Beauty DIY: Summer Swirl Neon Nails

So I've got beach on the brain (I leave tomorrow!!), and was thinking about this banana strawberry swirl slushy I had once. Of course I decided to take that inspiration and transfer it to my nails. I wanted to recreate that tie dye, marbleized, swirly effect. Here's how to get Summer Swirl Neon Nails:

T O O L S :

  • Plastic wrap (cling film, saran wrap)
  • 2 colors of neon polish (I chose pink and yellow)
  • Clear polish for top coat

M E T H O D :
Apply base coat (1-2 coats depending on brand on polish)
Let polish dry completely.

Tear off a strip of plastic wrap.
Tear into small pieces and ball up 10 of them.
Set the pieces aside for later.

You'll need to work quickly for this next part, 
so it's ok if it's sloppy painting.
Apply a thick coat of the 2nd color.

I do one nail at a time.
Take the ball of plastic wrap and dab on the wet nail.
Repeat until desired effect is achieved.

Repeat on all nails.
Use a different piece of plastic wrap for each nail.
Let nails completely dry 
and apply a clear coat of polish.

T I P S  &  T R I C K S :
  • Neon not your thing? Pick any two colors you'd like.
  • Try this technique on accent nails, instead of all.
  • Try reversing the colors on different nails/hand.
  • Another method: pour 2nd color of polish on a paper plate/scrap paper. Dab the plastic wrap ball into it and then dab on the nail. Be sure to blot before dabbing on nails.
  • Once you've gotten the technique down, try 3 colors!
  • Don't like your pattern? Take a new ball and dab until the paint is just about gone. Repaint nail in second color and start again!


  1. you have such great ideas!!! i love this. this is perfect for my neck of the woods.

  2. I can only imagine the mess I'd make around my fingers and table..

  3. great DIY nails. love the neon colors. :)


  4. I've been wanting to do the swirled nail, but this seems like an easier, harder-to-mess-up option. And those colors are so fun!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. You never know where you can find inspiration, eh? This is such a cute nail design:)

  7. Those wouldn't be bad if they glowed in the dark, especially on toe nails, ha.

  8. Swooning over this nail art, Elle - I LOVE the marbleized effect! :)

  9. So easy but totally funky! I'm going to do them today! and then I'll twitter you a pic ;)

  10. That is so cool! And it actually sounds doable :)

  11. I know when neon hits here, i am going to be obsessed with it. Love the colours you've used and the cute effect you created.

  12. Cute idea, perfect polish colours for spring!

  13. I noticed your nails in yesterday's post and was hoping you'd share a how-to! This look reminds me of a strawberry lemonade, one of my fave summer treats. Have a blast at the beach!

  14. This is a great idea! Have fun at the beach!

  15. Super fun, and works in one of my favorite trends right now- neon! :)


  16. Looks awesome! Love the colors you used!

  17. Oh hell yeah! I love this look!!! I have beach on the brain myself so guess who will be playing around with this tonight? :) xoxo

  18. It's like tie-dye meets the 80s on your fingertips!

  19. this is so cool. I'm going to have to try it out on day.

  20. Beautiful nail polish! I liked this tip. Kisses!!
    xx Iza


  21. This is so neat!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  22. So glad you posted this one I am going to try it later today!

  23. I feel like I'd make a huge mess attempting this...

  24. Banana strawberry swirl slushy? Oh, how fun!!

  25. would have never thought of using plastic wrap on nail polish

  26. Fun! I never would have thought of using saran wrap to make it swirly like that. It turned out great!

  27. ohmygosh, so cool!!! i love how i always learn new beauty stuff from you. thanks!!! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  28. I have never heard of this method. I'll have to try it on a weekend!

  29. Awesome idea! Never thought of this! <3

  30. This is fabulous! They look amazing, I'm trying this for sure!

  31. That is such a fun idea! I know what I'm experimenting with this Memorial Day weekend...


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