Ask Elle--How To: Use Beginner Brush Kit

Coming to you live from Walt Disney World! Ok, that's totally not true as this was composed a few weeks before that, but still!! I'm still on birthday vacation, but enjoy this Ask Elle! The lovely Amanda asked me on Twitter for tips and tricks with her brush kit. While her awesome set is from Sephora (pictured below) you can find the same type of brushes in any set. These are great for beginners, travelers, or those who want an instant collection.

  • Fan Brush
    • Use this to sweep away fall out from shadows
    • Place it under your eye to prevent fall out from getting on your skin
    • Apply highlighter
    • Contour face
  • Blush Brush
    • For blush onto apples of cheeks
    • Light dusting on bronzer to contour the cheeks
  • Powder Brush
    • Apply powder to face
    • Gently remove extra product, like powder or bronzer from face
  • Concealer Brush (largest white bristles) 
    • Apply concealer
    • Hide zits
    • Hide areas of redness on face
  • Medium Eyeshadow Brush (rounded brown bristles)
    • Pat color all over the lid
    • Pat powder into small oily spots on face
  • Medium Blending Brush 
    • Blend shadows in the crease
    • Apply shadows to the crease (windshield wiper motion)
  • Small Eyeshadow Brush (smaller brush with rounded/dome bristles)
    • Apply shadow to outer/inner corners
    • Apply shadow to lid
    • Apply highlighter under brows  
  • Dual-Sided Brow Brush and Lash Comb
    • Groom brows with brush
    • Use comb to remove clumps from mascara
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush
    • Apply eyeliner using gel or powder liner
    • Make a small wing with the brush
  •  Lip Brush
    • You will save money by getting more product out of the lipstick tube with this!
    • Great for applying red lipstick.
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  1. Interesting post, I agree with the lip brush. I was so happy when I started using one. I really need to get a new brush set just like Sephora's. I wasn't gifted with great lashes and maybe you have already done a post about it before, but I would like to find out about tips on false eyelashes application, to make them look as natural as they could be.

  2. I never know which brushes I really need and which I can live without, so this post was really helpful, thanks! I need better eyeshadow brushes but I never knew what to buy!

  3. This is great, thanks so much!! I'll have to play around with my brushes more (particularly the ones for eyeshadow) to get a hang of them. Thanks for explaining that lip brushes help get more use out of a tube of lipstick, as I didn't know that. Maybe I'll start wearing lipstick now that I have a lip brush :P

  4. I feel like i use the same 2 brushes for eveything, maybe its time to branch out!

    xo Rach

  5. HAHA Elle! That's blog dedication for you. A good makeup brush set is key!

  6. this is a great post, I have been recently adding more brushes so I can get a better finish!

  7. This reminds me...I need to get back to your "how to wash you brushes" post.

    You are such a lifesaver.

  8. I really need to add to my brush collection. Its pitiful right now

  9. Great beginner review/how-to! Don't you think they should include a little rundown of how to use each brush in the kit? :)

    Hope you had an amazing time at Disney!


  10. great review. So glad you are having a blast in Disney.

  11. Great tips. I get so confused with all of the eye related brushes.


  12. There are so many different brushes that a girl can really use a lesson like this. :)

    Hope you had fun in Disney. By the looks of Insta you had a fabulous time. I was living vicariously through you :) xoxo

  13. i think the blush brush is my absolute favorite! and i want to get a fan brush! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  14. This was so helpful! I've always wondered what all of those little brushes are, haha ;)

  15. Thanks for these tips! I never know which brush to use.

  16. Great tips! Hope you're having a blast on your trip!
    xo, amy

  17. Very helpful and amazing post. I love the tips.

  18. I never knew what the fan brush was for! Thanks for sharing this guide!


    Erin @ http://www.truffles-ruffles.com/

  19. Awesome! I agree 100% with the lip brush, it's the best for using all of the product in the tube and for even application!


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