Elle's Quick Tips: Fix Tanning Streaks

Have you ever been attacked by The Streak? Ah, yes, despite even the most careful application, self-tanning streaks can happen to us. Luckily, I've got some tips I absolutely swear by to avoid such a fate (or make those marks disappear):

  1. Exfoliate...it's common sense, but bears repeating.
  2. If you must shave, shave with conditioner and wash off. Spray tanning dries out skin! 
  3. Severe dry skin? This is especially true in winter--allow a very thin layer of cocoa butter to absorb into skin a few hours/day before spraying.
Spray/Lotion Options
  1. My sister, who has been spray tanning for over 7 years, swears by Body Drench (found at Sally's Beauty Supply) for $15.99. It comes in lotion form, too! 
  2. Other options? Jergen's (lotion, spray, foam, facial lotion), L'Oreal Sublime Bronze (spray, lotion, gel)
Application Tips
  1. Be careful of the driest areas on the body, such as elbows and ankles.
  2. Use a light, even application.
  3. Wait 15-30 minutes after spraying (this depends on the product you used).
  4. On the go? Put a towel in your car so the tan won't get on your car seat.
Accidents Away
  1. For streaks, saturate the area(s) with olive or baby oil. Then gently scrub away those streaks!
  2. Too dark in certain areas? Cut a lemon in half and rub away!
  3. Use color remover wipes (like you'd use if you got hair dye on your skin) to remove the streaks. Try your local beauty store/drug store for these!
  4. If there are streaks on rough areas, such as elbows or ankles, try a Magic Eraser to instantly remove marks. Note: if you have sensitive skin, totally skip this.
How do you tan? Or not?

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  1. I love your tips. I so need this. Sigh...legs are so white.

  2. This is such a good post - I'm sooooo pale but refuse to leave my house without sunscreen, and getting spray tans is expensive.....this will definetly help shift me towards tanning!

  3. I have always been so scared of skin cancer. I used to tan for hours when I was younger, now I pass a ton of sunblock and stay out of the sun as much as I can. I still love how beautiful tan skin looks... I should give it a try again :) Thanks sor sharing Elle! xoxo

  4. I don't even bother with tanner anymore... I've embraced my whiteness :)


  5. I do spray tan. In fact, I have 5 in my package still sitting there. I'm lazy, but I need to get there and use them. These are great tips!!! I'm going to try them :)

  6. I've only tried tanning lotion once, and since I'm already dark, it didn't really do too much:P

  7. i definitely avoid the sun and i used to use self-tanner but it's too much work to maintain so i've stopped :) instead, i just use a tinted moisturizer or bronzer on my face. that's it.

    i embrace my pastiness! :D

  8. The lemon trick is one I will forever remember - it is so incredibly effective! :)

  9. I only naturally tan with the sun now a days but used tanner when I was younger. I basically just have white skin through-out the winter and then for the sun I am still pretty careful. Once my skin juuust turns a little flushed I protect with longer clothes and a hat. I like that bright look without being too bronzy.

  10. I used to self tan all the time, but just gave up and decided to rock the moon tan instead LOL! I used to love the Jergen's lotion where you can build color.

  11. I am lucky not to have to deal with tanning and streaks, but I will be sure to pass on your advice to anyone I come across that needs it :)

  12. After too many self-tanning disasters, I decided it was safer for me to embrace my paleness.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. Great tips! I don't really try at home self tanning because I am scared of the streaks so I am pale year round. But your tips may make me try them. I have done spray tanning at a salon in the past and loved it!

  14. good tips, Elle. I never tan. I love looking pale. But I tan very quickly in the sun, which totally sucks because it's never even.

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  15. really a magic eraser? I'm gonna have to try that!

  16. Great tips, since I know a lot of people who have complaints about this. I've never "real" tanned (and never will due to the cancer risks) or used self-tanner. I'm porcelain and proud! LOL. :)

  17. Nice tips! Thanks for sharing

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  18. I get a spray tan once a week, and about 20 minutes before I go, I rub some Aquaphor ointment into my cuticles (toes too!). It helps keep them from turning brown post-spray!


  19. Ive never tried self tanner, but I will keep these tricks in mind if I do!

  20. Great tips to have a perpetual tan! Thanks for sharing. xo style, she wrote

  21. I used to use lotion tan during the winter months and would have this problem. Especially on the neck area. I'm SO thankful Summer is here so I won't have to use that stuff anymore!


  22. I am addicted to fake tan totally! It hides a myriad of sins! I am going to try the conditioner thing, re-reading this now!

  23. Love your tips, sweets. I'm a tanaholic. Well not really...usually it's a natural tan but every now and again I fake it :) xoxo

  24. I've tried Jergens in the past and really liked it! I haven't tried L'Oreal's though! Thanks for this!


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