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I'm E and I blog over at E is Random.  I've been reading ElleSees for a while now and love all her tips and tricks.  While she spends some time with her family, I wanted to help on her blog so she doesn't have to worry.  And I thought I'd talk about one area of makeup I love.

I am an eye makeup junkie.  I love collecting the many colors of shadows (so pretty!), tubes of mascara (all the promises!), and types of eye liner (gel, kohl, and more!).
But there are a few products that I always end up coming back too.  So I thought I'd share my favorites with you.


My splurge when it comes to mascara is Lancome's Hypnose Drama.  My only warning is that it tends to dry pretty crusty, so whatever you do, don't rub your eyes (bad any idea anyways, but mascara flakes are the worst).

(picture from Sephora)

My regular use mascaras are Maybelline's Colossal (yellow tube) and Volume Express The Falsies (purple tube).  And if I'm going out, I layer them up for an extra thick, dramatic look.

Eye Shadow

My go to brand for quality eye shadow is Mac.  Maybe it's the display laying out the seemingly endless colors, but it always catches my eye.  And the shadows are high quality.  I especially recommend splurging for more neutral, everyday wear colors.  A couple of my go-to colors are Shroom (a creamy beige) and Shale (a grayish purple).
(from Nordstrom)

If you are looking to start a collection, I recommend buying a palette and filling it.  The cost is a little more upfront, but you save money in the long run.  Plus, MAC will recycle old, empty eye shadow trays for you.

For more affordable options, there are plenty of great brands out there.  Elle has mentioned the Naked Palette, which I love.  You are probably thinking $48 sounds like a lot, but you get 12 shadows.  At $4 a piece, that's a pretty good deal.  And you can mix and match them for endless options. Maybelline also has an Expert Wear Quad compact for $6.  I love it in Designer Chocolate.


This is the one area I haven't really found my absolutely favorites, so I'm asking for your help.  Eyeliner is something I just usually end grabbing on my way out of the store.  What are your favorites?  Do you splurge or do you use drug store brands?

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and prayers. I'm taking a few days off the blog this week, so If you'd like to guest post this week, please send your post to elleseesyou at gmail dot com (it's spelled out to avoid emails!)


  1. I'm a mascara junkie as well! Love, curled eyelashes are the easiest way to change your whole face. Makes you look alive ;) haha

    @Elle...Glad that you're spending time with the family. I'm really sorry for your loss. xoxo

  2. I've never used anything but drugstore brands! I love hearing about your favorite picks. :)

  3. I usual buy the drugstore variety for mascara, but splurge on tinted moisturizer and blush :)

  4. Thanks E! I like to mix drugstore with designer stuff. These items are great. Thanks! :D

  5. Not so much into mascara as I have thick eye lashes. I do use occasionally though. Good to know about the stuff.

  6. You didn't mention eye brows and you probably have gorgeous, lush brows. Me, I'm challenged in that department but Diorshow Brow Styler is my favorite. Universal color and pencil stays sharp. Love the built in styler tool.
    For liner, can't be Laura Mercier tightline brush and eyeliner. This stuff stays put and is easy to apply. I like lining under the upper lash line for more casual look.

  7. I'm glad she's taking some time off. It's much needed for her, I'm sure.

    I tend to just grab the 99 cent pencil liners at the drug store. I don't even pay attention to the brand.

  8. I'm an eye makeup junkie too! I highly agree with your opinion on MAC...they are just the best and last forever. (And that's saying a lot since I use them everyday!) I love the Loreal kohl eyeliner that is retractible. I also fell in love with Rimmel's eyeliner pencil in Tiger's Eye. Has just the right amount of brown shimmer for a more natural look.

  9. I love the sound of the shale. My daughter's just ruined my favorite pink eye shadow. It was Loreal and so pretty, with a little shimmer to it. I can't find anything like it. I have to keep trying...darn kids. :) Although it's very cute the way they love makeup, if they would just stay out of mine!

  10. The Falsies is my fav mascara! Use it daily!

    After searching for a great eyeliner that wouldn't smear or fade off quickly, one of y blog readers suggested Cover Girl Liquiline Blast, I love love love! So much that I bought multiple pencils just in case CG wants to stop making it anytime soon! http://www.covergirl.com/liquilineblasteyeliner

  11. MAC is the absolute winner! lovely picks :)xx

  12. I really like drugstore products... haven't found a 100% fantastic eyeliner I'd recommend though.

  13. Love this guest post from E... I splurge on eyeliner, I love MAC my eyes I use Costa Riche and coffee... they are my favorites. As for mascara have tried many but love love love Voluminous from L'Oreal.

  14. I love peeking in to other's beauty bags. Thanks for sharing! :)



  15. Eye makeup is the only makeup I wear, so naturally I loved this post. MAC really does have the best eyeshadow. I wish I had some great eyeliners to suggest, but I don't really wear liner.

  16. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family, Elle.
    To E, great guest post. For eyeliners, I like MAC and Wet N Wild.:)

  17. I get most of my makeup from Target, but sometimes from Sephora.

    I like to find drugstore "dupes" of popular, more expensive brands. I've found the PERFECT match for Nars Orgasm blush, but for $3 instead of $30.

    And my favorite liquid eyeliner is Wet and Wild, for $1.99!

  18. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE mascara is the one thing I wear pretty much every single day ;))

    <3 Marina

  19. Mascara is one of my must haves... the tips of my lashes are blonde so without mascara my lashes look SO short.

  20. I've been curious about Hypnose! Have you tried the Doll Lashes? My main mascara these days is Buxom Amplified, it's incredible! I have yet to try Diorshow, but want to very much. I had great luck with the Falsies mascara too, but accidently bought waterproof and just haven't gone back to it. My favorite drugstore mascara brand is Rimmel. I've loved everything I've tried by them!

    My favorite eyeliner of all time is just $2 at Walgreens! It's called In Color FabuLiner and goes on perfectly, never smudges. It's liquid but the applicator is like a sharpie. It's perfect and so super easy to apply. Rimmel makes great kohl pencil eyeliners if you're not wild about liquid.

  21. I love eye liner. My favorites are Stila Smudge Pots and Urban Decay Eye Ink. Brown is my go to everyday color, but I also love purples, greens, blues, anything that will punch up my boring work clothing a bit:)


  22. Lancome's Hypnose Drama is my favorite!


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