DIY: Makeup Brush Organization

In yesterday's Beauty Organization post, I shared how I store my makeup brushes. This is the easiest thing ever. Directions: Pour. Add brushes. And you're done. This works better than decorative sand, glass marbles or pebbles, or coffee. Read on:

Weird Elle Fact #9372, I have a habit of doing this, just like Amelie (just play the first few seconds, if you'd like):

Bonus Fact: I like to crack creme brulee like Amelie too. So basically I'm French. Oui.

And it used to be a habit of mine when I'd go into Sephora (just to browse, right?) as I viewed the brushes and gadgets in containers. A few years ago they changed to these glass beads and I had to have some for my own. Oh, I had my brushes in a glass, but when I'd go to pull out a brush, the rest would tumble out. I asked a salesperson one day what they used and he said Sephora uses crazy expensive glass beads. I sighed in a French accent. He said to go to the craft store and get vase filler beads in the floral section. And that's what I did!
Try ColorFill Vase Filler Plastic Beads (around $4). Use whatever container you'd like (free & up).
Pour the beads about 1/3 to 1/2 in the container (depends on size). Remember to use caution if you have children.
PS: Think $4 is too much to spend on beads? Click to see what else you can do with them!

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FYI: I actually gave the package pictured above to my lil sis as a Christmas present (she got brushes & a container too!) so what you're seeing in this DIY are the beads I've used for years. I took my brushes out & poured them into the 2 containers & added brushes. Yes, I'm weird!


  1. i just bought a plastic one because my baby keep throwing my stuff :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  2. That's a great idea! I just have my brushes in a bag and finding the one I'm looking for is always a pain.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  3. I totally thought that was styrofoam in the cup; this is way cooler and prettier

  4. Awesome way to hold your brushes! Unfortunately, I'm not someone who uses makeup every day or even once a week, so it's pointless to keep my brushes out like this all the time :)

  5. I do the same with my brushes!! Love it! xox <3

  6. So cute - you're such a smartie!

  7. Love that! My brushes are currently sitting in a empty water glass. hahaha maybe I'll spice it up with some beads like you suggested :)

  8. J'adore! ;o) Definitely looks much nicer displayed that way!

  9. I am definitely in need of some organization when it comes to my brushes. I just throw them haphazardly into the box. Haha. Whoops!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. That's a great way to organise brushes. I need to do that. Mine are just shoved in my drawer.

  11. Love this! I was a little impatient a while ago and wanted to do something like this but didn't have plastic beads so I used cotton balls. Beads work nicer but if you're frustrated and sick of unorganized brushes and want an "in the meantime" solution then it works :)

  12. Many girls need this tutorial, that for sure. Brushes are usually just stashed crowded on a place.

  13. I love this idea! I have seen it done at beauty shops but never thought to do it myself at home. Thanks for sharing!



  14. Really nice idea and it looks great.

    Lovely greetz from germany.


  15. Great idea -- definitely a functional and stylish way to store your brushes!

  16. Awesome idea! Thanks for the tutorial.


  17. I really need to do this with my brushes! So easy!

  18. That's such a cool idea! I've seen that at Sephora before but I never thought to do it myself

    xo Gillie

  19. Brilliant and inexpensive. I like it!

  20. I totally need this! Thanks for posting!!


  21. brilliant idea! I don't have too many brushes, since I don't use much make up, but definitely that's an idea I could inspire myself from for something else, maybe I'll just put the pens like that ;)

  22. Such a clever idea, I don't even know where all my brushed are because I don't have a proper place to keep it. Amelie is one of my favourite movies

  23. This is such an amazing idea!! I'm so clueless sometimes when it comes to organization...need to do this.


  24. super duper easy! and quite inexpensive! I need to organize my brushes soon...
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  25. I've totally been meaning to do this! Such a great idea!

  26. His is an awesome idea! I just store my brushes in a plastic bag but I could definitely do this!

  27. Love this idea! I have tons of empty vases and vase fillers sitting around. Thanks for the idea, right now my brushes just sit in my costmetic tote.

  28. This is a great idea, but I'll probably have to wait to do this once my girl gets a little older. Fab!

  29. Cool idea.



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