How To: Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron (Featuring Coolway Review!)

Did you have a good weekend? Mine was full of fun with family and traveling. Since I don't live near my family, I try to cram a bunch of things into a short time. But one thing I must always do is get with my sisters and do each other's hair/makeup/try on clothes. I showed them how to curl hair with a flat iron, which I cannot believe I've never shared on my blog (tutorial at the bottom! Even if you already know how to do this, check out the review!) My youngest sister has damaged ends, so I'm always on the lookout for products to help with that.

I was super excited to receive the Coolway Flat Iron System. This 2012 Allure Magazine Winner has the philosophy that hair doesn't need that damaging high heat! Their flat iron operates no higher than 300 degrees. I admit I was very skeptical, as it takes 430 degrees to straighten my hair. But it actually worked! Coolway determines the exact temp you need, based on your hair type. It's genius! It will keep your hair straighter, longer and can be used on treated hair. Coolway helps with frizzy hair, reduces hair breakage, and strengthens hair. Here's how to use it:

Use conditioner (I used the one provided) and rinse away. Use 25 sprays of the Coolway Transform Spray. Use hair dryer (recommended) or let air dry. 
This stuff is amazing and I'm already buying more.

To find your perfect temperature, plug in and press the button.
 It will display "wait" for about 30 seconds.

Then it will display "auto sense."

Take a 1 inch section of hair and move it through the flat iron at a slow-medium speed, no more than 3 times. The Coolway Flat Iron will beep and display your correct temp. It will then set at that temp. Continue to straighten hair or curl it using the tutorial below.

Before You Begin: Use a heat protectant! The spray I mentioned is a great one. To curl your hair with a flat iron, practice with the flat iron unplugged! 
This will help prevent further damage to your hair.

Place a half inch to 1 inch section of hair between the plates. 

Hold and rotate the flat iron one turn and a half.

Slide the flat iron slowly down to the end of hair. 
I like to hold the flat iron with one hand and hold the end of my hair's section with the other. 

The faster you go, the looser waves you'll get.
The slower you go, the more pronounced curls you get. 


  • My hair didn't curl! Did you twist the flat iron enough times? Did you go too fast? Was your temp high enough? Is your flat iron curved (older flat irons usually aren't)?




  1. I need to try this (the flat-ironing part, not the curling)! I love that it determines what temp your hair needs.

  2. This is really cute! I'm thankful my straightener has lasted so long [going on 2 years!], but am not excited to have to get a new one once it goes.
    I have really thick coarse hair [it's unruly!] so, I'm sure I would be maxing this one's ability like you.

  3. It looks easy, but I just can't get the hang of it! Have to keep practising I guess!

  4. I've always wanted to know how to curl hair with an iron...thanks for the step-by-step photos, they are really helpful

  5. I've done this before, and I do like the results:)
    Have a great Monday, Elle!

  6. I've never really succeeded curling my hair on my own before. I'm going to carefully follow your tutorial as soon as I get hold of a curling iron. Wish me luck..and thanks for the heat protectant tip.

  7. nice job! it would be nice on vacation to only need to bring a flat iron instead of multiple tools!


  8. Great tutorial! I love doing hair and makeup stuff with my sister when we're together.

  9. I have tried and tried to get this look with my flat iron but I always get a crease. I wish I could master it.

  10. Great tutorial! I can never get my hair to curl just right with a flat iron. I'll have to consider your trouble-shooting tips!

  11. it did a great job elle! wonderful tutorial!

  12. I bought an amazing new iron to try curling this way and once again my hair has failed when it comes to curling. It just doesn't work. Even when I had a professional do it for my wedding it was pin straight by the time I walked down aisle. BUMMER! Should have worn it up but I hate the way "wedding hair" looks on me. haha


  13. I love this review! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  14. I have yet to try using a flat iron as a curling iron

  15. This was so educational. I finally got better at curling my hair using a flat iron. But I still can't get the kinky curls yet.

  16. i've heard that this can be done, but never tried. good idea to practice with it unplugged!! sounds like a great product!



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