How To: November Nails

It's Thursday (woot, woot!) and I thought I'd share some nail ideas perfect for autumn, Thanksgiving, a random Saturday at 3 pm, whatevs. And think how impressed Grandma will be at Thanksgiving when you pass her the cranberry sauce (fact: I love cranberry sauce). Now while I wouldn't suggest all of these at once, I would suggest having fun and mixin' up the mani. Here's what you'll need:

  • Tape
  • Decorative scissors
  • NYC polish in Lincoln Center $1.99
  • ELF polish in Black $1
  • Not pictured: clear polish, black crackle polish, patience
(Nails 1-5, pinkie to thumb)
  1. For the crackle nail, paint 1 coat of Lincoln Park, let dry, and paint a thin coat of crackle on top.
  2. For the stripes, paint nails in Lincoln Park, let dry, and paint a clear coat. Cut 2 thin strips of tape and place over nails. Paint black over exposed nail. Remove tape and add a clear coat.
  3. For the scalloped nails, paint nails in LP, let dry, and add a clear coat. Using decorative scissors, cut a thin strip and place on nail. Pick a side and paint that side black. Once dry, remove tape and add a clear coat.
  4. The reverse half-moon has the LP coat, clear coat, and a piece of tape cut in a crescent shape over the bottom part of the nail. Paint the exposed section black. Let dry, remove, and add a clear coat.
  5. For the reverse French, paint the nail black, let dry, add a clear coat, and place a piece of tape on the nail to leave just the tip exposed. Paint the exposed bit in Lincoln Park. Let dry, remove tape, and add a clear coat.
  • Be patient. Wait until the nail fully dries before removing the tape.
  • While I love a quick-drying nail spray (like Pam oil...it works!) avoid that for this nail. It could make the tape slide.
  • Adding the clear coat before placing the tape will help with the color not peeling off. And so does no humidity--I tried this back in August and the paint peeled every time.
  • Try making the piece of tape smaller, so there's less sticking to your nail.
  • The thinner the paint job the better.
  • If you have a nail art pen, it could easily help with touch ups.
  • Paper page protectors make the reverse nails much easier, but I chose to work with what I had.
  • I used greige and black, but use whatever autumnal (or any) colors you'd like. Enjoy!
What color(s) is/are on your nails right now? Toes?

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  1. What a great variety! I definitely want to practice reverse French manicures again.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Great tips! I love the colours you used! <3<3

  3. That is such a lovely idea. I love the colour combination:) Have a great day, sweetie. xo

  4. That's so cool! I wish I were patient enough to try it...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. love 'em!!! i need to get creative, cause i like wild colors, but don't usually play with mixing them in one manicure! you are using two super classic colors here, yet they look so fun :)


  6. I rubbish at painting my nails, there would be no way I could do that type of thing! They do look cool though :)

  7. What a fun nail tutorial! I like that there's a different design on each finger. How interesting.

  8. I'm currently wearing Nicole by OPI's Snow-Man of My Dreams - it is a gorgeous ice blue glitter! :)

  9. Loving this tutorial. My nails are a pale pink right now but some black, gray and a fun design should help relieve my nail boredom. Love your great resolutions in the previous post too. Very inspiring.

  10. I never really venture out with my nails. I've been obsessed with the Shellac manicure where the color lasts for two weeks. :)

    Maybe I'll have to venture out and try that reverse french mani with the colors of my football team. Hmmm

  11. Love polish but I"m so bad at putting it on! I'm wearing 2 new shades from my new nail polish line {more on trustyoursytle.com today} - Midnight at Ritz Cove + Emerald Bay--the result is a deep teal. Love the dark colors during the fall and winter.

    xo Mary Jo

  12. Beautiful. I wish I was skilled enough to paint my nails like that.

  13. so perfect! i love how creative people are becoming with their nails. love it girl!
    xo TJ

  14. I used to use tape to paint my nails - haven't in awhile though. I'll have to try it again soon :)

  15. I love how each nail is different!

    They look awesome!

    ♥ Shia

  16. Such a fun creative idea, I can just picture all the different colour combinations you could use.

  17. the manicure is very cool, i love the half moon on the index finger.

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. Cute nails, love the scalloped ones especially!

  19. Ooh, I love this. How fun! I'm a new follower to your blog and I'm loving it. Can't wait to read more! Stop by my blog some time and say hi (and follow back if you're interested).

  20. I am soooo not that talented, but yours turned out super cool!

  21. A great new use for my decorative scissor! :D

  22. ahhh so thats how its done!

    cool blog :)

    come check out my blog to :)



  23. great nails! perfect for this month :)

  24. The nails look gorgeous and unique. Love it! -akiko


  25. What a fun, chic manicure!
    xo Josie

  26. I'm terrible with DIY nail tricks at home, for I barely have patient to wait for the next step. This looks easy enough, though. Thanks for the tutorial. xoxo

  27. I have been wanting to do the reverse half moon in a bright or sparkly shade, over a very dark one. I might attempt it with your instructions!

  28. I love how you always break everything down to easy, doable parts.

    I am currently loving dark grey nails with silver sparkles on top.


  29. Great nail how to tips girly. I'm awful at this so is very helpful =)

    <3 Marina

  30. hehe yes patience is always necessary with any nail designs :)


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