Spring Awakening Beauty: In Bloom

So far I've shared my Spring Awakening posts on how to highlight your face and how to get your hair glossy. Today, I thought I'd put it all together with two beauty looks. These are quick, fresh-faced, and pretty. Enjoy.

L O O K  1 (Natural Beauty):

  • This the the fresh-faced and barely-there look, for those who just want natural beauty with minimum products.
  • Apply tinted moisturizer (I used CoverGirl), since in spring/summer the trend is always lighter/less foundation.
  • Wiggle the mascara (I used NYC Big Bold) wand back and forth on lashes and apply two coats.
  • Dot lip stain (NYC 16-Hour) on the cheeks and rub in.
  • Brush lip stain on lips. Add a clear gloss or just lip balm if desired.

L O O K  2 (In Bloom):
  • I decided to do two looks, one that was very subtle (in fact, so subtle that it didn't show up on camera!!), and one that just takes it up a notch.
  • Apply BB Cream (I used Garnier) or tinted moisturizer.  
  • Dot in highlighter around the eyes, cupid's bow, and under bottom lip.
  • Apply white eyeliner on the bottom waterline to look more awake.
  • Using the Revlon 12-Hour shadow quad in Berry Bloom, brush the lightest shade all over the lid, the pink shade in the crease, and the darkest shade in the outer corner and blend.
  • Brush eyeliner (Maybelline Lash Stiletto) on top lids, slightly winging at the ends.
  • For dramatic eyes, use two mascaras, (NYC Big Bold and Rimmel Max Volume Flash). Two coats each (after using an eyelash curler).
  • Brush the lip stain on lips and add the lipstick if desired (Maybelline Pink Me Up...so pretty!)
  • Dot lip stain on cheeks and rub in for a slightly flushed cheeks.

T I P S :
  • No tinted moisturizer? Make your own with facial moisturizer and foundation.
  • Use a stippling brush when applying the tinted moisturizer to give your face that dewy, airbrushed effect. 

PS: Have a beauty question you'd like answered? Have a blog post request? Let me know below!!


  1. You have such great eyes for this. I love the eye shadow. I bye this product of eye shadow too. I have some blue hughes right now I enjoy.

    I love blush too. You look great. And I want your white teeth.

    Take care,


  2. Tinted moisturizer is my go-to for summer! You look gorgeous :)

  3. Love this freshfaced make up look. I definitely need to be more experimentative with my make up.

  4. NYC big bold mascara is something I would immediately try!!!!
    Happy Monday!


  5. Ooooo...you look fab, Elle? And totally agree with using the stippling brush for tinted moisturizers.

  6. Love this look on you! And it sounds like it's very similar to my own makeup routine: tinted moisturizer, lip stain, blush, mascara and go :)

  7. I always use that tip for tinted moisturizer, because all of the pre-mixed ones make me break out! It's brilliant :) I love how bright and beautiful even the packaging is. I just love spring!

  8. i love your eyes... it all looks so natural! happy monday!

  9. Oh perfect, just what I'm looking for! Can't wait to try!

  10. I love how bright & pretty your face is with this! thanks for sharing!

  11. i usually go for the no-makeup makeup look (aka natural beauty), but i am loving "in bloom"! i really need to get a lip stain! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  12. Really pretty, fresh-faced look. I want to try!


  13. You inspired me to put on some lip gloss today when I wasn't going to wear anything on my face!

  14. I'll definitely be trying these looks out; I always look forward to having a new makeup look to try!

  15. I've totally done that with lipstain when I'm out of blush (which is almost always.) Great tips...as always! :)

  16. well aren't you just the portrait of spring! beautiful and so light!!!

  17. Oh, I love that look!! You look so fun and pink :)

  18. Great tips, and I love this look on you! I recently started using tinted moisturizer myself and LOVE it!

  19. LOVE the look- so fresh and perfect for spring. :)


  20. that's a great fresh face LOOK Elle! Perfect for this time of year :)You look beautiful.

  21. garnier makes bb cream!!?? WHAT?! Must find me a bottle of this stat! Xox <3 hautepinkpretty.com

    PS Don't forget to enter my easy *GIVEAWAY* for a $30 e-gift card!

  22. Wow you look gorgeous with very little makeup. I love this look!

  23. i definitely need to invest in some white eye liner.

  24. I love this look! Look at how gorgeous you are! :) xoxo

  25. I love the in bloom look. Maybe I'll try that out for my birthday on Friday night!

  26. Like your rosy cheek. xoxo

  27. You know that look is really flattering on you - you look gorgeous!

  28. Love ur tinted moisturizer tip! I have problem skin and can not use any cream or lotion with oils in it - I can now make the tinted moisturizer by mixing my own acne proof oil free cream!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  29. That mascara made your eyes look INSANE -- in a great way.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  30. The rosy look suits you so beautifully! Love the pretty shades of pink.

  31. oh these looks are so pretty!!! You look gorgeous. I have a question about lip stains, though. Every time I use them all the color just migrates to the edge of my lips so it just looks like I'm wearing heavy lip liner! I've tried waiting to let the color sink in, applied two or three layers, but nothing seems to work! I love the look of stains and would love to be able to pull them off. Help? :)

  32. i love makeup!
    i'm so bad at putting it on though!


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