Influenster: Palmolive Fresh Infusions

I was one of the many Influensters to receive a 3-pack of Palmolive Fresh Infusions. I received the scents Lime Basil, Ginger White Tea, and Lemon Thyme. Like any normal person, I had everyone who entered my house sniff the scents. Totally normal! The most popular scent amongst my friends was the Lime Basil then the Lemon Thyme. These both smell like clean kitchen scents.
And while they all worked well on dirty, greasy dishes, I wanted to show how I use these for beauty!

As I've shared before, my Grandmother owns a nail/hair salon that I grew up around. My mom did nails too for a bit, and I used to love to emulate them by using Palmolive for pretend manicures, just like Madge the Manicurist? She soaked her customers' nails in Palmolive in the commercials. So while the product is great on grease, is soft on hands, it's also wonderful on cleaning makeup brushes!

My favorite scent is the Ginger White Tea and I use it to clean foundation off my makeup brushes. It works very well and leaves my brushes smelling nice. Using either the palm of my hand or a small dish, I put a couple of drops of Palmolive Fresh Infusions and a little bit of water. Simply swish the brush to remove the makeup. Then rinse well with water, squeeze out the excess water, and lay flat on a towel to dry. I also like using brush guards to dry my brushes. That's it!

How did you like the Palmolive Fresh Infusions?
Which one was your favorite?


  1. never tried those, but from the bottle I can see they smell good!

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  3. sorry i meant to say that i've never tried this, but i like the scent of ginger white tea :)

  4. These sound like they smell so divine and refreshing, hope we get it here soon.

  5. I saw these at Target yesterday. I love the shape of the bottle and the pretty colors and packaging. I'm a sucker for packaging. Palmolive is my favorite dish liquid so I'll probably try this. Why not have a lovely scent while you do the dishes.

  6. Oooh never seen these. I want to try! xo, Julie

  7. Awesome tip. Would love to have some scent on the makeup brushes. I'd like to try this.

  8. Elle, hello! You are not old enough to know Madge on the Palmolive ads, are you? You are so fun! Thanks for the info here. I am such a Dawn person. Dang it! :D

  9. I have yet to use them. The next time in the store I'll have to pick some up!

  10. I didn't receive them through Influenster but do use these, and I love them! They smell and look more expensive (like a Caldera or other high-end brand). Smell so good!!<3

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog

  11. Oh--- I never thought to use them for makeup removal! I got them too (lime is my favorite), and was wondering how the heck am I gonna use this much soap?

    thanks girl

  12. My favorite is Ginger White Tea too. I never thought to clean my makeup brush with them. Going to have to give it a try.

  13. I loved the Ginger White tea also! I never thought to wash my make up brushes with them... might have to give that a try!


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