New Year, New You: Potpourri

I started this series last month, and then life went a little haywire, and I never published this post! Oops. Today I wanted to mention those odds and ends I use. I call it "being resourceful." You might call it random potpourri. No, this is not about the scented stuff called potpourri! Enjoy.

C L O S E T   E X T R A S
  • Keep your closet smelling fresh (I especially recommend this for dorms or apartments) with sachets or perfume samples. Or try my party trick.
  • I use this spot remover on my clothes

B E A U T Y   E X T R A S
  • I have a magazine habit (one day I post embarrassing pics of this) and I have tons of those magazine inserts that constantly fall out. What to do with them? I keep them in a stack and use to blot my lipstick, as a guard when applying mascara, when applying nail polish on my right hand, etc.
  • I've mentioned this before with my beauty product organization, but if I can't see it, I won't use it. I'll forget I have it. I keep samples/new products I want to try in a container. It works! 
  • As you've read from my Birchbox and MyGlam reviews, I'll often end up with beauty samples that I don't use. I keep these in a box and use as stocking stuffers for friends/family, attach to gift tags when I give presents, include with a gift card to make it a little more special, or include with a giveaway prize.
  • The shelves in my closets are wire, so things are constantly falling over/through. To help with that, I put a lot of my products in a plastic box, organized by use (I keep hair products in one, for example).

J E W E L R Y   O R G A N I Z A T I O N
  • I did a post on this here (almost 2 years ago...wow!). I've since updated it by spray painting the hooks silver. On the inside on my bathroom closet, I hung two racks (drawer pulls from Ikea), and then I hung hooks from the racks. My jewelry hangs from the hooks.

S H I R T  O R G A N I Z A T I O N
  • To save space in my drawers/bureau, I roll my t-shirts. It's my number one packing trip when traveling too!

T R A V E L   O R G A N I Z A T I O N
  • These are some of my favorite travel hacks.
  • This is what I pack in my makeup bag.
  • I put samples too in my makeup bag.
  • This is a great guide on what to pack.
  • I pack a hair dryer (sometimes; depends on where I'm traveling) and a flat iron. I can use my flat iron to straighten, curl, and wave my hair.


  1. I need to do this bc I have a lot to organize as well!
    My lashes are pretty long and thick already, but they can never be lush enough :) lol I just want them to look longer and thicker I guess, but not clumped into little sections if that makes sense?



  2. How perfect! I might just have to pick up some potpourri this week. :)

  3. I love your tips! I really need to give our closet a makeover. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. Brilliant idea about those dang magazine inserts!

  5. You are preaching to the choir about a magazine habit. I finally had to stop renewing subscriptions because I was hoarding them so much!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Well you know I put the T-shirt one into practice and I'm so glad I did! All because of you, Miss Elle :)

    Yes ma'am, prayers DO WORK! I will keep them going up. Please keep me posted.


  7. I totally need to start doing that with my magazine inserts! My girlfriends and I get together and so a swap with our beauty samples from time to time.

  8. This is a really gorgeous post. Organizing stuff is important to make things easier. :)

  9. You are SO organized and I love your tips.

    After reading your post, I cleaned out my closet and made a very generous donation to charity. :)

  10. I like to keep my jewelry and makeup organized for the same reasons you mentioned - if I can't see it, I won't use it.

  11. i do the same thing with beauty samples that I don't want or don't use. and I have a similar way of organizing my jewelry too. hanging them in my closet is so much more functional!

  12. Great use for magazine inserts! I have a magazine habit, too, though I've had much less time to read them lately.

  13. I remember staying at a friend's house a while back and she had kept little samples and travel bottles to use in a basket in the bathroom for when guests visited. I thought that was a really fun idea!

    I love that you use them as stocking stuffers and in cards. So fun!

  14. Whenever I read your blog I am inspired to organize things! It's good thing!

  15. air fresheners in closets and drawers are so important. I always have a cedar pouches in my closets.

    Stop by and enter my Vedette giveaway!

  16. Good advice, it's nice having all of this in one post!
    I will definitely try some potpourri in my closet!

  17. Hi Elle! So happy you popped by to say hello -- what a fun cool place you have here! I'm excited to check out all your fab gorgeousness info:)

  18. Whoa the magazine insert ideas are brilliant!

  19. I keep almost everything in plastic boxes, with lids so they don't get dirty. And I just got an amazing new jewellery box :)

  20. Love all of these little tips and tricks and tidbits combined into one post! :)

  21. Agreed! Rolling up t-shirts save tons of space. xoxo

  22. You make me want to run right into my bedroom and start organizing away! Oh and I totally agree with you about the rolling tip. I do this in my shirt drawer and when packing and it allows for you to fit so much more. :) xoxo

  23. Such wonderful tips. I really must get my bedroom and closet organized.

  24. Such great tips!!! I'm so going to get organized.

  25. I'm a clothing roller too! Giving samples as little gifts is always a nice way to share samples!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  26. I need to do a better job organizing and Elle every time I read what you've done I am so ashamed!!!

  27. I love those organization tips! So useful.

  28. You have the best tips! I especially love the idea of attaching samples to gift tags when giving gifts--what a great way to use them up!


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