DIY: Beauty Beach in a Bag

Every year a gaggle of my friends head to the beach...it's our "thing" and I look forward to it every year. However, as friends get married, have babies, move away, etc, the group (sadly) changes. To cheer up one of my friends who can't go (boo), I'm making her a Beauty Beach in a Bag! Everything is under $10, too. Here are a few of the goodies I gave last year to friends along with my best tips on how to use them (seriously, read the tips!):

  • Morning Burst Facial Scrub
    • I love the citrus scent of this scrub--it wakes you up after a night of going out with friends. 
    • It's perfect to start the day or or to end it by scrubbing off layers of sunscreen. And it doesn't bother my sensitive skin.
    • I use it to exfoliate my feet, too.
  • Golden Sunset Shadow Palette
    • This is one of my favorite basic palettes, and has some dupes for the UD Naked palette.
    • This can easily transition from day to night, depending on the desired look. 
    • Use the darker shades together for a quick beach bronzer 
    • or as a temporary fix to hide roots.
  • NYC Long Wearing Polish in Times Square: It's coral and a favorite color for summer. 
    • Need more splash? Use this as a base coat and add a coat of glitter polish on top.
    • Use with darker colors for an ombre effect. 
    • Stripe with a pink shade for a color blocked look.
    • Paint bobby pins with the polish to add a pop of color to your hairstyles.
  • Coconut Lime Body Splash: Nothing makes me think more of the beach scent-wise than coconut.
    •  To keep the beach on your mind, even if you can't be there, spritz a little on your pillow before going to sleep. 
    • Or spray in your hair after a long night out if you're too tired to wash your hair (I'm guilty of this...it takes FOREVER to wash/dry/etc.).
    • I spray it in my car, too.
  • WonderWaves: This is one of my favorite ways to get beachy waves. 
    • Spray on wet hair, conditioned hair, and scrunch with a tee shirt (don't use a towel; the shirt prevents frizz)
    • Or spray and then sleep in a French braid for waves.
    • After hair has dried, use a texturizing paste/wax to define pieces in hair. 
  • Extras: some of these would be over my $10 limit and optional!
    • a cute beach bag to pack all of the goodies in
    • a Summer Music Mix perfect for the beach
    • beachy-smelling candle (coconut for me!!)
    • lip gloss with spf
    • sunscreen...obvious reasons
    • cute sunnies

What would you add to the Beauty Beach in a Bag?


  1. What a fun idea!

    I LOVE coconut lime anything. It's such a fabulous, beachy combo.

    The beachy wave spray stuff is awesome. I was buying it pretty regularly but now I make it myself! I use a mixture of water, sea salt, essential oil, and a tiny bit of leave-in conditioner. Works great!

  2. I remember gold sunset, I used to use that and shimmering sands all through high school, I should go pick those up!

  3. I am all about the wonder waves spray!!! It smells soooooo good too!!! And works really well! :) Also love the morning burst facial scrub... feels amazing!! :) Great picks!! now I just need to go to the beach.. haha

  4. That's a really sweet idea. And I bought my sister the UD Naked Palette 2 so now she has both. Lucky girl...

  5. Mmmm will definitely be picking up the coconut lime spray! The beach is probably not in my near future, but at least I can close my eyes and pretend!

  6. Great tips!

    Bad Joan

  7. love the beach beauty bag. it's such a fun idea for a gift!!!


  8. What a sweet friend you are!;-)
    I do like the idea of a beauty beach bag. My sis makes one for me every summer.

  9. Aw, you're so sweet to do that. Great products, I am particularly taken but the wonder waves, I hope this product finds its way to SA soon.

  10. Aw what a sweet way to cheer them up!! I would add those biore pore strips! They are my favorite things...especially wearing make up, my pore get all filled.

  11. I missed you :( sniff sniff! Love this idea! Lately my bag just has like 4 bottles of sunscreen in it.

  12. Coral polish is my favorite for spring/summer pedicures! :)

  13. I love this idea..this would even be perfect for a birthday present!

  14. Oooh, this is a great package! I love that Clean and Clear face wash - so refreshing.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  15. how sweet! i would include a small tube of sunscreen and some chapstick :)

  16. very useful combo! I like not big and a bit universal

    Inside and Outside Blog

  17. Thanks for the tips! I never know exactly what to pack.

  18. I've been on the look out for a "beachy waves" product since I can't seem to find John Frieda "Beach Waves" that I adored :(

  19. This sounds great!! Your friend is going to love this!! The only thing I can think of would be hair ties if she has longer hair or a book.

    Jayme @ HLNC

  20. So cute that you're doing that for your friend! I'd love to get that goody bag. And I love how you and your girls do that every year. :) xoxo

  21. This post makes me long for SUMMER! Love the smell of coconut- is there anything better?!


  22. nice goodies! I love the garnier wonder waves much! I've tried it and it really works.

  23. I am SO glad you included Wonder Waves! I LOVE that stuff. It works so well and smells really good too... and the price cannot be beat!

  24. Thank you sweetie, I am your newest follower!:)

  25. Great collection! Anything with a coconut scent always makes me feel beachy.

  26. How nice of you to give this to your friend:) Love that CoverGirl palette.

  27. So nice you're making her this, you're so sweet! And have fun on your trip

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  28. love clean and clear products

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  29. I've seen that wonder waves spray. Need to try it!

  30. These are great products! That Morning Burst face scrub has the most amazing smell ever.

  31. Such a fun idea! I may have to copy it.

  32. Agreed! Sunscreen is a definite must!!! I think you covered it all! xoxo

  33. i think it's perfect as it is! all these products sound amazing (i've been wanting to try clean&clear morning burst) and i love how affordable they are! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  34. First of all, I love the idea of a little gift pack. So fun! Second, I love that type of wave spray. I have one right now that is a little different. Since my hair is naturally curly, I often use the spray the second day after a wash to refresh my curls.

  35. oooohhh thanks for sharing. i only have sunblock and lipgloss in mine. but i def need something for my hair :)

  36. you are the best for doing this for your friend... i'm sure she's going to love it!

  37. this is such a cute idea! i would say: hair clips, maybe a detangler, lip gloss, sunscreen and waterproof eyeliner! :D

  38. this is such a cute idea! i would say: hair clips, maybe a detangler, lip gloss, sunscreen and waterproof eyeliner! :D

  39. I must try this Wonder Waves, I always need a product like this at the lake! Definitely spf chapstick/lip gloss is a MUST! And maybe a leave in protectant for your hair from UV rays.

  40. What a beautiful gift idea. I love the morning burst facial scrub, it really does wake you up! And that palette looks perfect for the beach and summer. I haven't heard of WonderWaves but that sounds like just the product for me!


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