MyGlam & Birchbox: April Review

It's time again for everyone's favorite feature...WHICH MONTHLY BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION WILL ELLE SEES LIKE BEST? What? You haven't heard about this world famous game? Oh yes, read on:

Let's start off with Birchbox. Once again, everyone got cooler stuff than I did! Shucks. Sidenote: who says Shucks? Cartoon characters in the 1930s, that's who. And me, apparently. Let's see what I got:

  • Microderma Mitt: It looks like a shoe bag, but it's great at exfoliating. I use this before self-tanning (more on this later in the week!).
  • Marula Oil: Fights premature signs of aging. It feels like Bio Oil to me, and haven't noticed anything yet, but will definitely keep in the ole work bag/travel bag.
  • Tarte Lip Tint: It's orange, but goes on so pretty--more of a coral color. I love the color and texture. I would love to buy more, but at $24, I'll pass. 
  • Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream:This works great on dry hands and feet--I use it over night.
  • Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift: I like the fragrance
    • Overall? C...am I being too harsh? Or is it pms?
I was initially crazy over the MyGlam and recc'd it to everyone, which in turn, led to people getting mad at me because they didn't like it. Shucks again! Can't please everyone, but maybe I can via this dazzling photo? 
  • Pink shiny bag: This will be going home with a giveaway winner. Congrats on your bonus gift!
  • All-Belle False Lashes: I had to trim these, but I liked them. I used my own glue, though! They seemed to be attached via string?
  • Travel Shadow & Liner Brushes: These accompany last month's travel case and brush. Love it!
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil: My fave name brand liner ever, but in blue. I tried it, but felt kinda too old to wear it? Lil Sis has dibs on it already. Excellent quality though!
  • Dermstore Lip Quench: Add this to my list of umpteen lip products, but I think this is my fave! MyGlam gave a $25 Dermstore credit, so if I can find that thing, I'll be purchasing this.
    • Overall: B
Questions? Comments? Pics of products request? What did you get this month?

Four winners!!


  1. I like your products so much better than mine.

  2. I just signed up for Birchbox but haven't gotten my first one yet...

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  3. The second box is clearly much better than the first...it looks a little like birchbox ripped you off this month :S Am I being to harsh? Maybe it's pms? ;) I loved that line by the way!

  4. there are so many beauty boxes! i've never heard of my glam! the tarte lip color sounds nice....but at $24, i'd have to pass, too!

    Win $75 from Shabby Apple

  5. All these beauty boxes are far too tempting!! I have to jump on this bandwagon. Sounds like really amazing products

  6. I'm not familiar with this (you getting those for free, or?), but they seem ok products :)

  7. The Tarte Lip Tint sounds awesome! :)

  8. I keep hearing about this birchbox! I looked into signing up, but I'm not talented enough for all those products ever month. They would just collect. Love when you review them though so I can pick and choose for myself ;)

  9. I canceled MyGlam two months ago and while I wish I could have gotten a bag like this when I was a customer I'd rather save that $10 and spend it at a store like Ulta. They seemed kind of hit or miss when it came to quality but maybe things are improving now that they've gotten their footing. I absolutely love Birchbox even if I don't love every single item I get. Overall the items seem to be good quality from good brands. In fact, from your individual descriptions of the items it sounds as if you actually really liked your box. You like and use four of the five items and would even buy one of them if it weren't so pricey. That full-sized item alone is worth more than the $10 you paid for the box! I tend to get jealous when I see the items other girls got in their boxes because I would have rather had the Zoya nail polish or your mitt but then I step back and realize I also like the items I got. Maybe just not quite as much. :)

  10. Thank you so much for sharing! I haven't done any of these because I have sensitive skin and am worried I will get a product that will drive my skin crazy. I always love reading everyone's review of the products that get.

  11. I canceled my Birchbox a while ago, but I miss it, sometimes. It was like a Christmas present every month!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Thanks for your reviews! How fun that you get two. :)

  13. Loved hearing your reviews. All of my friends love their Birchboxes. I recommended MyGlam and am curious to see how they like it. Looks like you did well this month! :)


  14. I still haven't subscribed to these (well and I'm only in the US a few times a year!) I love the variety of goodies though!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. I swear by Lip Quench- love it!


  16. Great collections! I've heard great things about Lip Quench.

  17. I got expired products in my birchbox this month ha! It was a moisturizer from 2009! At least they emailed about it or else I wouldn't have known.

  18. I still need to sign up for these. Reading the comments...maybe they know you blog and make sure to send you the cream of the crop :p

  19. There is another blog that I follow and she expressed her disappointment in Birchbox. After seeing her disappointed and you as well, I won't be trying it!



  20. That Tarte stain really threw me–but if you say it's gorgeous, I trust you!

  21. I really like that tarte lip stain! I got a different color in my last box and I'll definitely order another one! Do you earn points for referrals and reviewing products with myglam like you do with birchbox??

  22. thanks for the tips! just entered your awesome giveaway!

    $20 giftcard giveaway to SkinCareRx on my blog enter @alwayssaygrace.com

  23. So far I've been happy with the Sample Society boxes. I've been on the waiting list for Birchbox, but think I'll just stick with the one.

  24. I have always wanted to try Tarte but the price definitely holds me back. Glad you liked it though!

  25. I really need to start getting the birchbox. Such goodies here!

  26. We got the microderma mitt too and love it!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  27. I didn't get the tarte lip color! I would love some of that stuff but I guess maybe that color wouldn't look the greatest on me. I didn't want that Taylor Swift perfume - I get perfume every month and never use it! I got samples (that were expired) of Befine w/spf moisturizer and exfoliator scrub stuff, nail polish that's on my fingers and now I can't remember what else. Looks like the perfume was the only thing we got that's the same!


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