How To: "Get Rid" of KP (Keratosis Pilaris)

Keratosis Pilaris (KP or "Chicken Skin") is a skin condition that affects around half of the population, especially those with dry skin. Excess keratin in the skin produces bumps on the skin, usually on the arms and legs (sometimes the face). Sometimes KP is mistaken for acne, or permanent goose bumps, but it's not. While it's harmless & painless, it makes skin feel rough and produces noticeable red bumps. And despite the title of this post, you cannot "get rid" of KP.

But you can make the rough, bumpy skin disappear.

I know this because I have it. Here's how I "got rid" of mine:*

  1. Age....As you age, the keratosis pilaris will lessen. Hey, finally something good about getting older!
  2. Warmer vs. Colder....KP is much less noticeable in warmer months/climate.
  3. Don't exfoliate....I try to really limit the amount of exfoliation, if any, my upper arms receive. This really works.
  4. Moisturize....This is the biggest key to subduing those symptoms. Keep your favorite moisturizer (the thicker the better) in the shower and use it as soon as you're done bathing (be careful getting out of the tub!)
  5. Expensive to Cheap Products That Work: 
    1. See a dermatologist. He/She can prescribe various products with high doses of salicylic acid that can help. 
    2. Try KP Duty. I have used this product (Sephora & online) for years and, if applied regularly, will give those smooth arms KP suffers want.
    3. Try Coconut Oil! I was introduced to this product via blogger Claire over a year ago, and THIS IS THE MIRACLE PRODUCT. I'm serious. 
      • Apply a small amount to the affected areas (yes, a small amount or you'll be very greasy) at least three times a day. For example, I apply it when getting dressed, during the day, and after a shower/before bedtime. 
      • Within a week, you'll notice an incredible difference. And after a month or two, your arms will have no feeling of KP, although the bumps will probably remain visible (hence no pictures of my arms). Smooth arms! If you stop using the coconut oil (or any of the above solutions) the rough bumps will come back.
      • Pure, extra virgin coconut oil works the best. It's solid and a jar of it will last a long time.
      • Coconut oil can be purchased in health/grocery/beauty stores, and online, for $5 and up.
IT WORKS! I urge you to try it.

What favorite beauty cure do you love? Or favorite natural product? Do you have KP?

*I know that phrase, while a misnomer, is what people will search for, and I want them to know there's a solution.


  1. I had no idea! Great tip honey...I will try it out! Kori xoxo


  2. I've heard really wonderful things about coconut oil for various things. Maybe it's worth a try

  3. i used to have this ever so slightly on my arms but it has gone away. it's such a bizarre little ailment to have.

    Why is coconut oil so amazing! I feel like it can do anything.

  4. i dont really have this issue but i hear coconut oil is all around amazing

  5. i dont really have this issue but i hear coconut oil is all around amazing

  6. thanks! used to have this as a kid...but, yes, pretty much gone now that i'm older. my daughter has it bad! will try!!

    Anastasia of Beverly Hills-Giveaway

  7. I've had kp duty in my shopping cart all week but haven't bought it yet. Maybe I'll try the oil first. Thanks!

  8. I just use a side grinder.

  9. I've had this on my upper arms for years. Definitely picking up some coconut oil to try! Thanks!

  10. Ah! Good to know about the coconut oil - I have KP and I HATE it, it's so ugly. I will stop at Whole Foods on my way home : )

  11. I have to check what exactly that "condition" is about.. don't think I have it though :D

  12. I can't believe you just posted this. I have this on my arms and am so self concious about it. I've learned to deal with it, and have a prescription lotion for it that does NOTHING. Just bought the worlds biggest jar of coconut oil since I've gone paleo diet and have no use for it really. Looks like it's my new moisturizer. Fingers crossed this works!

    xoxo Jessica

  13. woman, i heart you!!! i have this yucky condition and i've always wondered why?! WHY!?!?!?!? but i'll definitely try the coconut oil (i've heard so many great things about it). as always, awesome tips!!

  14. I've actually never heard of KP before....these are great tips though for those who have it.:)

  15. Coconut oil is seriously a superstar product. I really need to get some for my dad, who has dry hands that tend to crack and peel.

  16. hey, elle. good to know and i really have to try it. :)

  17. I used to have it too but it's much less noticeable now. As you say it lessens with {ahem} age ;) And I tried KP duty years ago and I agree it totally works :) xoxo

  18. My sweetheart does, and we've got a jar of coconut oil in the pantry–we'll have to give this a shot!

  19. Great tips - I wonder if coconut oil will work on my eczema too?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. I'm curious what else coconut oil does. (I use it as butter replacement when I make my pina colada inspired rice krispie treats.)

  21. ive never heard of "chicken skin"!


  22. I don't have this problem, but I see your tips working.

    P.S. I love to put coconut oil in my hair :)

  23. that's really cool! i didn't know about that. :D

  24. Oh my gosh I had no idea about Coconut oil helping KP. I developed a wicked case after I had my daughter (I have scars from all the scratching from the irritation). It's better now but it still bothers me on occasion. I'm grabbing some coconut oil ASAP! Thanks!


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