How To: Messy Beachy Waves

No-heat waves are great because they look natural. But they take forever to create...usually overnight! Waves with heat are great because they can be created quickly, but they usually look a little too polished. I decided to marry the two ideas into beachy waves that look a little messy, natural, and can be created in minutes! Here's how to:

Instead of spraying on wet hair, 
spray Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves (last seen here) on dry hair.
Scrunch hair. 
Your hair won't really be wavy--that's fine--it's just to give some texture.

Take 1 in. to 2 in. sections,
and wrap around a curling wand.
My curling wand is 1.5 in.
Hold for about 5-10 seconds,
leaving space between hair 
& the barrel, 
as pictured.

Repeat all over hair
and gently loosen waves with fingers.
Spray and scrunch again if desired.

T I P S :
  • Always use a heat protectant before applying heat.
  • To keep the look messy, don't brush out sections before wrapping. Just grab random sections of various sizes, and wrap hair around the barrel.
  • Add a flower behind your ear (real or not) as a finishing touch.
  • Don't use homemade salt spray--see my homemade salt recipe here--it just doesn't work the same!
  • Need 10 ideas for waves? Try my no-heat beachy waves guide & my waves-with-heat guide.



  1. Awww, now how gorgeous do YOU look, Elle?! A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!

    EXCELLENT tips :)

  2. Cute! I just tried my own no-heat waves look last night/today, on my way over to look at your ideas!

  3. Beautiful, I'm taking notes on all your wavy hair styles!

  4. I have pretty curly hair naturally, so I don't generally use a curling iron. But I love using a spray on dry hair to revitalize my hair for the second day after washing it. Works like a charm!

  5. O Elle, how I needed this! I love the wavy look, but my hair is ever so straight. I will definitely give this a go!

  6. yours turned out really great, thanks for sharing!! Sadly my hair is not long enough to do this too, it ends up looking frizzy :(


  7. so, so, so pretty, I wish my hair didn't get nappy when I let it go natural..

  8. you and your beautiful hair!! so nice :)

  9. Beachy waves are everywhere these days... and just when I am craving straight hair :-)

    I like the way your hair looks in the shot! I might try that next time I am craving relaxed beachy waves!

  10. Beachy waves are my favourite. I need a to get my hands on a good curling iron!

  11. Love the look. Really some wonderful tips.

  12. Looks fabulous! I love your tips too.

  13. I'm obsessed with this look - you have the beachy wave hair down girl! Love it!


  14. They really look stunning on you!...super beachy looking.

  15. Cute! I may have to try this one time when I straighten my hair. My hair is naturally curly, but I love the wavy look so much. I just looks so relaxed and carefree!

  16. I LOVE Wonder Waves, that stuff is magic!

  17. You look so pretty!!! I love beach hair. I have naturally curly hair and I love how it looks at the beach but I'd love to be able to recreate that look in the city. Going to give this a shot. :)

    Happy Friday, sweetie! xoxo

  18. I was thinking about doing this style last night. Thanks for the tip!

  19. LOVE this hairstyle! There is something about beachy waves that I can never resist - trying this out myself! :)

  20. What a pretty look! Your hair looks great!

  21. Hi there, I am over from Tina's mingle! I like your blog! And this hair-tip. I have long hair, but am not good at being creative with it. I love curls but I don't make them too often. Will have to try this, it looks amazing on you :) I also read another of your posts about how to make curls with no heat, great great tips! Have a lovely weekend!

  22. I've been wanted to try out this hairstyle for ages now - and finally I find a simple-to-achieve way of doing it thanks to you :)
    You look so pretty!

  23. I love this look...especially with the flower. So fun for the summer :)

  24. Happy bday to your sis:) And love that flower-on-hair look for sure!

  25. Gorgeous! I have naturally curly so I have big curls when I let my hair air dry. But for beach waves I typically need heat. I will try this method.

  26. Your hair looks lovely and yes, heat protectant is a must!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  27. Sweet! I just got that Garnier wave spray and I have a wand that I've yet to try. Think i'm going to follow your tips on this one!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  28. You are super cute. And just made me realize I need a new curling iron.

  29. Love this how to, I will use it this summer, my hair is getting longer now! Yay! You look so pretty!

  30. Your hair is so beautiful. I wish I had hair like yours.

  31. Love your hair! this post made me miss my long hair since I just cut it short very short... Maybe I can do it in one year when it grows long.

  32. oooh definitely going to try this!

  33. Doll, this tutorial is PERFECT. What an easy, breezy style for spring!
    xo Josie

  34. Good idea! I always love the beach hair. And as a blonde, my hair gets a few shades brighter from the sun, so that makes it a lot more beachy as well

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  35. I love this hairstyle on you! I don't have to do much to get beachy waves in my hair -- it does it on its own!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  36. wish i could make it work this well on my hair!
    i'll try with your tips!


  37. Love it! Your hair looks so pretty. And happy belated bday to your baby sister!!!

  38. You have such beautiful, long hair! I always struggle with my partially wavy/partially straight hair - can't wait to try this out :) xox

  39. i love messy beachy waves! thanks for this how-to guide, i'll be trying out this technique! :D

    <3, Mimi

  40. I love this! I'm going to get some of this ASAP. I saw on a blog too that someone made their own spray that had actual salt in it. I thought that would be great too, because I love how my hair is after it's come out of the ocean. Most people feel their is gross after a dip in the ocean but I love it the way mine looks and feels!

    Thanks for the product tip.


  41. great to know! my hair is curly but I can never seen to get it to curl right!

  42. great to know! my hair is curly but I can never seen to get it to curl right!


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