How To: Help Hard to Curl Hair

We're halfway through the week, yay! How's your week been going? This week I've been rocking some super loose curls (follow on instagram if you'd like to see 9823 pics of my dog & my hair). Speaking of curls, whenever I post a curly hair tutorial, I get comments saying that your hair won't hold curl. Worry no more! I've got lots of tips on this that I'll share periodically. Here is the first round of tips on how to help hard-to-curl hair:

Change the Texture
  • My hair holds curl because of its texture--it's dry and not fine. You need to change the texture of your hair to hold curl. Use mousse beforehand. Mousse has alcohol it, which dries out hair a little, and gives it a coarser texture. I've used it on wet or dry hair.

Choose Your Curl
  • The smaller the barrel of the curling iron, the tighter the curl. I suggest a 3/4 or 1 inch curling iron. Don't forget the heat protectant!
  • Once mousse and heat protectant have dried, it's time to curl your hair. Curl hair from the end and roll up. Hold 10 seconds. Roll to your roots if you want more volume.
 Catch And Pin
  • Catch the curl as your release it gently from the curling iron.
  • Roll up curl and pin. You can use bobby pins or clips. If your hair dents easily from clips, then use the bobby pins. 
  • Allow to cool--this is important. Gently release curls, rake through curls, and spray.
weird angle=appearance of hair in eye

What hair issues do you have?

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  1. My hair used to be IMPOSSIBLE to curl. Then I made the mistake of getting a perm, and now my hair won't go straight at all.

  2. this used to be my hair issue because my hair is super straight and it seems to just want to stay that way forever, haha! luckily, it's better at holding curls now. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. I dont think I will look good with curls. I tried once, let's just say the result wasn't gd :s

  4. Great! I've never tried the last step.


  5. Week is going good. Great hair.

  6. My hair is fine so I struggle with holding curls. I'm going to try the these tips!

  7. Great tips.
    My hair needs to be a few days from a washing to hold a curl a little bit. Must remember this on my wedding day! DO NOT WASH HAIR! lol

  8. If I don't wash my hair for about 3 days, then I can usually get some curls to hold. But straight works just fine for me!

  9. I'll definitely have to give this a try. I have super fine hair which has a tough time holding curls :)

  10. I curl my hair just about every day but I've never tried pinning until it cools. Thats good tip.

  11. Frizz and lots of hair has always been my problem... I'll be getting a keratin treatment this weekend... So looking forward to it!

  12. I'll have to try out your mousse trick!

  13. Catch and pin - I'm writing down your tips Elle

  14. My hair is indecisive, haha. It depends on the day as to whether it will curl or not!

  15. Lovely curls! When I had longer hair, I used to curl it all the time... (that was pre-kids :P )

  16. Ah, this is really smart. I want to try this. Do expensive curling irons really make a difference or will a cheapie one be okay? I'll probably only be using it occasionally.

  17. I can't curl my hair to save my life! This is awesome!

  18. I'm gonna try this as soon as possible =)
    Ok,I'm helping you reach 1000 followers ^^
    Want to help me reach 50 followers?? XD

    A loser like me

  19. I've been wanting to start curling my hair, but often the curl doesn't hold, so all that effort and still straight hair!! I find I get better curls when I do a sock bun... I like your tip about using mousse to dry out hair - will see how that goes!! Love the curls in your hair!


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