How To: Fake Bigger Hair With 3 Kinds of Braids

First off, thanks for the support on yesterday's post. Y'all are amazing. Seriously. Now back to the fun!

I get asked often how to get hair thicker or to have more volume. I thought I'd share a few ways and none of them involve heat or damage to your hair! And they can be done in seconds. Let's see how to take a regular side braid (side braids are easiest to do on yourself and to photograph, hehe) and fake bigger hair:

1. Bigger Braid

  • One of the easiest ways to get some volume is to use a volumizing hair powder, like Not Your Mother's Girl Powder. NYM sent this to me and I love it! The bottle feels very light, but there's plenty of product inside. Basically, you tap the powder on your dry roots and then rub your scalp for instant volume. You can also pour a little into your palm, rub palms together and distribute through roots and rub to get volume. This isn't a dry shampoo or like baby powder--it's for volume. And it works. 
  • Another way I love to use Girl Powder is to change the look and texture of hair, giving it a tousled, bedhead look. I pour a little in my palms, and rub together (it will disappear but product will still be on your hands) and distribute through my hair. I do a bit of a scrunching motion, too. Instant fullness! 
  • Braid your hair and it will look bigger. 
  • To "fatten" the braid, pull out sections of the braids a little with fingers.

2. 2-in-1 Braid
  • Separate hair into 3 sections, just like a regular braid.
  • Take the middle section and braid it.
  • Now braid all 3 sections together, resulting in a bigger braid. =2-in-1

3. 4-in-1 Braid
  • Divide hair into 3 sections.
  • Braid each section, so now you have 3 braided sections.
  • Braid the braids together. =4-in-1

T I P S:
  • Feel free to use the Girl Powder on all of these braids to make them look bigger. 
  • While I shared these braids as no-heat, I've found that by having my hair curled or in waves makes my braid bigger as well.
  • If your hair is layered, like mine, insert bobby pins for those stray hairs, or let them run free.
top third=bigger braid
bottom=regular braid

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  1. these are such fun tips! i like the look of bigger hair when wearing braids.

  2. I've heard great things about NYM. I definitely need to look into seeing if I can get their products here.

  3. Gosh....that 4-in-1 braid looks sooooo good, Elle! Will give this a try soon.

  4. Thanks for the tips - I am going to try them out this weekend!

  5. The braids look awesome Elle. Will be checking out NYM and how I could get it if it's not available in Dubai.

  6. Mine still won't do that.

  7. i like the pop up windows because i can read back while i comment. also works better for my ipad if i try and comment there. but anyhow - this is great! i love the 3 in one braid especially
    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  8. This is perfect for me! My hair is crazy thick, but really flat at the same time. If that's even a possibility? ;)

  9. I love volumizing hair powder and never actually believed it until I tried a bottle!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. Hi doll!

    First off, best of luck with the nerve damage- I hope you get well soon! Do what you have to do to feel better- that's the only solution. :)

    Fortunately (or unfortunately, sometimes) for me, I've got super thick hair. (Trying to wrangle it is often quite a task!) But I love a good side braid. :)


  11. Cute look! I love braids! In response to your question, I'm happy with or without the comment popup, since I read tons of blogs that either have it or don't. So, I'd say to just go with whichever way you personally like best.

  12. Your posts like this make me miss my long hair!! Right now it's too short to braid at all. :)

  13. I'm trying all your tricks- I could do with some help in the hair dep. Also, hair powder has to be the best hair-related invention of all time. I swear by it- never tried this one!

  14. another set of great tips. I'll have to try this bigger braid thing out. My hair is so fine and limp, I need all the extra volume I can get.

  15. I love any volumizing powder! Fabulous, big braid!

  16. i've been experimenting with all kinds of braids lately as my daughter has been asking me to braid her hair these days. great tips!


  17. I so need the Girl Powder, don't think its sold here, I must try this idea for summer!

  18. The triple braid is great! Might need to find some of that powder.


  19. yes... i love the pop up window for comment.
    anyways... this is a great tip!


  20. Sadly, I've just had my hair cut short (again!) so I can't do anything but I can comment on the pop up window - I prefer this one :)

  21. Amazing ideas! Great ideas! Love your blog new here! Hope you can check out my blog sometime!
    Steps To Perfection...With Romanianbutterfly206


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