Product Test Drive: Is Birchbox or MyGlam Better? Plus August MyGlam Bag Review

I get asked this question every day on my blog--which is better? Birchbox or MyGlam?
I subscribed to Birchbox for a year and have recently stopped due to budget reasons. I subscribed to MyGlam in December of last year, so it's almost been a year. Since they're the same in price ($10/month as of this writing), I'm listing my facts and opinions for each below:


  • You fill out a questionnaire that and the results designate what products you'll get. For example, I responded that I'm least likely to spend money on skin care, because it costs so much. This provides products personalized just for you.
  • There is a point system that provides credits that can be redeemed for products.
  • Birchbox offers all high-end products. These can be purchased at Birchbox's site.
  • They offer many products a month, so chances are you won't get everything the same as someone else. Part of the fun is seeing what others get in their box.
  • The samples are small and traditionally-sized. 
  • Plenty of information and prices are available about each product.
  • Many months are themed, offering a variety of products, for lips, skin, hair, etc.
  • Once I saw I was getting primarily skin care products, I went to my profile and changed the answers on my questionnaire. This did nothing, as I still got primarily skin care products. I was consistently disappointed in my boxes when compared to what other bloggers received. 
  • While the high-end concept is great--you're exposed to products you might not have access to otherwise--it can be disheartening if you fall in love with a product and not being able to afford it. 
  • I wish the sample sizes were larger, but they offer around 5-6 items per box.
  • If I could be assured I was getting products similar to others, I would rejoin. Most women I've talked to seem to be happy with their boxes.
  • You fill out a questionnaire on your beauty profile and features beauty Youtube stars.
  • MyGlam offers drugstore and high-end products.
  • They offer the same products to everyone, but within the past few months, they now offer at least one product that is different.
  • The samples are traditional and deluxe sized. 
  • Every month is themed.
  • A cute bag comes every month and is reusable.
  • MyGlam seems to be geared a bit more towards those who are younger, although I have never felt too old when receiving my products.
  • While I love drugstore products, some may not. Most of the products are brands I have heard of before.
  • Some experienced shipping problems when MyGlam first started. I did not have issues. I've heard mixed reviews. I personally like MyGlam more based on my experience.
MyGlam's August Bag

This month's theme is Endless Summer and here's what's in my bag (l-r):
  • Neon pink and orange mesh bag--it's cute and reusable
  • Circus polish in Spectacle--some received the pink shade instead. If you remember last month's bag I also received a polish in yellow from this brand.
  • MyGlam Lip gloss--gorgeous pink that smells like watermelon.
  • Salty Glama ZOIDI eye shadow--it's a white shadow that's pink iridescent. I personally like using this on my inner corners of my eyes or as a highlighter on my cheeks. It is a bit shimmery.
  • Demeter Roll On Perfume in Clean Skin--some received a different scent. It smells ok:  "a blend of orange, lemon, white rose, bergamot peach and vanilla, make for the perfect shower-fresh scent."
  • Eclos Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream and Celluar Activator Facial Serum--The moisturizer is too much for my dry face, but I'll try it again once winter returns. I've naturally not noticed a difference yet in the week I've been using the wrinkle serum, but will update if I do.

Swatched are the shadow and lip gloss

PS: How was your weekend? I went to a Falcon's game (I had amazing seats!), saw The Bourne Legacy (liked), and got new patio furniture (it was on sale and I will use it in the fall when it's cooler here in Atlanta).

So which do you prefer: Birchbox or MyGlam?


  1. Lovely nail polish colour! I get a box called Joliebox Uk which so far I have been very pleased with - it tries to give you products according to your skin or hair type too as they take a customer survey at the start. I might try another after 6 months. We had sun here in England which is unusual this summer so had a weekend in the garden...bliss! XX

  2. What in the Hades rail am I looking at?

  3. I have been with Birchbox for 7 or 8 months and it's been hit or miss. I'm tempted to try MyGlam, but I don't want to give up Birchbox - and it's not in my budget to have both, haha. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on both!!

  4. Surprisingly I've never tried either, but I'd be more likely to use Birchbox.

  5. I have a Birchbox subscription but I got a year for free. I think I'd actually prefer MyGlam if given the choice.

  6. I had a 3 month gift subscription to Birchbox. Thought it was a waste of money, so I didn't subscribe once the free months were over. Just not worth it. :( MyGlam seems better......


  7. you did a great job with the review. I dont either of these are for me though. I like to pick my own stuff.

  8. I really like your swatch. I'm not on Birchbox or MyGlam (on VoxBox), but based on your overall experience with both, I'd probably like MyGlam better as well.

  9. I haven't subscribed to either of those but that lipgloss looks amazing :)

    Glad your weekend was nice, lady!

  10. Excellent reviews of both Elle. This really helped me understand both programs. I hear both good and bad from bloggers when they receive theirs. I don't think I'll subscribe to any of them. I would rather just spend my money on a product I want to try. LOL Glad you had a great weekend! You got a lot accomplished.

  11. I've tried them both - Birchbox I've only had for two months, and MyGlam for one. I was testing them to see which I'd stick with, and Birchbox won. I didn't care for all the anti-wrinkle products in the MyGlam bag (I'm only 23!!) and I didn't like that everyone pretty much got the same thing.

    What I really like about Birchbox, though, is their rewards system. I'll be sticking with them.

  12. I like the My Glam bag. It's cute!

    Glad you liked the Bourne Legacy. I've been reading good reviews about it, so I'll have to check it out.

  13. Thanks for the review! I can't appreciate these products every month, but have always been curious!
    Your weekend sounded great - if only it was still the weekend!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. i love the color of lipgloss!! very pretty!!
    happy monday!


  15. My weekend was spent in a U-Haul truck. Fun times! I haven't tried either Birchbox or MyGlam and after seeing numerous reviews and knowing that I don't often use samples, I probably wouldn't subscribe. I don't really need extra stuff in my life. ;)


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