Influenster: Crest White Strips Review

We all know I am obsessed with having white teeth. I've talked about it on the blog already, so naturally I was probably more than enthusiastic than the average person to receive these. What am I talking about? The Crest White Strips of course! This was sent via Influenster and I got level 4. I received 20 days worth of strips. The strips are thicker than other versions of White Stripes and are harder to remove, which leads to less sliding around on the teeth. They are left on for 30 minutes a day. I only noticed sensitivity on day 2, but none after that. I was happy with this product and would purchase. While I love looking at smiles, looking at teeth doesn't light my candle, so I'm going ahead and apologizing for teeth pics.

day 1 vs 20
3D White
Whitestrips Advanced Seal
Professional Effects
Level 4 

PS: Two posts today and a giveaway, if interested!


  1. You can really tell a difference :)

  2. I am obsessed with white teeth. I LOVE Whitestrips. My dentist is really impressed with how white my teeth are.
    Whitening your teeth is the easiest way to look younger.
    Thanks for reminding us all.

  3. I use these strips too and it actually works and doesn't fully hurts my budget. :)

  4. Looking great love! I'm about half way through my box, because it's making my teeth crazy sensitive, so I'm going every other day.

  5. nice. i really want to try white strips.

  6. @.@ your teeth are so straight and pretty. i think that's why i didn't post my smile for my review... besides the fact that i did it for one day XD
    ah it felt like my teeth were breaking after the first 15 miutes. >_< i have no idea how you did it!

    ooo! also, i'm having a giveaway. :3 just thought you'd like to know! http://wp.me/p2Dx7Q-c2

  7. Cool! I need to give white strips another go!

  8. I still have to do my recap post on this

  9. Hey, Ive tried those whitestrips many times and I wasnt completely satisfied with them, theyve made my teeth very sensitive. Ive found a new method that is cheaper, more efficient and gentler on my teeth. I just take a Q-tip, dip it in hydrogen peroxide and rub it on my teeth. I leave it on there for 20-30 seconds then spit it out and rinse. You can see a difference right away! I do this 3-5 times a week. AMAZING AND CHEAP!

  10. I'll definitely order this. I'm happy you did a review on this. Thanks!


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