Ask Elle--Stop Creasing Concealer

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Dear Elle,
How do I stop my concealer from creasing? via comments

Here are a few options that I use. Try one (or mix it up!)

  • Prep: Try using a liquid eye shadow primer (yes, that's right) underneath the eye where you'd put your concealer. Examples: Benefit's Stay Don't Stray, Too Faced's Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay's Primer Potion, ELF Mineral Primer, L'Oreal Decrease 
  • Pat: Don't rub in your concealer in the delicate eye area. Use finger, doe foot applicator (this is usually attached to your concealer cap if using a liquid concealer), or a concealer brush to apply. Then pat, pat, pat, and pat some more until blended. This works, seriously!
  • Brand: Some brands, even really expensive brands, just crease. If you tried the two tips above and you're still getting creasing, try another brand.

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  1. Wonderful and helpful tips! Thanks!

  2. I will definitely try and apply a little eye shadow primer although I think really I just need to change brands

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  3. Totally agree about patting it on...makes a big diff.

  4. Pat? Ohh, I always smear and rub it in. Ok, clearly a concealer fail :(

  5. Great tips, as I've gotten older I put eye cream on first and while it's still moist I pat on the concealer. That's helped a lot!


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