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Jenny asked, "How do I keep my hair straight & frizz-free?"

I loveeeee some wavy hair--exhibit A: practically every hair tutorial on this blog. But sometimes I like to mix it up and straighten my hair. It's not something I do often because (a) I wore my hair uncut, long, and straight for 15 years and (b) it takes a while to straighten (c) my hair is very dry and frizzy. But I've got some tricks up my sleeve that really work to get straight, frizz-free hair faster!

To prove my point further, as I'm writing this (edit: last week), it's storming here in Atlanta, so the tutorial was taken during the storms. My hair lasted all day, with no frizz (close to a week actually) until the next wash. Here's how to:

T O O L S:
  • Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream
  • John Freida Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Protectant
  • Flat iron
M E T H O D:

Add a dollop of NYM Smooth Moves to damp hair. NYM sent this to me and I love it! It smells like coconut, first of all, which I LOVE. It does half of the work of straightening and defrizzing my hair for me. If you've read this blog before, you'll know I'm a huge fan of their line. Find them at ULTA or CVS. When I run out, I'll purchase this. 

Those with fine curly/wavy hair will love this. It's also great for straightening bangs. Or try it on those areas that are hard to straighten. My natural wave begins around my crown, so that's where I start putting the cream and follow to my ends. Use as much as needed. It's very thick. 

I chose to let my hair dry naturally, but I know most will blow dry. Just wait until your hair is 70% dry and then use a heat protectant. My hair was about 90% straight from just using the cream on my naturally wavy hair.

Before you use your favorite flat iron, spray hair with John Freida Frizz Ease Heat Protectant. Let dry. Use your flat iron as normal--no pics of this, sorry. By the way, if you need a recommendation for a flat iron, let me know, but I've reviewed a few on ElleSees already. Finish with spray of choice if desired. 

BONUS TIP: If your hair suffers from the frizzies, try avoiding any products with NO alcohol. It really works.

Random: I'm wearing Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet.

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  1. Some helpful tips there - thank you! I am trying to grow my hair , but it seems to be taking forever! It has been a very wet, but sometimes humid summer here in the UK and my hair has been horrid : ( Trip to the hairdressers planned for Friday though :) X

  2. Great hair as always. :D

  3. Great tips!

    Your hair is gorgeous, looks so thick and healthy!

    Laura x
    Buick Pull Chrome

  4. I have naturally curly hair and I love making it polka dot straight. Love the sound of the Not Your Mother's product. Seems like it works great.

  5. I had never heard of that first brand but the product sounds amazing!

  6. I dont think I've heard of the Not Your Mothers line before. I'll have to check it out. I love great products that I can find at CVS

  7. Oh, where have you been all my life? I suffer a serious case of thin hair frizzies on the regular. Adding smooth moves to my wish list.

  8. This method seems to work really well because your hair looks super, super straight and super, super cute!

  9. I heard frizz ease was really good! Your hair looks great straight too Elle. Fab job!

  10. Awesome, totally going to try that Smooth Moves hair cream! Great tips!

  11. Brilliant results, I so need to get my hands on that fab hair cream!

  12. great tips! I may have to try the line you recommended! I use the John Frieda heat protectant any time I straighten my hair (which tends to be not very often because it is so time consuming). :)
    - Heather

  13. Awesome! I have super straight hair, but it gets a bit frizzy after drying. Does this work without a flat iron?


  14. Love this tutorial. Must get that Frizz Control Cream for sure!

  15. Your hair looks amazing! Think I might have to pick up some of these products...

  16. Those are great tips, as always. My hair is bone straight, so I never need to straighten it. My problem is holding a curl.

  17. I love having my hair smooth and straight. :) The frizzies are the worst!

  18. Saw the link to this post on twitter, thanks so much! Will definitely be trying these products :D xx


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