Product Test Drive: New BB Creams from Maybelline & L'Oreal

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream & L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream
medium/deep & deep 

Since BB creams are so hot right now AND you were so interested in my Garnier BB cream review, I thought I'd share 2 more drugstore versions. Remember, my opinion may not always be positive; I encourage you to try these products & see if you like them. I used my fingers to apply both. Onto the reviews:

The Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream sells itself as an 8-in-1 skin perfector. It retails for around $7.44 and comes in 5 shades. It allegedly:

  • Blurs imperfections
  • Brightens
  • Evens skin tone
  • Smoothes
  • Hydrate
  • Enhances
  • Protects with SPF 30
  • 0% oils and heavy ingredients 
I chose the medium/deep shade, but a medium would've worked even better. While it featured a nice creamy texture, I felt the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream had as much coverage as a tinted moisturizer and not a BB cream. I didn't feel that it really blurred imperfections or enhanced. I liked that it didn't feel oily or greasy, and I liked the SPF 30. I experienced no breakouts or offensive smell. I would buy it again if I needed a tinted moisturizer.

Best for: dry-normal, light coverage, smaller budget, spf

Next up was the L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. It retails for around $8.24-10, has less slightly less product than the Maybelline (1.9 oz vs. 1 oz), and comes in 4 shades. It allegedly:

  • Hydrates
  • Corrects
  • Evens
  • Perfects
  • Vitamin e
  • 24 hour hydration
I chose the deep shade, and it blended well. It starts off grey, like the traditional BB creams do, and then blends into the shade. "BB" stands for "beauty balm" but in this case it means "beauty beads." I bought this before reading the contents (I know) and was not happy when I applied the product on my face. It hurt my sensitive skin & felt like an exfoliation product at first. I found using a cosmetic brush was the painless way to go. It didn't feel hydrating on my skin--I think those with oily skin would like this because of that fact. The L'Oreal BB Cream had better coverage, but it I noticed it was very reflective and sort of sparkly. I'm in my mid-thirties and reflective foundations/powders/etc. don't look good on me. I didn't notice any breakouts or smell. Due to the beads and the reflective quality, (and I don't think there was an SPF) I would not repurchase.

Best for: younger skin, oily skin, bigger budget, those who need more coverage

Are you a BB Cream user? 
Which brand is your favorite?


  1. Thanks for this informative review. I still don't fully get the difference between a bb cream and a tinted moisterizer. And it's funny because what I love about L'Oreal is the reflective quality of their makeup, it makes me look younger! That's why there's something for everyone!

  2. I've been hearing so much about these Bb creams, but had not idea what they were. Thanks for sharing about them!


  3. i have seen sooo many maybelline ads lately and now that you wrote about it too i think i am gonna give it a try! :-)

  4. I still don't fully understand how one is supposed to use a BB cream--under foundation like a primer? Alone like a tinted moisturizer? I get the feeling they probably wouldn't be very good for my skin anyway since I'm so acne-prone, but I'm so intrigued by the mystery!

  5. I don't get these BB creams. How are they for sensitive skin? My skin likes to break out at any chance it gets...

  6. Ooh thanks for the reviews! I've been using the Garnier BB cream almost daily. While I don't think it has done much for my skin, my mom noticed a difference instantly. So, I got her the Garnier one, even though she wanted to try the Maybelline. I will have to tell her about your review now!

  7. Very interesting that the two brands had such different takes on BB since it's the same parent company. When I worked at Maybelline many product concepts crossed all L'Oreal brands.

    Great reviews, Elle! xoxo

  8. I've been wondering about these creams- great review!

    Not sure how down I'd be with a sparkly foundation/base- a little highlighter is one thing, but all over? Might be a bit much!

    Have a great Thursday, doll!


  9. I've only ever tried the Garnier one and I quite like it - the coverage is good and it feels very hydrating and I've been using it long enough now it doesn't cause me to break out or anything.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  10. I've never used a BB cream, and based on your input, I think I would be really hesitant to try this out.

  11. Thanks for the reviews Elle! I finally bought the Garnier BB cream, but I haven't had a chance to use it (I'm waiting until my tinted moisturizer runs out, is that weird?). I'm glad that these ones didn't blow that one out of the water!

  12. I have only tried Asian brand BB creams, but the next one on my list is the Garnier one. I didn't even know that more drugstore brands were available.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  13. That's kind of disappointing. I still want to try the garnier one, since it seems like the one with the most favorable reviews :)

  14. I got a sample of two faced and smash box's bb cream and disappointed by both of them. First I broke out like crazy from the Two faced one and smash box made my skin really oily. So. maybe the drug store might be worth trying. I'm just glad I didn't spend the money at sephora.

  15. Elle, thank you for this review! I haven't tried any BB Creams yet. I've been trying to read blogger reviews and get a better understanding of what it actually is. I'm like you, I can't use certain things. This was excellent and really helpful. I didn't know what the BB in creams was! HAHAHAHA

  16. No lie, I was seriously going to CVS tomorrow morning before work to get the Maybelline BB Cream cause its on sale and I have a coupon but I am thinking twice about it now. I might still get it since its a good price with the sale and all but I was hoping it had more coverage than a tinted moisturizer. bummer.

  17. Thanks for the reviews! I think the L'Oreal one sounds exactly right for what I need in a bb cream (except the whole exfoliating thing), the garnier one I have is WAY too hydrating for my already oily skin.

    Thanks love

  18. Thanks for reviewing these! I've been hearing a lot about BB creams and have been thinking about buying the Maybelline one for a while. After seeing all of these comments though, maybe I should try the Garnier one :)

  19. Not a user yet but I hear they are great!

  20. glad you reviewed these! i figured they wouldnt be any better than the garnier one, which i HATED. my fave is the dr jart premium! i'll be reviewing it next week!

  21. I think I could get into the BB cream the next time I need makeup. I typically don't do heavy coverage, and I think this could be a good fit. Going to check out your other review now.
    - Heather

  22. Interesting! I've been a BB cream user for a few years and I tend to stick with the Asian brands cause the ones geared for the US market don't seem all that impressive as of yet. I love Hanskin Premium Super Magic BB cream.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  23. Thanks for the review, Elle. Good to know about the beads on the L'Oreal one!

  24. Thank you for this! I have been wanting to try a bb cream but wasn't sure what to get. It seems like you liked the Garnier better than both of these two so I think I'll try that one. Thanks again!

  25. I have been using the L'oreal one and it is really breaking me out. I dont normally breakout using L'oreal products, but this one isn't agreeing with my skin, which is disappointing since i like the coverage it provides. Oh well, time to get my skin back under control then just go back to using foundation.

  26. I have oily skin so I have to be careful but I do want to try the Maybelline!

    Wonder if overtime all 8 claims really work!
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