How To: Inspired by Tina Fey's Golden Globes Hairstyle

Did you have Monday off for MLK Day? Did you watch the Inauguration? I had the day off and I think it was the first time I've been able to watch live instead of sound bytes on the evening news. On a much lighter and signifcantly less-historic note, I am excited for Awards Season. I'm a big movie nerd, but get just as excited for the gowns, makeup, and hair! While live-Tweeting the Golden Globes, Amy (visit her blog!) and I were fawning over the amazingness of Tina Fey's hair. I thought I'd share my inspired version of her curls. While her hair has extensions, my hair is longer, the layers are different, and I don't have bangs, the technique of these old-Hollywood curls is similar and easy to do. Here's how to:


  • heat protectant
  • brush
  • velcro rollers (I used the largest size)
  • clips
  • volumizing hairspray
  • 1.5 inch curling iron
  • shine spray (optional)


Spray hair with heat protectant and allow to dry.

Brush hair and divide into three sections: the left side, right side, and middle. By the way, I'm obsessed with this Mason Pearson brush I was sent from Clear Shampoo (more on that coming soon). Yes, it's very expensive, but if you have an extra couple hundred dollars (don't we all?) get this brush. My hair is instantly shiny. Obsessed.

Once the curling iron is heated, pick a side and about a one-inch section of hair. Open the clip and slide down the section until you reach the end of your hair. Clamp and roll from the ends to close to the roots. Allow to heat for about 10 seconds.

Open the clamp to release the curl. Carefully wrap the hot curl around a velcro roller and fasten with a clip.

Repeat on the other side. For the section down the middle, divide that section in half and repeat the process until all hair is curled.

Allow hair to cool, then remove the clips and rollers.

Gently brush the curls and use a volumizing hairspray at the roots of the crown area to add more volume and set your hair. Finish with a shine spray, if desired.


Which celebrity has the best hair?


  1. I always love your how-to's! Is your hair naturally straight?

  2. nice tutorial! i love the swoop at the front :)

  3. Totally tried to watch inauguration, but my toddler wanted Wonder Pets instead :O(

    Gorgeous hair. Great reproduction.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  4. Thanks for the tutorial,
    love that hairstyle too,
    elegant and chic.

  5. Nice tutorial!

  6. You hair looks stunning and very easy to achieve! I like that.



  7. Oh, beautiful!


  8. Fantastic tutorial! The look is so glamorous yet laidback - very effortless but polished too :)

  9. Great tutorial. I've always wanted to play with hair but never had the chance. (Wigs can't really be re-styled.) You allow me to imagine in my mind what this might be like. When watching the GGs, I too was admiring Tina's hairstyle. It's fabulous.

  10. I didn't get to watch the Inauguration speech live, but did see it later on in the day...wow!!!! And yes...love Tina's hair too during the GGs. This is a great tutorial, Elle:)

  11. Love this!! Your hair looks awesome!! I may have to try. xo, Julie

  12. She does have some pretty terrific hair and the lighter colour looks good on her as well

  13. I was able to watch the Inauguration yesterday & I think it's the first time ever!

  14. I finally ended up cutting all my hair off to get rid of that damage from my previous bad color experience.

    If it were still long I would so run out and get velcro rollers right now.

  15. Great tutorial! Both of your hair looks amazing!

  16. gorgeous!! I love long loose curls like that! Thanks for the tutorials!


  17. Tina looked gorgeous at the Globes- and you look gorgeous with her style! :)

    Happy Tuesday, doll.


  18. You and Tina both have such gorgeous hair and great tutorial. I actually just cut off all my hair (shoulder length) or I would be running out to buy some velcro rollers right now.

  19. It looks fabulous! I've always wanted to try v. rollers but wasn't sure they would work well with my long hair. However, you've opened me up to so much (hair) possibility!

  20. I love that you covered this!!! Thanks, girl! Now I have to try it :)

  21. Love the awards season too! Love Tina and you look gorgeous! x

  22. Wow...you nailed it. Will you come over and do my hair?

  23. Love your nail polish color, what is it? Okay I saw " This Is 40" this past weekend, and while the movie was meh, Leslie Mann's makeup and hair were awesome (and their house, that sweet, sweet house). They gave her a really glowy, natural but polished look. I'm dying to recreate. Can you put it on your list? Oh and any Connie Britton look from the TV show "Nashville". xoxo

  24. I just love Tina Fey - she can do no wrong! And your hair looks great - makes me wish for extensions, haha ;)

  25. Your hair looks beautiful. Tina Fey is one of my favorite actors, so I just had to see how you replicate her hairstyle! I'll need to practice my curling iron techniques. ;)


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