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(minus foundation & concealer, all products used are from Studio Cosmetics)

Yesterday was Presidents' Day in America, and I was fortunate to have the day off from work! If you follow me on Instagram, I went a little pic-crazy, and wore the makeup featured in this review! All this week I'm sharing products I've reviewed--I've had lots of requests for them and product reviews are among the top searches for ElleSees. Today I'm featuring Studio Gear Cosmetics. Studio Gear sells brushes (with guarantee), makeup, and skin care. They sent me a bag of some of their most popular products:

Inline/Outline Pencil--I love this! It's a nude pencil that is perfect for cleaning up or outlining lips, especially for red lips. It can be used as a sort of lip primer (they make an actual lip primer) or base for lipstick. It can be used to line the waterline to make you look more awake, similar to a white pencil, but not as austere. The pencil can also be used as a highlighter, like right around the lips or underneath the brows. My only complaint is that mine didn't come with a cap--online the picture indicates a cap, so I think it was just mine.

Color Studies 3:1 Harmonic Eyeshadow Trio in Study in Taupe--LOVE this trio! I think it was my favorite of all of the products sent. The colors are easy to blend and are complimentary to any eye color. 

Impactful Mascara--I admit, I'm a bit of a mascara snob, so I wasn't expecting to like this mascara. I'm glad to report I was wrong! It's an easily buildable mascara with length and volume. This was my second-favorite product.

Complete Color Lipstick in Candlelight--Again, this was another delightful surprise. When I first saw the color, I thought it was a little dark for my taste, but since it's winter, I knew the color would be fitting. It looked great on my lips! It's kind of like a my-lips-but-better color. There are dozens of shades, and these lipsticks have vitamin B with additional moisturizers. 

Prime Objective Face Primer--This is a silicone-based primer that helps to diminish imperfections in the skin, leaving a smooth surface. These types of primers tend to break me out when used often, so I love to use them on those days when I need extra, long-lasting coverage.

Overall, I was pleased with the products, and they have lasted me through hours of wear! I can easily get a wearable look for everyday, or increase the intensity for night. Check them out!

thanks, Studio Gear!


  1. Ah, I need day off too! Luckily starting March I'll be travelling a bit, so yey! beautiful lipstick shade!

  2. I'm in need of a new mascara, and I like buildable ones.


  3. I love the colour of that lipstick - it's so rich and pretty.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  4. Are these available in Canada? Will have to check them out.

  5. Amazing make-up! I love the products:)

    Check out my blog: http://theprintedsea.blogspot.de

  6. Ooh, super jealous you had the day off yesterday!

    Love the look; so pretty and natural.


  7. Great review of the makeup, I'll have to check it out!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Glad you got to enjoy a day off! I'd love to try the eyeshadow trio and primer.

  9. great review. I go back to work on Thursday after having 8 days off.

  10. lucky you with a day off and awesome makeup samples to try! i am officially jealous on both counts!

  11. Jealous of your long weekend. Guess makeup doesn't pay for itself, though, lol. This mascara sounds nice. I do love mascaras!

  12. I've had a studio gear brush for years and love it! Great products at a decent price.

  13. I'm intrigued by your description of the pencil... Perhaps you could show photos demonstrating the uses?

  14. You look amazing. I have never tried any studio gear products. I will be checking them out.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  15. Yay for a day off to play with make-up! Do you have any beginner eye shadow tutorials? Now that I have darker hair I need more eye make-up and I'm clueless!

  16. have not heard of this brand before!

  17. I haven't heard of this brand before! Thanks for the intro! xo, Julie

  18. You look so purdy :)

    I've never even heard of this brand before, but I'll have to be on the lookout!


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