like her concealer palettes, but I will happily find you a better choice (and usually cheaper!) for her products. Just ask! I know some of you are devoted fans who will certainly disagree, but this foundation is another disappointment. It's $9.99 for half an ounce, which is overpriced! It looks like liquid foundation when it comes out of the pump, but feels like tinted moisturizer or BB cream. My dry skin soaked it up and after three "coats" you still couldn't tell I had it on. Due to the slightly tacky finish, I can almost guarantee it will make oily skin break out. Plus, there is no info on the packaging. I'm not returning it but instead using it as a primer or tinted moisturizer. Comes in 5 shades. --least fave product

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer in Cocoa Butter--I wanted to try this the second I saw this at Target and am now finally starting to see reviews, thanks to Influenster. This comes in three scents and uses compressed air to deliver a moisturizer to skin. I really like it. If you've used spray-on sunscreen, this is similar, but a different consistency/smell. If you want very light moisturizing coverage, like in the summer, and you don't want a greasy finish, you might like this. Having lotion on the back of my hands freaks me out, so this is a nice alternative. This is not a lotion, just a light moisturizer. --loved

Sally Hansen Polishes in Coral Reef and Fuchsia Power--I used these in my Peeps nails tutorial and these are repurchases. They're two of my favorite shades for spring/summer, especially for pedicures! --fave

ELF Zit Zapper--This is a small travel-friendly rollerball container with zit-zapping ingredients and is recommended for preventing acne as well. It has tea tree oil, salicylic acid, witch hazel and camphor. I tried it on a small zit that popped up, and it was gone by morning. This will not work on cystic acne. Sure, I could make this myself, but I don't exactly keep those ingredients in my bag when I'm traveling. It's great to keep in your purse or makeup bag and is only $1. --unexpected surprise

ELF Essential Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Pink Umbrellas--This reminds me of the Covergirl lip gloss sticks but for $2. There are around 8 shades, but I only saw 4 in the store. This gives a very moisturizing and natural color to lips. My lips aren't naturally a pretty pigmented color, so I liked this. It has the staying power of the CG version and isn't as as shiny as gloss. I didn't like the cinnamon smell, as it reminded me of Big Red gum, but there was no skin irritation from the cinnamon. There's a nude shade I'd like to try, so I'd consider purchasing another but would rather repurchase the Revlon Lip Balm Stains instead. --liked but not loved 

Masque Bar Pore Refining Mask--We all know I make my masks, but I know not everyone shares my enthusiasm for Beauty DIY, so I thought I'd review this for you! There are several types of these, like one for acne-prone skin and one to brighten skin. This mask has lemon and raspberry in it. I mistakenly thought this was a sheet mask, like the Asian ones I love, but it's a traditional mask-in-a-pack. There are 4 in a package, for $9.99 The wrinkle and brightening masks are the sheet ones. Oops. It feels like yogurt, soaks in, but does not dry and harden. My pores looked the same, but my face was hydrated. I experienced no break outs either time I used this mask --not repurchasing this but would try the sheet masks

What products have you been loving lately?


  1. ok, that vaseline spray sounds really interesting! thanks for the intro...will have to keep an eye out for it.


  2. That is so good to know about the Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer! I saw a commercial for it the other day and I wanted to try it, so I am happy that you tried it and liked it.

  3. I have the OPI Liquid Sand polish from the Oz collection (What Wizardry is This?) and I kind of love it. My only complaint is that for something that dries to a sugar/sand crystal texture, it certainly took its sweet time! After 2 hours I was still smudging it if I tried to touch anything.

  4. That OPI sounds really interesting. Might go check it out. And yes....this week is sloooooow for me too. I think it's cause we're all waiting for Easter:P

  5. I didn't know elf made jumbo pencils! I don't know about the cinnamon scent (not usually a fan) but for a couple bucks I might as well try it :)

  6. I've wanted to try Pixie dust and am glad you love it!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Lately, I've been really liking these! I can check to see if there's anything I want or sounds interesting and add it to my to buy list. If there's something you didn't like, I can take it off my list.

    7% Solution​

  8. I feel like this has been a long week too. And a moisturizing spray? I'm intrigued!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. What fun products! I'm going to have to try some of those out.

  10. I'd love to know what your favorite drugstore liquid foundations or BB creams are for medium coverage! :) Too bad the Sonia one isn't great and is expensive!

  11. i really wanna try the nail lingerie! That pic you found is so pretty!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  12. I really want to try Pixie Dust but I hate hard to remove polish.

  13. I really want to buy some of the L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Lingerie thingies now. That picture of them is gorgeous!

  14. I'm glad I don't have to buy all this stuff.

  15. Hi Elle. First of all, thanks for visiting my other blog, Cheap Makeup Reviews. I saw in your comment that you are on a spending ban. If you want some drugstore makeup to review or just write about, let me know. I have a few products that I only used once or twice for blogging only. They are in good condition, but I have no idea what to do with them. So if you don't mind new but gently used makeup, DM me at thegirlieblog(dot)author@gmail(dot)com.

    Of course, no worries if you think it's gross. I'm totally not offended.

  16. Wow! Crazy stuff here and YOU always have the best ideas and suggestions. I am usually stuck in a rut but I have taken your advise on lip colors and glosses

  17. I've wanted to try that spray and go!! Looks like Target awaits me.

  18. I've been wanting to try the L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Lingerie, and the Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer is awesome :)

  19. What great products, I want to try the spray and go!

  20. that will make for very cute nails!


  21. I just got a coupon in the mail for the Vaseline Spray today. I can't wait to hear how the nail stickers work.

    This week has been going by fast for me. Since the movers came and took everything in my house.

  22. Oooh, I love the Sally Hansen polish shades. So pretty! I definitely need some lighter colors for spring.


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