DIY: Neon Skinny Belt

EDIT: I actually wrote this as a guest post for a blogger a few months ago, but she never used it...so I'm sharing it now with you all. I hope you enjoy it and just pretend that it's February, and that F21 does not have these belts for $3.60. K?

Want to incorporate the huge neon trend, but in small doses? And how about making it cheap too? Check out my DIY Neon Skinny Belt!

When it comes to trendy pieces, I tend to go the cheap route, or make them myself. And I could not justify spending $30+ on a neon belt...so I decided to make some myself. It was a great way to recycle and it cost me only 25 cents for the paint for one belt (and $1.25 for the other one.)


  • belt (on hand, thrift store, Kmart/Wal-mart)
  • small bottle of acrylic neon paint ($1...mine was 25 cents)
  • brush (foam or bristle)
  • paper plate (something to put the pain on)
  • cardboard/newspaper (paintable surface)
  • primer (optional)
  • hanger (optional)
  • I bought one belt on clearance, and the other I had--both were brown. You might want to use a primer if you're working with a black belt.
  • Place the belt on a paintable surface and paint using light, even coats. I tried this with spray paint, but found the paint cracked off the belt.
  • Let the belt dry (you can hang from a hanger if desired). I left the belt alone for an hour.
  • Keep applying coats until the belt is evenly covered (I used 3 coats). That's it!
belts are skinnier and brighter (and more awesome) than they appear

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  1. Love the yellow super cute!!!

  2. So cool! Thanks for doing this DIY, the neon trend hasn't hit us here as yet, so I am unable to buy a yellow belt anywhere.

  3. Easy and creative...a fashionable belt for my waist has been on my "to-buy" list for a year or so...maybe I just need to take the plunge and now I know how to make them in different colours!

  4. What a great job! You are so creative. :)

  5. Great DIY - I've been wanting a belt like this for a while...I think I may have to try this.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  6. Wasn't neon back in the 80's?

  7. So cute! I have a few belts that could definitely use a DIY like this.

  8. I admit I'm kind of lazy when it comes to making stuff myself, so I'd rather just be patient and wait for sales if I don't want to spend too much..

  9. This DIY makes it super easy to incorporate the neon trend in the wardrobe. Thanks for posting:)

  10. I LOVE neon- can't seem to get enough of it. :)


  11. Looks great!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  12. This is great! I love your tutorials!.... so we are voting for tomorrow's posts... hmmm I think cheap treats is in order specially with mother's day around the corner! ;)

  13. I love the colours you chose. I made a few belts last week, and I need to buy new closures soon for them. I say if you can make it, do it! Good job! -XO

  14. How clever–and such perfect colors!

  15. So clever! I think I might make a gold one.

  16. you are smart to make some of your own items that are super trendy! save a buck and make it the way you like it! well done!

  17. Awesome!!! You always amaze me :) xoxo

  18. Simple and chic. Really love the yellow belt.

  19. Wow, I love how those belts turned out! What a great DIY idea!


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