September MyGlam/Ipsy Bag

MyGlam this week announced they've changed their name to Ipsy--Beauty By You, which promises to be bigger and better. The biggest change is that the bag experience will be more personalized, ala Birchbox. In past bags, subscribers all got the same products, with shades/colors varying. The biggest change I noticed is that my bags usually come at the beginning of the month, and this bag didn't appear until this week. Myglam Ipsy is more geared towards the younger demo than Birchbox, but I've loved subscribing and don't feel "too old" for the products, September's bag wasn't themed, that I could tell, other than introducing Ipsy. Let's see what I got:

SOHO Smudge Brush--Used for creating a modern smoky eye by smudging liner, blending colors, and for applying shadow directly into the lash line. I love brushes, and MyGlam has given them out in past bags, so I'm happy with this one. I've seen them sold at Walgreens.

Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer--A repairing lotion that instantly binds the frayed and separated ends of your hair so you can skip the trim and keep your length. Use a tiny amount on dry or wet hair. I have split ends on the hair that grows at the nape of my neck--does that make sense? This sealed them! I love it.

Jane Sparkle Gloss--Shimmer Gloss offers moisturizing, light reflecting medium coverage for your lip with Vitamin E. Wear alone or over lipstick. I had no idea this company was still around! It takes me back...anyway, I like the smell and color. Does it last forever, no? But it's great to keep in a bag or purse.

Mirabella Eye Shadow--Contains a lightly pearlized sheen to softly illuminate the eyes. This talc-free formula gives smooth application and beautiful, pure color. The formula is also paraben-free, gluten-free, fragrance-free as well as D4 and D5 free. It's a standard light brown, and I thought for sure I had this shade somewhere in my shadow collection, but I didn't! It has decent pigmentation, and the shadows are $10.

Circus Polish by Andrea's Choice in Tightrope--This is the third month I've received a polish from this line. And this color is my FAVORITE out of the 5 shades, and my favorite out of the 3 I've received (orange and yellow). It's a gorgeous purple-raspberry-pink. Even if you hate purple, but love pink, you'd like this shade. It dries very quickly, very matte, but chips so fast. A clear coat is a necessity.
blurry, but I wanted you to see the color

Black Clutch--Simple, zippered black clutch that I can always find a use for...

If you'd like more detailed reviews, etc, let me know, below. Or email.
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  1. very nice and informative review!

    and Elle guess what - I've just followed you. it's sooo silly. I'm reading you often for a long time already but I've never clicked the right buttons. You did so great to remind of following, I don't think I'd check it if it wasn't your post. good luck with 1000 followers!

  2. I really like the idea of these monthly bags :) Such a pretty nail polish color.

  3. cool nailpolish!

  4. Interesting review. Thanks for sharing!!


  5. Nice review. I wanna try that gloss.

  6. I have nail polish envy- that color is absolutely gorgeous!


  7. I like the illuminating eye shadow! Like you, I'm pretty sure it's a basic I once had but now I realize it's missing.

  8. A free brush is always a cool gift and I love the nail polish shade!
    I've already been a follower for some time! You can do it!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. okay. I might seriously need to switch. This looks awesome. Also, I decided to do a reader appreciation giveaway. Make sure you stop by love :)


  10. i am loving the color of that nail polish and the eye shadow looks great!

  11. I subscribed to a lot of these boxes but my wallet started to hurt... and so did space in my bathroom. lol!


  12. I love the color of the nail polish, very pretty! Thanks for sharing your reviews!

  13. i keep meaning to sign up to something similar here, must do it soon!

  14. I love that color nail polish!


  15. Great review! I already subscribe to Birchbox, but this sounds great too!

  16. I love that color of nailpolish!!

  17. That name Ipsy just kinda makes me giggle:P And will try to find that Carol's Daughter product. I need something like that badly! TY for sharing again. Elle:)

  18. Oh...another sample box brand to choose from! I'm still trying to describe on which one to subscribe to. This one looks great, though!! That nail polish color is so fun.
    CoverGirl + Converse

  19. Those are some really great and versatile products featured in the box, the nail colour is lovely, as well as the eyeshadow.

  20. Oh nice! Thats a good market for stuff like that, love the nail color and eyeshadow!

    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola

  21. You got some really nice things and loving the bright pink nail polish.

    <3 Marina

  22. I've always been tempted by these "montly goody bags"... but have never signed up... I'm thinking it might be fun!


  23. Lovely loot! The nail polish colour is gorgeous.

  24. I love everything you got, but the nail polish is my favorite! Such a pretty color.


  25. the shade of pink on the polish is just so perfect! it's so bright and pops!

  26. That nail color is absolutely gorgeous! Super jealous!

  27. I signed up to start receiving Ipsy bags next month, and not going to lie, I'm as excited about the bag as I am about the contents. That black clutch is great!

  28. Oh wow, that's interesting that they re-branded themselves. I cancelled my subscription after 2 months.

    Nail polish 3 months in a row?! Awesome hehe but a bummer that it chips.


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