DIY: Glitter Nail Polish Using Eyeshadow (plus WDW pix)

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I received the glittery blue NYX roll on eye shadow in my MyGlam bag, but knew I'd never wear it. What to do? Instead of throwing it out, I decided to make it into nail polish. See how I did it:

M A T E R I A L S :
  • Clear polish 
  • Eye shadow (this can be any
    /color of powdered shadow.)
  • Mixing station (those are fancy words for "paper plate" or whatever you'd like to use)
  • Toothpick (to scrape shadow 

M E T H O D :
  • Scrape shadow onto plate. Since mine my was roll-on, I just rolled it onto the plate.
  • Pour a little clear polish onto the scraped shadow. The amount of shadow/polish depends on you. I did an accent nail here, but I had plenty for both hands. You aren't storing this new concoction, so that's something to keep in mind.
  • Mix with toothpick.
  • Paint nails. 
  • Note: if you use the brush in your polish bottle, it will be stained with the color you create. To avoid this, try one of these ideas: an eye shadow sponge applicator (instead of throwing them out) or a small paint brush (these can be purchased for $1 or fewer), or a nail art brush.
 Cheap, easy, and quick!

PS: I thought I'd share my Walt Disney World pics with you. Click below:

My view from the train station on my last day there. 
The weather was rainy/muggy the rest of the time.
I hadn't been here since Smart Kids Camp when I was little. Don't hate! ;)

A Dole Whip is a must-have treat.
Note the gel nails! Review soon.

The "hidden" bride's ring outside of the Haunted Mansion.
This was one of the few rides I liked better at WDW.

 Cinderella's castle
I think I took a pic of this from every angle/distance; loved it.
I've been to WDW and DL equal times, 
and while I had a blast at WDW, 
there's just something I love more about the Magic Kingdom.

I also went to the Islands of Adventure (Harry Potter), but it was at night and raining, so no pics,
but I did get a Butterbeer and a chocolate frog!

And a random pic of Cee Lo, whom I met in Atlanta at the Bed, Bath & Beyond (Buckhead). 
Very nice & flirtatious--he called me "baby" hehe. 
I didn't recognize him without the shades & cat.


  1. what a creative idea! Thanks for sharing.

    Ive been hearing so much about glambox, I really need to check it out.

    Ceelo? He's the guy from The voice, right?

  2. I'm not surprised you are always up to something amazing and creative.

    Love it. Take care,


  3. Sounds like a super fun trip! Jealous of the whole thing. And you met Cee Lo! Crazy.

    P.S. Love the nail idea. You are so smart. :)

  4. Very cute polish tip!! And your tripe looks so fun! You met Cee-Lo? I think that deserves a whole post on it's own ;)

  5. What a great idea! I can't wait to try this! You come up with the best ideas! And those photos - so fun - I hope there's a lot more of them :)

  6. That eyeshadow turned out to be a pretty nail polish colour:) And OMG! Butterbeer....mmmm...and Cee Lo...he seems like a riot in interviews:) So cool you met him.

  7. I love the nail idea! I have a bunch of eyeshadows that I'll never use! You look like you had so much fun at DisneyWorld. I've been wanting to go for awhile now. I haven't been in years!

  8. That's such a cool idea! how do you come up with this stuff?

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  9. I want to live in that castle!! I was anticipating your Disney photos so I'm glad you put them up!

  10. I've never noticed the hidden ring in the pavement; very cool! What a great trip. :)

  11. you are one resourceful gal Elle!!



  12. Amazing DIY idea!

    Great Disney pics- the Dole Whip looks yum!


  13. Elle, this is an amazing DIY project! Easy to do and the result is awesome. Such a creative idea! I honestly thought I was following you earlier but realised I wasn't for some odd reason. Anyhoo, your newest follower here :) Looking forward to more resourceful tips! x

  14. Huh, I never thought of doing something like that! Good idea!

  15. Wow! That is a cool idea!

    And I love the Disney World pics. I live down the street from Disneyland, but haven't yet made it to Orlando.

  16. Very cool! Love the pics from FL...I wouldn't have recognized Ceelo either! Super fun that you got to meet him!

  17. Haha - CeLo. Or however you spell it! Sounds like a fun trip and Dole Whip looks yummy.

  18. wow! love it!!


  19. Such a smart thing to do - I love it !



  20. Love the DIY!! It looks like you had so much fun in Orlando! I haven't been in years!

  21. How clever!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  22. ohh that is a neat idea! I have a lot of glitter eyeshadows at home that I don't use, so I gotta try this!

  23. How smart to make it a nail polish! Would never have thought of that.

    I wish I would see walt disney world one day! How Fun!

  24. Love the effect of the nail polish and shadow mix. Your pics of Disney are so wonderful. Its v cool that you got to meet Cee Lo!

  25. You're a genius. Love this idea!

  26. super cool!

    you should enable your email address so i can respond to you via email gurl.

    thanks for saying i have a good voice. although, i realize via others that it has a southern twinge. that's ok, right?

  27. I ADORE Walt Disney World! It's been a while since I've been, but it never gets old :) Glad you're having a blast!

  28. LOVE your Disney photos! It really is such an amazingly fun place :) I can't wait to go back to Wizarding World after they expand it! And how crazy that you met Cee Lo! He seems like he would be sweet.

  29. What a clever DIY!! And your Disney photos are just too sweet!

  30. What a great idea!! It came out really awesome!

  31. Wow I can't believe how great that nailpolish turned out, who knew?!

  32. Love this trick, I've definitely done this before too!

  33. Ooh, fun! I have loooads of eyeshadows I never use. This is an excellent idea. x

  34. I always take way too many pictures of Cinderellas castle when I go. I actually ate lunch there one time. So fun! And totally jealous you met Cee Lo! He cracks me up in The Voice with Perrfect the cat :o)


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